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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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Yes I remember completing it.... and then there was some sort of computer "rock in the way" something that shows up when the tide is low, and was not expected before!
I have this blog http://balancefeeling.wordpress.com/ and I write in a language that is not mine! I would love to CO-WRITE!
My 1st goal is english spanish french... the last one being my mother tongue.

My first goal now in writing is to make people feel the organic intelligence we have inside us, and that is not the brain but all in the body, heart and guts. I use images and very short textes.

I dont know how it happens there is such a big shut-up about the main system of the body regulating all other systems that work inside us... You can find there all the good reasons we have to be into permaculture, about how humans arrived where they are, what stucks us, and what can free us, because it works all the time in us, and we are not enough conscious of it.

Then this can also touch all topics about animal and plant behaviours! Species have their own intelligence and ways, and if you treat a cow like a cat, you are going to find out soon.... and this is not about genetics primarily either, it is about intelligence, but not the cortex one. it is ORGANIC.

oh yes, I had also started some plant descriptions, and they are around "behaviours, likings and dislikings". It is crazy until now to find writings all about "how to and uses"! I try to give back a real sense of life being alive!
6 days ago
I would... I would like to find writers in several languages, to have a multilanguage sharing about all that is around living more naturally.

I have this blog http://balancefeeling.wordpress.com/ and I write in a language that is not mine! I would love to CO-WRITE!
My 1st goal is english spanish french... the last one being my mother tongue.
Part 3 could be about the ANS.... (Autonomic Nervous System), as it needs to be well regulated so that we can fully be in rest & digest mode. And it is not only about forcing rest with some exercises, however gentle they can be... It is all about what our body does physiologically, and autonomic does not mean stupid, as this is actually the inner organic intelligence of the body!

The ANS is the chief of our orchestra, and all other systems, such as the digestive one or the cardio-vacular one, depend on its health! And doctors don't know about it. I know, because some of them were in my training in Somatic Experiencing...

I "smiled" at reading about some plants bringing toxins, because who read Matt Walker thread about healing through carnivore diet? I have been eating like this since march, and in transition since last october, and I am very happy with the results I have. I have had some pain from gall bladder, mainly because I had been relying too much on coconut oil, and this oil does not help, because bilis is not required to digest it. We need fats and to use our bilis. Low fat diet, less bilis and more toxins, because bilis is meant to remove toxins.

And the first step of all digestive health path is to check ones levels of stomach acid. After 40 we all have it too low, and then the rest of the digestive chain cannot work properly. Get this right, and get right the vagus nerve to not have a slow emptying of stomach, and then you can start to heal the rest, because it will regulate by itself. It is meant to, thanks to the ANS. Of course there is a loop, because any health issue is taxing the ANS, because it drives a defensive response.

Inn the end it is like pulling a stuck drawer: a little one one side, a little on the other side... and it unstucks itself step by step.
The list is even much larger than peanuts! Thanks for the link! For example lima beans that I have, so I might check if they have nodules...
3 weeks ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:

Jason Hernandez wrote:I believe it is quite likely that wild Rhizobium are already present in the area, but of course I lack the equipment to verify this.

A digging stick and your eyes are all the equipment that you need. Plant the pigeon peas. Dig them up, and look at the roots. Do they have nitrogen fixing nodules? If yes, then there are suitable species of bacteria already present in your local ecosystem.

Like those pics...

It is not so easy... how long does it take to them to appear? I think it cannot be seen yet in a young plant, and was wondering how long it takes?
Even on our local wild legume called tedera and eaten by goats but not by humans, and so common, I cannot really see those profuse nodules as in internet photos! White acarians on roots, much more!
3 weeks ago

Catrina Liesch wrote:Hi Xisca,
we are also looking for inoculants for our pigeon peas and other legumes in La Palma. If we find any useful information we will let you know. Your project sounds really interesting. We are only just starting.
Catrina and Jane

Great, let's take contact! Amazing, people in La Palma!
3 weeks ago

William Fly wrote:Hey, thats a good point! I will give the peels back to the tree.

Hopefully somebody will come with a scientific explanation of what do the essential oils!
1 month ago
I find it just ...incredible, to say it and stay cool, that taxes have to lead to business and that it is not possible to keep land alone and quiet!
Taxes should be proportionate to the income derived from it.

You say that you have no moral problem in paying, but when regarding the fact that you have to cut a piece of forest and convert the land, I feel sad.
1 month ago
And "absolutely" should be the answer to this question: "Should taxes be paid according to what the land is used for?"

Result here, I pay zero taxes. And I am not going to complain I cannot build anything and not even get a winterhouse of whatever size....
1 month ago