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Recent posts by Xisca Nicolas

For me almost no change. But as I was on an almost zero carb diet, I have increased carbs to save meat. Those who really need for their health to stay on a pure carnivore diet are having a hard time.

A lot of european countries rely on foreign workers for harvest, and miss hands, so it will impact food avaibility!
4 years ago
Ethics are more personal. The question I see here: is it legal?

Ethics of meat of me is more about the way to raise them, and the global cultural way we have created, because it mostly implies that food production does not have to be ethical but just legal! And ethics vary, as we can see that some people want to force others to eat only plants, even though some people cannot.
4 years ago
I had not noted the 1st time I read... but even with several stomachs, ruminants are not so good with digesting grains! That actually live on the fat they get from fermentation, not so much on sugars from the grains.

I am slowly leaving the carnivore diet and introduced SOLUBLE fiber. I take psillium first thing in the morning with plenty of water and soaked overnight. I was not constipated and noticed no change in transit. I also use onion and garlic because I can feel I love surfur. I easily munch on nasturtium flowers in the garden... I can use lemon as much as I want, oranges no. It is possible that I have an issue with beta-caroten.

Then I boil red lentils and let them cool. I take a little half an hour before meals. I started with just a mouthful each time.

The reason I do this is to clean the bile and eliminate it instead re-absorbing it, because my liver is congested and my cholesterol a bit high. I know a high cholesterol is not a problem, but it seems I have enough to make more bile, so I can detox better.

The analysis I had done is OAT - Organic Acid Test - in urine. I still believe I learned good things.
I learned that :
- my fat metabolism was better than my sugar metabolism,
- I had SIBO
- Both phase 1 and 2 of liver detox were impaired.

I have done a recent genetic test of the gut microbiome with the lab Biomes in Germany as I live in Europe.
4 years ago