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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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I thin some more data already exists about hydrogen rich water....
If they try to ADD hydrogen into water, then if there is some natural way to obtain this water.... maybe a reason why some people get good results with juicing?
2 weeks ago
Thanks for those thoughtful answers!

Actually, I got these ideas on my own BEFORE reading anything! So it just stikes me to find some sort of confirmation!
I have had 2 pathways....

1) growing in a dry place. People here could get a crop of potatoes even with no rain, just burriying prickly pears pads / or cutting them in 2 and covering the row with the jelly side on the soil : watering...
Actually, I do not mind the exact composition, it is enough to see what is jelly for, and I have had chia seeds sprouting in my kitchen sponge!

2) Personal search around my personal "fluid trauma". It has affected my health and nervous system, but then discovered it went further and had deeper consequences for my metabolism, at cell level.
It becomes obvious with the years: I am deshydrated. And no way to drink more, I just pee more... and I still feel dry and thirsty.

And it happens that a basic metabolism is producing - like a fire when burning - water and CO2. This is where I miss the water source...

So appart from going to a ketogenic diet, I have looked at ways to hydrate better, and used all those tips I mentionned!

About heavy water, yes too I have heard about it, and more interresting for health seem to be light water, aka DDW, deuterium depleted water. The biggest advocate is Jack Kruse about this subject. I think it is unsustainable to import bottles of DDW, but he consideres that gelatine broth is having the same effect, which correspond to the next informations I have found...

It is difficult to maintain on an everyday basis, as I clearly go up to 3 liters per day, but I already had moment when I slept better with no pee at night + no leg cramping! Being close to zero carb, I do not think it is diabetes, and I am not really thirsty, so I can forget easily to drink. But I have a dry mouth and my tongue shows the chinese medicine sign of a line in its center, indicating dehydration.
It happens that if i go up too much in butter consumtion, the rest fails, because I have to correct the vagus nerve balance for being in a good rest and digest state and produce more of those digestive "fluids"!

As my problem started before birth, I can see clearly my tastes. Gelatine dishes were always a favorite, and oats porridge (before I stopped gluten and then starches) and all sort of wet gelatinous stuffs too.

The meeting of soil health and my health is so similar that I am sure there is something there....

2 weeks ago
You can do whatever you want, but for those who are concerned with their health, what they say for burned meat is actually less important than for burned carbs! I am not a full raw eater, but the least thing I want is burned carbohydrate.

Change of taste, color and consistency = change of chemistry.

I would just melt the onions in butter until translucid, with no change of color.
3 weeks ago
Another solution is to ...enjoy bitterness! This is healthy because...
- it cleans the mouth,
- make you salivate
- and send the signal to your stomach to produce enough acid! (which we almost all lack by the way...  because of stress, and too much sweet taste not enough bitter, read ayurvedic stuffs!)

If you mix in a salad, and feel the bitterness less, no problem because your stomach also has bitter receptors.

I get them first thing in the morning. It goes well with lemon juice. But also munching in the garden! Very tooth cleaning!

It has been mentionned to remove the cetral rib. Here is an easy way to remove the harder part. Take the low end between 2 fingers, and with the other hand take both sides of this same end and go upward. It will remove exactly the tender green part, quick and close to the central stem! It will eventually cut half way, where more tender. This is a fun exercise, because you will develop more finger tact, to notice the difference between each leave...
3 weeks ago
Well... no way to do a medicine portal, but an ethnological one yes!
After all, for now, the term "ethno-botanic" means too much psychotropic ...drug, which does not match its real meaning, and shows that the other fields of botanical traditional uses are not enough considered...
1 month ago

Tereza Okava wrote:@Xisca, the older folks in my family grew up "in the wild" and still use certain traditional remedies (of Brazil, where we live, and Japan, where their parents came from). My mother in law and I share a love of bitter foods, especially bitter melon (nigauri/goya/melão de são caetano), but also bitter teas, leaves, and berries. She always says she has to eat bitter things because "my life used to be bitter" (she is an impressive lady). I find it so interesting how the bitter stuff has so many benefits and there are a lot of old-timey cultural traditions around them.

Is it the one with the seeds covered by this sweat brilliant red stuff? I like it too! But I have a small size fruit one, and wish to get a bigger size one! Mine are like 4 cms...
Which part of Brazil do you live in?
1 month ago

Tommy Wilder wrote:Great idea, a dedicated website for tropical medicine. I live in the tropics (for about 20yrs now) and use a lot of king-of-bitter (andrographis) for most inflammations and as a replacement of antibiotics and cured myself of dengue this year using the leaf of the papaya tree. Also use pineapple for musclepain. Hope this idea will become reality soon!

Welcome new member! Where do you live? Hope you will do a thread to explain what you do at your place!
I would like to know more about using papaya.... also the seed is medicinal! I did nto know about the leave...
Pineapple.... external or internal?
1 month ago
What you call cowboy coffee is turkish coffee in Europe! But  you put the coffee on top of the COLD water, with no stirring, bring to a boild and you have to watch it or else it goes overboard. This mixes the coffee in. Let cool.

Why a filter? Serve with care, and no need for a filter! When I prefer to filter it, I use a COTTON filter.

With stainless steel and especially with the acidity of the coffee, you get nickel... Not much if you just filter, but do not let your filter in the liquid as done for tea.

If not mentionned, you can use some good coffees twice, and get a lighter coffee for further in the day... and this is frugality!
1 month ago
You get the same result with any bitter plant! It makes you produce enough stomach acid for the day. Or else you do not assimilate proteins well.
More tropical, I take aloe vera gel before breakfast. Jellies are also very hydrating, more than water. Thus the "drinking" of cactus gels, and the use of water jellified by chia.
Also lemon peel in any form.
Then all herbs like a green salad of bitters including artichoke leaves...
Then olive leaves have the same property, and advised for fighting H. Pilori!

Then I guess the morning coffee is used by a lot of people for this reason, even when they think it is for waking up!
1 month ago

Michael Sohocki wrote:The obvious answer that everyone always points to is population control, except that there has never been a working model of population control anywhere in all our history. These plans go off the rails in one manner or another.

Sure? I have read several times about some local solutions. Actually, greek women already used some plants for anti-conception, and abortion has been know for a long time. I also once read about a tribe in the Amazon whose custom was that a child needed the mother 4 years, so every pregnancie before this was stopped. Some islands also had canibalism, and I suspect it had to do with population control.

Some species also have a stress regulation, and they become sterile or even die passed a certain population number.

Regulation through food works better for short-lived species. And when it works for us, well we do not like it at all... though it has been the case during all history of all species including ours. The modern problem is that we have never before, it seems, pushed the limits that far, with a big food production that drains soils etc etc, you know this, after all we are permies!
1 month ago