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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

It is listed. I know this place will find the right folks.  I would so appreciate my fellow permies sharing it to those that would continue this dream.  Thanks!!!
1 month ago
I finally have some drone pics!!  We had 10" of rain from Michael so the river is muddied. Makes it easy to see if nothing else.
2 months ago
Thanks so much. Your comments are beyond gracious. I know the place will find the right people to carry on. I hope to have some drone footage within a week.
Will certainly keep everyone updated and certainly appreciate all of the help in finding the right match
2 months ago
Thank you so much Angel. Lord knows I understand family things.  We will be tied up for the next week-ish. After.that, I would love for you to come down, hang out and walk about with me.  Would love to know you regardless.
2 months ago

I finally pulled up google earth and in fact that shot is a couple years old.  The upper area, shown in google earth, was new earthworks & where the "upper barn and cottage" are now.  The ponds up there were recent, in that picture, hence the color.  I have a woman coming in a couple weeks to do a drone video and shots to show current pics.  I will post asap.  
2 months ago
Hi Angel
First and foremost, welcome and thank you!
I sent a pm to you. Below is the property plat. Explaination is via message.
Thank you again
2 months ago