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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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Tereza Okava wrote:I know that there are many, many, cool things in this thread that merit a more thorough and intelligent response, but the first thing that jumps to mind is an article I read recently entitled "Iron Is the New Cholesterol" that left me thinking about the whole iron thing a LOT. (after some tattoos, surgery, and travel to problematic regions, I haven't donated blood in about 2 years, and I'm getting itchy to do so.)
You might find it interesting.

I mentionned above that there is a thread by Paul about specifically iron issues, and I posted there a bunch of resumé about what to do for low or high iron, as it has to be tested.
5 days ago
Donating blood of course, but there are more options and it is also possible to limit iron absorbtion for people who tend to overload. Do the reverse to increase iron! You need to test, no way to know without testing, and both excess and deficiencies are possible.

The richest food are liver and oysters. If you need more iron, go for older animals like beef. And eat carpaccio: raw beef with lemon juice, as the acidity + vitC will help to assimilate iron.
If you want to eat liver and limit iron, eat only young calf and young animals' livers in general.  Shell have copper instead of iron, if you want to eat animals with less iron.

What boosts iron intake/assimilation:

- Paul likes cast-iron pans.... Does the oily film protect, or... Cooking in iron pans can add from 30 to 500% additional iron to your meals.
- Vit.C
- copper and manganese.
- lactic acid and citric acid.
- drinking alcohol without eating.

What limit iron assimilation when eaten with an iron-rich meal:

- Phytic acid as in cereals.
- Tannins as in berries.
- polyphenols such as in chocolate, coffee, or tea.
- Red wine with meat.
- turmeric.
- Soy.
- zinc as a supplement displaces iron. It is different from the natural zinc in meat, which barely compensate the meat iron content.

So you can stay a meat eater and help to not get too much iron by drinking coffee with meat (cooked in turmeric!) and have a glass of red wine and then eat some blueberries!

Also, it is not totally true that we need to loose blood as the only way to loose iron, as some iron is found in sweat. Of course that would work over a longer period of time, but it seems that we need sun on our skin also for infra-red light to irradiate the blood that comes under the skin in the sun, to lower iron. Thus the sun acts in 2 ways: IR and sweating. As we accumulate with time, it may mean that we are neglecting some daily ways to lower iron.

5 days ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Travis Johnson wrote: Like you, I have incredibly high iron. Interestingly blood-Letting is the only way to alleviate it, even in 2019!

But what causes it? You never really got into that, so I thought I might add to the conversation...

I wrote about it a few years ago


I donated blood a bunch of times and felt way better.   And then I had my blood tested again and I was fine.

So, donating blood is probably safer than trying to get into a bunch of knife fights.

Even more, it is on permies here https://permies.com/t/50961/Swords-Iron-Missoula-Blood-Pie#410609
and it might be that matching the titles by moving posts about iron to this other thread be a good idea and simplify the search task in the forum too!

Donating blood is the best but not the only way to lower iron, and prevention is also possible, or a few tips help to not get high again.
But I will post it in the other thread!

And now we know why you love PIE!
1 week ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:I don't know if it is physical or psychological, but there are times I feel like I can't start doing certain things, allthough the are high on the priority list. It could even be because they are high on that list ...

Yes I agree that when there is high priority, there is higher stress thus a higher reaction. About being "psychological", I always smile back at people and say "Yes, and our head is in our body!". So this is physical because it touches a system, the nervous system, as important a system as the digestive or respiratory or immune systems etc...
Physical or psychological, anyway our body is wise and the reaction is PROTECTIVE and that is why it is so strong, it is like the fuses of the house electricity, and if I self-quote from my long post:

And fear/anxiety are from sympathetic activation, which then causes the protective reflex to not dive into what can be taxing on the system, unless we get to do the challenging task with somebody.

As this is about energy, it is about energy suckers and build ups of different ones.

Nina Jay wrote:A big energy sucker for me,  the biggest by far, is relationship trouble.  

I think it is an energy sucker for everybody ! It matches the fact that the reverse, like pairing to do something, is helpful. The ventral branch from the 2 branches of the vagus nerve is said by Steven Porges to be responsible for social engagement, and helps to not be overwhelmed by stress. That is also why we know we are still wuite ok as long as we can take care of children or animals. They even help by sustaining our motivation to be active actually.

Nina Jay wrote:For me the most efficient solution is do wake up early. Another energy peak for me is about 18 o'clock

Have you noticed any rhythm in your energy/ concentration/ getting stuff done  -levels?

Yes and this has to do with circadian rythm, thus cortisol daily curve. So this has to do with our energy levels, and when we dont have enough energy, we cannot handle an extra burden of stress. It is real biology! We all react right, according to our biology in all its differences and specificities.

- our body reacts differently according to the sense of security or threat. =  Action + rest in security, become fight and flight + any form of freeze in threat, even if it is the fear of something that can happen or a memory. We just have to TRUST others and ourself about our reactions even when we don't understand them. We have an organic intelligence through the ANS, which is the only body system that is often dismissed nowaday.  We have been told it is only about instincts and instinctive defense movements, but it is actually running all that works alone in our body, mainly the organs and cells, which is not little.
- it is not about only one thing but more often about many little things piling up.
- Relationships are protective if it is presence and support without depriving us from acting. The effect is usually bi-directional, it serves both.
1 week ago
The post was even interesting... So I read it all of course! I was in shock when I saw there had been no answer!

It has happen many times to me to have an important task and when I manage to do it (for me, last minute is the pushing factor! Or pairing when possible), then I tell myself "Ho, I have seen how easier than I thought it was, and next time I will have no problem!"
...which proved wrong each time!
So I think that it just feels too big for part of our system/body, and so I have also found another trick...! I find another trigering stuff to do, and I do the first one to avoid doing the second! Another tip is to start to just do one bit, or have a look at it, and eventually the rest will follow.

paul wheaton wrote:The very most important part of this bit of writing is that by defining "the P key issue" I have given a problem a bit of tangibility.  It is less of a ghost that is haunting me, and more of a physical entity I can now wrestle it to the ground.  

...Despite being the very highest priority, I kept working on everything besides that.  ...  Poof - it's done.  20 minutes.

"The P key issue" is where there is some sort of bizarre, psychological block that gets triggered from time to time.  The P key issue has a volume knob on it, and it can be turned up or down by certain foods or life choices.  At the same time, pair programming crushes the P key issue every time.

It is not so much psychological than a feature of the Autonomic Nervous system (or this is a mere question of vocabulary choice!). And the ANS reacts very well to paired work! It even the best tool ever, we are social in nature because of the neurone mirror and more... Actually it has to do with the ventral part of the vagus nerve, which gives it an even more tangible aspect!

It happens that this part of the nerve works:
- less good when our body is under attack (food or life style or mold or virus and more)
- more good when we are with somebody.

Exactly what you have noticed, and confirmed by science.

So it is called psychologic, but it is a "physical entity" as you call it, I like the expression, and nothing so mysterious when explained, though not taken into account much.

Dave Burton wrote:For me, a lot of this comes down to fear and anxiety. Also, for me, some of it comes down to joy and fulfillment, too.

Same answer, yes! And fear/anxiety are from sympathetic activation, which then causes the protective reflex to not dive into what can be taxing on the system, unless we get to do the challenging task with somebody.

Ho by the way... I usually have this sort of syndrome when I am fluidly going forward for a nice project (joy and fulfilment!), and then bam, there is "something that should not have to be done but that has to be done for stupid reasons", such as filling administrative papers. So it activates some frustration or even anger that I should not be loosing my precious energy on this or that...

Jay Angler wrote:Another Vitamin 'gotcha' for us northern people is Vitamin D3.
I did some sunbathing and things got better.

You need to sunbath very close to midday and with the sun at 50º high on the horizon, so you need to find the table to know the dates and hours for your area.
Then be careful with supp, as our body can also downregulate vitamine D for a good reason:
If we are too high in calcium and too low in Phosphorus, the body does not want VitD because it would add some calcium! The way to check this out for not much money is a hair test giving you all your minerals as you have them in tissues and not in the blood, as this is useless to know what the body maintains at the right level for life reasons. What is important are our tisssues content.
People with fibromyalgia and other stiffenings are the ones that may be concerned by having too much calcium in soft tissues, mainly because the body sends calcium there to slow us down and avoid anxiety. Calcium is a calming mineral.
1 week ago
Maybe all that is called "procrastination" also has some cause, as you have found for yourself and that you do not call "procrastination"?

There are many allergies and metabolism issues other than dairies and iron of course, as it can be excess copper though too low organic copper, which will give sensitivity to electricity, and then you will taeget only electricity though it also has a cause behind! It can be molds, toxic metals, so basically the body will resist, until there is a bit more stress or a job that is not very motivating to do. It will be said "Ho, this is stress", though stress will only be the trigger that shows you have to find what is the deeper issue!

So find the cause, but also the causes, and the causes of the causes!
1 week ago
I thought that vit K from greens was not the right one for us and for our teeth....

Phytic acid can actually help with getting phosphorus, I have read in some nutritional balance text! Especially in a diet rich in dairies, thus a lot of calcium. Oats + milk?

It seems that fructose is the culprit for at least some people, seen in people who tried to use this instead of regular sugar... A big jump in tooth decay while using it. I dont know if fruits do the same.

About humans having the same nutritional needs: yes and no, if it is true that it depends on our microbiome!

I think we are real omnivores and that we can adapt, unless we have some problems with our guts, like from antibiotics, or a problem with our autonomic nervous system / vagus nerve. In that case we will not produce the same stomach acid, not enough, and this gives difficulties to digest proteins.

If we have H. Pylori, then this bug will change a few things to help HIM survive, and we will not be able to digest our food in the same way until we use some plants like ginger etc.

Soooo... we have the same needs, and we have to find what is different in us, so that we can act on it and become able to digest and assimilate a broad range of food. I think it can also be possible that it is not worth trying it, or impossible according to the issue, and then we are better off some food and adapt our diet to our specific needs. The challenge is to know what is our specific issue, and then see if it is possible to correct it or not. Do not underestimate the power of somatic methods to regulate the parsympathetic state, as this state is an absolute necessity for our digestive and inmune systems to work properly. And we have to direct mental way to act upon our ANS, we cannot force this state, we can just do the necessary for our body to access this state better. Some people have even become able to re-eat gluten!
1 week ago
Yep, a lot of guard dogs like your Anatolian ...just climb up the ladder and skip all steps! That is exactly why I said at the beginning that I did not like the ladder image, because it can make people think it is all the time like this.

The lack of inhibition is at ANS level, a lack of the social engagement system. There a 2 types of beings: the ones I know, and the others. Social engagement is good only with one type, you guess which one...

Then they are also dogs that freeze easily, so their signals are easy to see: they tense and get more immobile. When I see this, I do not like it! Because some stay in the freeze and inhibited state, and others might come out of it, with a surge of the sympathetic system, and that usually means snap or bite. The ones that stay inhibited are the ones who do not seem to care if you touch them. The difference with the dog that is at ease is in the obvious desire or not to socially engage. Newbies to dogs, and also some others, can tend to think that they only need to ask the owner if the dog is dangerous or nice. When you know dogs, you just ask the dog! But you do not ask if it is safe for you.... you ask if the dog AGREES! It is so easy to invite a dog by doing half of the movement forward and wait for a sign that it is ok to go on! In that case the dog will do another part of the way to touch. Well, some dogs are also "badly educated" haha, and do not ask you and just jump on you! Well, some dogs do that, and some people also do that! In both cases, it does not always work!

Yes you are right that some signs can show that a dog was physically abused, and how. But also, some dogs who need to see new things from a distance and get used slowly because they saw not enough different things as puppies, can be afraid by something they have never seen. When it is not an abuse, you will see this when it is windy! Hanging clothes that can move alone, running plastic bags...

I have a story of a dog that was abused only in a specific situation, which was to push him competing while skying. He was sold from abroad and got several owners because nobody could make him gallop, though he had a prestigeous winning palmares. He would sometimes, and then would block and become closed and only trot. The sport I talk about is the scandinavian ski-pulka.

I ran with him several times and solved the problem, until it returned in a special condition that made it all clear! I keep the suspense and do not tell now.... The first time, well I could hardly follow him and he was quite happy to run. There was a big slope downward and I felled. The dog stopped and went half his size. He was so pityful that I burst into laugh. I asked him what was going on, and if he had ever seen a fall! As I knew he went only with top level people... Ok, he had never seen this. When he saw my reaction, he went up at 110% of his size and I still remember his big smile! I felled down several more times on the way, and each time he was less afraid, and he was even laughing at me! Yes he was.... He was looking at me like "are you ready" and waited I could go before starting. Eventually the hook went off and he went running alone, having great fun, though the other runners no! He passed the line alone, and I passed alone later.... much later of course... The next day I was allowed to run but attached. We had great fun.

Then there was a race where I blew all the times, as I got even ahead all men! There was a difficult slope uphill, and I was such a weight that he nearly felt backward in surprise. He sighed - I think - and went walking quietly.... I thought I was never going to make it uphill! Spontaneously I called him and said "please help me!". I believe it only because i saw it, or else i would not: He gathered himself and started to pull as mad. I made each time more effort, until I could ski as if on a flat surface! By the way, I still have a tendinitis where both biceps attach...

Then I got the dog for a night race. I dont remember what I did that also had to do with the sticks, but the dog shut down as he was known to do, and that is when I understood. There was a lot of public at this place. I think the path was not well indicated and I had to drag him to go back to the right track. I was also tired. He went on trotting until the finish line. He knew that he could do whatever he wanted when there were people around, because his first owner could not beat him then. So he was making profit to say "F*** off". If i could go back, instead of going on and encouraging him with my voice, I would stop, though it would have mean to be cold. After 30 years this is all I remember about him and the story!
2 weeks ago
Some dogs that were not badly treated actually look as if they have been! The signs of low early socialisation look exactly the same! And the interpretation is usually that the dog has been treated badly / hurt. Not always and much less than we think.

It is the same as what Lucretia mentionned about her being sure she has not treated one pup differently than the others: there is more about it. Pups have as little time as wolf pups to get used to the world before they enter an age with fear touching them more, and they have to live in a much more difficult and complex world. So there are 2 things, the limited time of socialisation and not all that they need being covered at the ideal moment + all that happens to them that do not come from humans.

Same for training, we do train anyway even without knowing, and dogs are also as us: they self train! And they are also trained by the outside world and not only by us.

I remember a dog living with his master who worked in a petrol station... Who taugh him to bring his bone when a truck came in? not cars, only big trucks. I guess that it happened by chance once.... and the dog just noticed that he coud eat the bone marrow after the breaking!
2 weeks ago
As you can see, trust what you see and hear! That is what body language is about: you can see the truth much better than what can be guessed from knowing the story of a person or an animal. And sometimes we do not know the story. But still, we can see the signals, and it is obvious with this dog, as you notice that he shows more signals than others.

You will never know what happened, as he can also have been compressed too long time, or something with the ombilic cord. It just seem that something created some pain. Size at birth is not relyable when fathers are different, or parents not the same size/breed. But I have noticed very often that the smallest are more noisy from the beginning! Then some have collapsed into too much fear, and others have kept enough energy to be fighters and energical. They can conquere the world.... Oh also about the first ones... the mother is less available, because still in the process of "latching" the next ones! They can also be stepped upon when she turns around in the nest. All that is traumatic will depend on the recovery through close contact and care. At what moment they can be quiet and drinking milk after birth is also impacting.

Some dogs show not enough signals to others, and they are not that good for relating to others sometimes, because they also read and considere others' signals much less!
The breeds that show more signals are often the primitive ones, wolf type. Labradors show much less and often disrespect others' signals. It seems that they say "Why are you not at ease with me, look how much of a good boy I am!" And this is typically a human's mistake too! When we have good intentions, we tend to override the message a shy dog will give, because we feel that we can convince them we are "good"! But the truth is that we need to respect the messages and "do not take it personally". The ANS is much slower to shift in some individuals than others, and the fast ones have to take patience, and also not misjudge the ones who have a slower rythm.

Dog signs are made for this, indicate what is going on, so that the relationship can flow.

I remember my dog trying to invite another one into her sphere, and the dog was super afraid and lost after coming out of the car where he was sick. His eyes were not focussing and the pupilla was big. The one that was at ease kept approaching and going away to show respect. All the body language was friendly, but never pushy. The distance was calculated according to the other's reaction. Then happened a few shifts as the dog started to snif around a bit more, and was actually landing.

But what was extraordinary, and all this would have diserved a video, was when the calm dog decided to run and meet the second one WHEN THE RIGHT SIGN WAS NOT EVEN FINISHED! But when he arrived nearby, the dog actually DID connect! The sign that he showed was SHAKING his skin, which takes a few seconds. At the moment he started to shake, the nice and wise dog got a super smile and seemed to think "Yeah, at least!  Now he is ok!" And 2 seconds later, the 2 dogs were looking at each other and both had their mouth open, you know when they nearly look like dolphins! And they started playing...
2 weeks ago