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Sorry, it went with the property.
3 months ago
I have installed two of these systems. One in a bus with panels on top and one in an RV with remote panels. They even have an EMP proof upgrade.
3 months ago
An article I read yesterday was talking about a house fire started by an air fryer that was not in use. The fireman in the article said he knew of other fires started by air fryers and that you should unplug your air fryer when it is not in use. I only read that article because I was reading about air fryers in this thread. Sorry, don't have a link to the article, but here is a link to my search engine results.  
3 months ago
It's possible that the defrost heater unit has gone bad or the timer that controls the heater is bad. The timer may be behind the grill below the door or behind the fridge. The one on my fridge had two curved ramps (so you can't turn it backwards). Turn it until you hear it click and wait an hour for it to defrost. Turn it again until the compressor starts and see if it freezes. The problem is that the evaporator coils get covered with ice and air cannot cool well enough for the unit to function properly.
8 months ago
Take a selfie with borrower, lender and item, then send the other person a picture text.
10 months ago
Interesting vertical axis turbine.
1 year ago
Email from Betty.

Hey, Shella!
   You found me! I'm not presently doing much gardening myself though I have plenty of land. Seems some where between working to pay off the land, learning about Permaculture, taking one PDC and finely paying off that land I managed to get old and get several medical issues going. I'd love to hear what you plan to do with your new land.
First bit of advice: If at all possible do not, DO NOT put off building or planting your garden(s) until you get the land paid for! That was my biggest mistake. All kinds of plans made. Then either "no time" because of work or "no money" because of NOT working. Find a way. MAKE the time. Just DO IT.
So tell me, fellow Permie, what will your garden grow? Is it just to supplement you and your families meals? Add fresh greens and spices to your salads or recipes? Or do you want to go all in and try to raise fifty percent or more of your own food? Are you going to 'hire' some feathered and/or furred 'helpers'. I'd love to know. Not sure I'd be able to help physically but I'm good at dreaming ... uh, I mean planing. Emoji
I live in Lone Oak across the lake from East Tawakoni. I'm not good at keeping up with my e-mails. I often don't go through them for a week! I just happened to pick today to do the job. Glad I did!
My land line phone is (xxxxx) and Please leave a message! I don't have caller ID and don't carry the thing around with me. Call If you'd like to talk gardens or Permaculture. Just not before noon! I picked up some bad habits working third shift. Like staying up late and sleeping in.
So glad to know there's another Permaculture person around here!


1 year ago