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Marianne Cicala

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since Aug 14, 2012
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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

Spring is beginning to paint the farm!
1 week ago
Thanks so much for your help Pearl!  I am determined that the works continues here or in the very least is celebrated.  Too many hunt clubs and business hunt trip organizers are interested because of the incredible wildlife that is now here.  I just won’t go there!  Cheers to everyone that helps this find the next keepers.
3 weeks ago
Our realtor just finished a video that includes some inside cottage shots; cottages will be left furnished.  Additional farm income is very possible with these.

We have bitten the bullet and listed our beloved perms-farm.  Off grid, hardscape in place, sustainable and truly a Peace of the Past.  Please check this out, pass it along to like minded folks that would love to escape to a hidden paradise. 1/2 mile of forest river, beautiful creek, forest packed with native edibles, medicinals and ‘shrooms. Fruit trees, berries, perennials explode everywhere.  It’s time for the next caretaker and creators  
1 month ago
Beautiful fall this year!!
3 months ago
It is listed. I know this place will find the right folks.  I would so appreciate my fellow permies sharing it to those that would continue this dream.  Thanks!!!
5 months ago
I finally have some drone pics!!  We had 10" of rain from Michael so the river is muddied. Makes it easy to see if nothing else.
5 months ago