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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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Recent posts by Xisca Nicolas

Bethany, so great you can listen to yourself! Cravings are not always about addiction, or there are good addictions... We just repeat what feels good, and when it is really good...

I would not conclude so fast about auto-immunity.... about iron, this can come from a copper toxicity, as when 1 is high the other is low. And thi can thus happen with no relationship to your diet. copper IUD or copper water pipe or cookingware can be a cause, or water etc. Cheaper than blood test and more complete and more accurate, you can do the only painless biopsy ever, the hair test, with either arl or tei lab. It really represent your tissues.

What you mention also make me suggest some issue with the vagus nerve that could respond to craniosacral therapy or Gesret method. Actually, the vagus slows heart, make us digest and produce gastric juices etc. I got worse after a surgery because it just happened that my body reacted as if it was a trauma without me knowing it. I also have digestive issues of course. When it is life long, there is in general an issue coming from birth, prebirth, early accident or even an accident to the mother during pregnancy. Apart from me, I have checked out that this is an underlooked frequent issue.
1 hour ago
Transitioning and experimenting! I am not ZC, as I love and stand and seem to need some greens. I eat some raw leaves, especially bitter attract me and I breakfast with dendelion etc.

I am totally off carbs of the main type, sugars, fruits, starch. Well, still a bit when I have some cacao... or a raw carrot or a beet juice. I also have some macadamia nuts and some other such as pumpkin. Also avocado and olive oil or some olives. Occasional onion and garlic. Coconut oil and turmeric, and floured milk thistle seeds in tea. i also use lemon juice and make a cold tea with the peel. I also have some chicory tea as i seem to like some prebiotic at the mment.

The main visible result is that I eat twice per day and that I need no lunch and never snack. No hunger. I have correct bowel movements and less bloating, but I have burps that i did not have before. But it can also come from issues with the vagus nerve,as I have been working physically on some falls, mainly with carnio-sacral, as I learn it.

Here are my first "cookies", crunchy! and this evening big flat one, with aged goat cheese with an egg on top, and some plant still.... ground pumpkin seeds.
23 hours ago
Good info already, I would add that they need to be protected from winds as the nuts can fall before being ripe. That is what everybody says here... as we are a windy island, though no hurricanes.

They yes, if you want shade sooner, start with a tree already tall from nursery. After 7 years I still have no nuts and little shade. Also, they grew more high than large. I do not see them as giving thick shade.

I can also give another idea for shade > eucalyptus citriodora, also from Australia. After only 5 years, one I did from a tiny seed is HUGE! It is beautiful and gives medicine. And such a smell for a shade tree...

Then I also have a lili pili and it grows super quick, is thicker, can be trained as hedge or to any form by cutting it, and gives an edible berry. It has the consistance of apples, so is not too messy on the ground. Not very sweat and good in salads, decorative as it has pink berries, and nice burgundy sprouts.
1 week ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:hau Xisca, There are some other plants that will work but there are also plants that have been tried as substitutes that didn't work under experimentation. Chestnut will work but you will not have the concentration of tannins to remove.

I would be very curious to know about the plants that have been tried and the results. I also would like to know if what imports, in finding equivalents, is the mineral composition of the plant... Then a lab could be of good prediction!

About chesnut and not having to remove tannins, do I understand well that this is even an advantage of chesnut over oak?
1 week ago
Hi Redhawk, there are plants I do not have... are there other plants that would be alternatives to some? I have nettle and camomilla. Butt Yarrow and valerian and oak, I do not have. I have chesnut for tannins...

I was also thinking that if bladder is used for urine, and if we use tripe, then why not add urine? This is quite easy to get from any shop isn-t it? ...
2 weeks ago

Julia Winter wrote:Wait, clary sage is chia?  I have essential oil of clary sage, didn't know those were the same plant.

Salvia sclarea and salvia hispanica are not the same, and the plants are very different, and the essential oil is anyway not from the seed. The seed itself is very similar, I have both...
I have a winter garbanzo from mid east, and it is nearly black! Very dark purple.

Angelika Maier wrote: Why a whole animal anaerobic? We buried a whole dead chicken and it went very quickly.

Burying reaches the goal of things going anaerobic, I think.

I have an article to share, showing our similarity to plants, and also that their roots are affected the same way our nervous system is. If they react to anesthesia, of course we can also give them great cares with good preparations!



The first article is more for general public and the second is more scientific. Quite fascinating...
2 weeks ago