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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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Wrong, it is 40 dollars.

Only the presentation videos are free.
2 weeks ago
Travis, what you mention as learned behaviour is also called positive reinforcement, with positive meaning "+ " or addition, so behavior reinforced by addition of a pleasant result.

It means we learn by getting a desired outcome.
And this is ...addictive!
As long as you are addicted to several things and that they are healthy, no problem with addiction per se!!!

Now.... obligation.
The child plays and love it, but cold and rain will have to insist quite a lot before he is obliged to put his jacket! He has to stop the addictive behaviour only when he is obliged.
Negative reinforcement is "-" or substraction, meaning a behaviour is reinforced by removing an unpleasant thing.

Please note that + and - mean plus and minus, and this has been unduely translated by positive and negative, with a connotation of good and bad that were not meant originally.
Addiction and obligation are the 2 poles that teach us adapted behaviors, bringing us either something pleasant, or the removal of something unpleasant!

The problem with those 2 words is that they have both been tinted by emotional issues. When you lack the right addictions and pleasures in your life, you might fall into not healthy addictions. If you had to escape from nasty unpleasant events, then you see obligation as worse than what it is, and you generalise you refusal to all sort of obligations. You would even end up taking a cold because you do not even want to surrender to the rain!

All this is about learning behaviours, and we learn through the consequences of our behaviours. When we talk about scowling for example, this is NOT for doing anything. This is meant to STOP a behaviour, or at least diminished it.

The problem in differenciating them is seen in the tantrum throwing example. The child and the mother. The child is trying to get a pleasant outcome by repeating a behaviour, and the mother is either going to let it go because it is also easier for her! The child gets the candy, and the mother gets the silent child... Obligation is also what does a baby when crying, because the mother has to find how to make go away the unpleasant consequence of the pain of the baby. Now you can see the very small difference for not subtle persons: in one case you learn how to stop what is unpleasant, and in another case, you just want to stop the behaviour, and you learn nothing.

The tip to sort out what is what is to be clear about who is teaching or being taught!

In the shop, either the child is teaching the mother the behavior of buying him a treat, or the mother can try to use the hope for a treat to teach some nice behaviour to her child! With the baby.... let time to the baby to grow. THEY have to teach their mothers to be quick at finding out why they cry, because it is necessary to their survival. Knowing to put your jumper and then learning the opportune behaviour to always have one in your bag is also about survival, or not getting sick. Some bad educators might have pervaded this wonderful behaviour, but we have to get it back on line as a sane tool of learning.

Then I can say that obligation is one of the essence of life... the other being addiction... And both words need to be rehabilitated, unless you are a linguist able to make all the population adopt news words! I would already be so happy if people could realize the terrible mistake that is being done in education when talking about positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and such...
2 weeks ago

Daniel Schneider wrote:Hej!
One thing I couldn't tell from the video was; when you insert the scion wood, is the flat place you trimmed facing in or out? I'm guessing that you're lifting the bark away from the cambium, and the flat goes in?
Dan Schneider

Yes right, the flat part is inward, but the video is not showing it well, unless you compare the upper part of the scion! And yes, the part with more bark is on the outside. I had to look twice at the 2 parts of the video, to compare....

We have so much to look for that I would appreciate that more videos have less "poetry" and go directly to the core.
2 weeks ago
For a meditarranean climate, Tedera....

This fabacea is not well known but is a very good dry forage crop, that we gather just when the flowers are finished, so that the seeds do not fall. This is very good for goats, and they will not eat it fresh. It is in flower right now.

Our canarian goats are still used to forage, but of course grain has been added to their diet though last years.... They also eat a lot of the famous tagasaste, the tree lucerne.
I am only 3 weeks in and my guts are healing and also have lost apetite, but it is coming back.It is just a different feeling. i am not on meat only as I have kept little very cured cheese and eggs. Also butter and even some cacao butter and coconut oil (still zero carb!). i am good at fat burning and I have no weight to loose at all. I also like to have fish.

I would only eat pork if cured or marinated, according to a trial with some blood analysis. They do not know why, but there is something wrong with even well cooked pork! The problem totally goes away with dry ham or making a marinade, but I do not remember the recipe of the marinade, just that there is a chemical change, it is not even about hygiena...

i have also introduced some coffee in hope to not deal with constipation, as it happened once. I am at my maximum for fats... But really, make mayonnaise if you have problem with fat digestion! And with salmon, it is the best of the top! with meat too it is good...

I have guests who eat normal and even vegetarian, and I have no problem, we make joke and i profit of the smells, even though I pretend that it smells super bad when they cook! i am happy my oranges get some use...
Today I had a bit of garlic, because my mayonaise of egg and butter would not get thick!

I also make broth and add an egg yolk to mix with the fat. I do not like to throw away, so I like to remove all around the bones...

My salt intake diminishes and I drink more.
1 month ago

Pearl Sutton wrote: terminology, most "radiant systems" are a closed loop, to one extent or another, the water is reheated and recirculated many times, so that's what he is expecting you want. What you are describing is called an open loop: heat the water once, and that's all.

Yes I want to dispose of the water, of course I will need a little water tank before watering the plants! Maybe I can find a way to wash clothes or take a bath!

steve pailet II wrote:

if you think heat runs down hill do this. 
What you are asking cannot be done without a real way to move the water and hence to move the heat.  
When there is a lower ratio of temp to temp per volume you are going to have that lower temp water stick around. 
I think of course I will loose some of the heat in the pipes that will send the water downward. I want to heat the water, and then in the evening open so that the water comes down to the cave tank and fill it with the hot water.
I was thinking of big volume like 300 liters... and get the heat by conduction through the rock.
Some examples of sainless steel containers...I even know somebody who did a rocket stove with one of them!


1 month ago

steve pailet II wrote:that being the case  get a solar panel and battery.. let it run a small circulating pump

Do you mean it is impossible to heat water and send it hot downward to the tank where I want the heat? And then dispose of the cool water again downward?
I really have cliffs and very vertical lines!
1 month ago

steve pailet II wrote:sounds like you might think about doing a thermo siphon heater, but place the heat tank and place it below the cave   This would be totally without pumps or electricity

I would not have enough sun... that is why I want to heat the water above, and send down the water. Of course it is possible to make hot water go up, but I am limited by room and sun below the cave...
1 month ago

steve pailet II wrote:Xisca Nicolas  when I was talking about the tank I never said it had to be inside .. pipe in the water and insulate the pipe and pump

My idea is with no pump, no use of electricity but of gravity only.

I want to heat the water above a cliff, send it down to the tank, and that the tank act as a termal mass, heat by radiation and conduction to the rock, and then I move the water to the garden...
And pour down more hot water from above! I was thinking to heat this with black water PE pipes. 
1 month ago

steve pailet II wrote:xisca  with a big tank and PANELs that actually put the heat into the tank you can get the tank of to 120 degree easily.. adding radiant panels in your living space should allow you to heat just where you want the heat.  Being in a cave you will need to insulate the back of those radiators  and reflect the heat out where you want it.. remember radiant heats everything not just the air..   the rock is going to absorb the heat

I think I want the radiation in the rock, so it would add to the summer heat, that is for sure what heats me right now...
Also, I would put it in a place that is outside the cave, with some thickness of rock but not much, and by going through, it will reach the living room! As it is small, I cannot take any place from the living space. The tank would be closed from the outside too, no need to heat the terrasse...

It would also be in the kitchen place. I wa thinking of buying a wine container in stainless steel... Maybe get some hot water from it at the same time?
1 month ago