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Recent posts by Marianne Cicala

It is time to head back to the farm- feeling pretty good about what was accomplished in a couple months. Patience as tiny plants and hundreds of seeds find their way.  I’m pretty confident that over the next month or so, while these gardens will be unattended, spring rains and warmer weather will be all that’s needed.  
My neighbors are aware of what will have harvestable over the coming weeks and they’re pretty happy to oblige.
3 weeks ago
Neighbor!!!  So glad to know this.
1 month ago
Thank you Shawn~ it certainly feels magical to us.  Where are you?  
1 month ago
A video showing the building and layout of the homestead. You can also see some of the pine acreage ( 38 acres) and the replanted hardwoods (27 acres) as well as the loooong driveway.  A beautifully private oasis.  Just wanted this on the string too.
1 month ago
An update to the string or a few check offs on the todo list. Amazes me how much food can be grown in a small space ( compared to the farm). Decent size pond beginning to fill up and small pond will get filled up today via the water catchment tank and hopefully small fountain turned on. More then enough on this 1/2 acre for us and just about anyone we know . The swales/ditches are moving this abundant rainfall just fine- a rock path will get laid this week on the currently empty berm.   A variety of herbs, crabapples, plums, cherries, mulberries, Pawpaws, peaches, blueberries, black and golden raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, elderberries, grapes, currents not to mention beds a plenty for annuals: potatoes are coming up, asparagus bed is rocking, peas, greens and brassicas.  Don’t even get me started on perennial flowers & plenty of annual bloomers are seeded. Lol.  Content to say the least.
1 month ago
We had a request for a video tour, given the current times.  One of our past interns did this and I want to keep it with this string.  She’s a natural with any camera!  Lucky us!
1 month ago
Given, what I consider to be good news from Tyson, talking about the industrial food supply breaking down, I want to note the following permanent things on the farm.  There is a 1/4 acreish fenced pig yard with house and staked watering trough in the woods near a spring, there is also a permanent aviary house, roofed, triple wired/netted with laying box ( that’s where our ducks spent their nights in safety ) and 5 birthing stalls in the upper barn, 2 stocked ponds ( bass, brim & catfish)deer, wild turkey, rabbit & quail as well as crawfish in the creek.
1 month ago
We have always called this place: The Peace of the Past.  No truer words were ever spoken and no place more precious then being deep in the woods.  
1 month ago