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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

A morning stroll to feed my soul
1 week ago
I am slowly but surely getting there.
1 week ago
PINK LEMONADE BLUEBerries beginning to blush with sunny spring days wrapped in lilac perfume floating on warm breezes~~
2 weeks ago
Yes. They are surprising happy and huge. I put them in only 3 years ago & they have exploded.  
3 weeks ago
Thanks Judith. I hope you are well. I will keep things posted.  Interesting project ~
3 weeks ago
Thanks Chris
Yes, a really interesting challenge indeed!   I have a bunch of black cherries & plums growing in pots to be planted on these small terraces with appropriate guilds.  I will certainly keep things posted since this is a first for me with so many variables.
I will post as things progress and your insights are so appreciated!
3 weeks ago
We’re selling the farm in VA and moving to the mountains in NC.  A new growing zone (6), 20 degree slope, concerns with wildfires & a fairly unstable soil combo of silt & clay with no top soil to speak of.  Oh yeah, 100” of rain in the past 12 months, oh don’t let me forget serious windy conditions with regular “wind storms”.
I’m going to keep a log on this thread and any input is very welcomed.  There is so much to do but I am beginning with wildfire concerns, especially since fire trucks could Not make it up our road & no ponds etc.
the NNE portion is smothered with wild rhododendrons, the biggest tinder for these fires according to the forestry & fire management guys. These things are draped all over the cedar house & shop, growing almost 12’ tall.  Because of their poisonous nature & nitrogen robbing habit, this huge mass was littered with dead trees & limbs.  I cut them down leaving approx 18” stumps standing proud.  My intention is to pick rows of stumps, on contour, and stack logs etc , using the stumps as bracing, forming mini hugel type terraces.  I plan on sprinkling these mini terraces down the hill, each between 8 & 12’ long.  I do not want to dig down, which could add to the instability of the slope, so these hugels will be above ground.   Planting fruit trees & berry bushes etc to make these terraces individual guilds.  I’ll post as I make headway.  Thanks for your thoughts!
4 weeks ago