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Stacy, or anyone else who would like them, purple mosseage me when you'll be in the Portland area and we'll coordinate a meeting to get them too you.  
2 years ago
The mice/rodents started eating the bark off the new trees.  I  tried wrapping them but that did not deter them.  I finally made and used the Sepp Holzer bone sauce and it worked fine.  

I find in my area I really have no problem getting new trees to grow regardless if I use these or not.  
2 years ago
Hello team.  I can't even remember what these are called, who makes them or were I got them...  They are used to suppress weeds and direct dew and rain water to newly planted trees and shrubs.  I used them about 6 years ago to start a bunch of fruit and nut trees.  The good news is they do indeed suppress weeds/grass and direct water right to the new tree.  The bad news is they attract rodents.  They seam to make a perfect environment for mice.  

Anyway I have about 50 of them and they are free for the taking.  I live West of Portland, OR and I'd gladly give them to a Permie who can use them.  See pictures below.  

It's been a while since I've been to Permies...  if there is a better place to post this or I have broken a rule of some sort please advise.  

Thanks team.  

2 years ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:The Layens hive looks good to me. That's what I think of when I hear horizontal hive, maybe because that's the web address. Good plans are available on the site.

I recently discovered the Layens hive.  I am going to build one from the plans and try it. I am all in on Warre hives now but I really like the Layens design.

Has anyone on permies tried one?
4 years ago
Last year yellowjackets wiped out all 5 of our colonies. Including the original colony I had for 8 years. It was like a horror show.

Over the winter we found yellowjacket queens in the empty hives.

I'll always check the quilts now!  Despite their previously mentioned bennifits are are agressivly trapping the yellowjackets now.

We repopulated this year with nucs.   And I cought a swarm and got it into a hive.
4 years ago
Team, looking to add 4 to 6 pine nut producing trees to my property in the Willamette valley. I need a little  guidance on what I need as far as nut selection, pollinators and so forth. Hoping to find a supplier than can guide me a little.

Where are all the cool kids buying pine nut trees from these days?
6 years ago

I have a Warre hive.  The colony is 3 years old now.  I have harvested honey once; this year.  The colony has swarmed twice.  They have had 3 and 4 boxes for the last 2 years.  They never build in the lower box?!  For lack of any other solution I'll just keep an extra box down there at all times.  

Any ideas?
7 years ago
Thanks team!

As mentioned above its too late now but I have an excellent start on next year.

I did end up planting 70 more fruit and support trees this spring though, just no cider cultivars. So it's not a total loss!

Thanks team.
7 years ago
Finished it in 3 days while traveling. Had I not been traveling I would have finished it in one sitting. Sorry I could not write a review sooner. Here is my 5 star amazon review:

This book was more than a "read" it was a journey. Loved it. It's the first time I have seen Permaculture and Voluntary Association (Anarchy) rendered in fiction and it was wonderful. I have been planning and working towards a road side produce stand for a year now and this story was wind in my sails. I hope more fiction from Mr. Williams is in the works!

Keep up the good work!

I have largely controlled my debilitating spring alergies through diet. Lots of people have already touched on the details. It was explained to me with a bucket analogy; once the bucket is full your body is sad and you get alergy symptoms. Keeping the bucket empty by eating very well leaves a lot more "room in the bucket" for your body to handle enviromntal alergy sources.

Sadly anytime I drink alcohol it pretty much over flows my bucket. Had some cyser last night at the camp fire and today... my body is sad.

Anyway; get a real good idea of what foods you are alergic too and avoid them.
7 years ago