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I have been involved in both earth-ship and compressed earth block building and they are both extremely labor intensive and time consuming. I don't expect to ever do either again. Have not done earth-bag, hemp block, or rammed earth. They may or may not be more viable options.
1 month ago
Knew a lady at the Greenville Farmers Market (Greenville, TX) who would buy a bale of old tee shirts and turn them into "T" bags. She would cut out the collar and sleeves to make handles then sew up the bottom of the shirt. If they get dirty they just go in the wash. I've been doing that myself and also turn old jeans into bags. I turn the jeans inside-out and sew across just above the crotch. I then turn them right side out and attach handles using old straps, belts, strips of denim or what ever I have that is handy and free. I then rip the seams on the legs, sew them together, cut them in half, hem the top and attach the handles. I'd post pictures but I don't know how to get them off my phone and onto my computer were I have to search through the black hole where, theoretically, they are stored in some file. I do know how to text pictures if anyone is that curious.

Jerry Sledge
Rockwall, TX
1 month ago
Actually my birthday is today, the 25th. I will be helping Edens CSA farm recover from these latest hard freezes causing several pipes to break. She can handle most breaks but one is in the wall. I do a volunteer work-share at the farm in Balch Springs. I will be farm sitting next week end while she is attending the TOFGA conference. She has had trouble with theft and wants someone there to as a deterrent.

I will try to PM my contact info. It is best not to post personal contact info in public forums. System says it was successfully sent. I can send you a selfie if I get your number. Also you can go to  Just scroll through the pictures and look for the oldest person there,usually wearing dark blue cut-offs and a light blue sleeveless shirt. In one picture I am wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie. I'm 5' 10" 188#(just stepped on the scale).

How much help have you had getting all the work done at your place? Did you start working on everything before you "retired"? I have limited space where I live and last years garden was a bust.

Easier to talk more freely on email. I do not use my phone for email, so I have to be on my computer.

Something I wrote about a year after my wife died.

What I Miss Most of All

Going to the beach for a walk on the sand,

Her gentle caress, the touch of her hand,

Her firm embrace,

The smile on her face,

The look in her eye

As I walked by,

Her presence near me as we lay on the bed,

The love we shared by the words that were said,

Those little things shared from day to day,

The love that grew between us, along the way.

Of all the things shared both great and small

It’s the little things I miss most of all.

Jerry Sledge 07/12/2010
Sounds interesting. I am "retired" and seem to be busier than I planned. With helping on a couple tiny house builds one of which is built on a trailer with SIPs panels. This week end I will be the other side of Greenville, TX near Campbell working on a compressed earth block house. I sold one of my rain water collection systems to my chiropractor.

My experience: aircraft mechanic, fork lift technician, food prep equipment installation/repair, handyman (currently living in a room I added on to my daughter's house), automotive experience (pre-electronics), I can cook from scratch. 69 years old tomorrow, widower, living on social security, car, truck, RV, and 2 trailers paid off. Use credit card online for security and payoff monthly. I live in Rockwall, Texas NE of DFW. PM me for contact information.

Jerry Sledge
If the fan has ball bearings that are pressed on the shaft then orientation does not matter. Roller bearings and bushings are loose on the armature shaft and allow the armature to float between bearings/bushings. A vertical installation will have the armature riding on the end of the bushing/bearing and cause improper wear characteristics. Roller bearings require the shaft to ride on the sides of the rollers not the ends (vertical application). The same applies to bushings. Ball bearings will wear on the surface of the ball regardless of the orientation. Vertical application increases friction and shortens the life of the fan. It may also limit fan efficiency. Maybe you could adapt a bath room exhaust fan to your duct as they are vertically oriented.
1 year ago
I built one once, but was unable to balance the nitrate/nitrite etc. Donated it to someone who wanted to try.

There is a company that teaches aquaponics in Mansfield, TX. First Saturday/Sunday is free to anyone who wishes to attend. They have a large greenhouse set-up. Can't find the link right now. You can PM me if you like.

You are about 100 miles from me.
1 year ago
As long as you are not too slow and the siphon pulls the water out of your bucket. Siphon works both ways. All I've ever done is hold my thumb over the end of the hose to prevent the loss of water and maintain the seal.
1 year ago
You might, also, wish to consider the opinion of the "Mother of the Bride" and how much consideration the Bride gives to her mother's opinion.
1 year ago
Maybe you can be glad it is not like the last wedding I attended. At a nudist resort. At least I didn't have to worry about what to wear. One button suits were the norm.
1 year ago