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Maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way and I should find someone to give the chard I'm grow to. Since, to some folks, it does have food value. That makes tossing it in a heap or on the ground or making a "tea" seem like a waste. Another push for backyard chickens to the wife is also required. Thank you both for your replies.
6 years ago
Alright I realize that people like to eat swiss chard though I'm currently not a huge fan. So I'm looking for some uses for this plant.

In reading about its root structure at Root Development of Vegetable Crops and I believe it makes for an excellent miner of of soil nutrients. I already have several plants over wintered, and I seeded it every and anywhere and have let my plants go to seed in multiple areas so I see it pop up everywhere.

So the question is how should I use it to get the most benefit? Picking off handfuls of leaves to toss in the compost would be easy, but I can see that as wastefully not allowing full use of the accumulated nutrients. How would making a tea out of it like a comfrey tea work out?
Feeding it to critters would be a good use though I don't have rabbits/chickens yet and wont for the near future.

Any input would be great.

Thanks for your time,
6 years ago
So this fall while gathering up leaves from friends family and random people I have amassed a rather large amount of fallen apples, maybe a cubic yard. I'm trying to move away from composting and just directly mulching to let the breakdown and nutrient release be directly at the location I plan to grow. Has anyone put whole apples as a mulch? Any cons you can think of before I toss them into the garden?

Thanks for your time,
8 years ago
Seeing the highway makes me think of making a very large berm to block out sight and sound. I don't know how close to the power lines you could place it and trees, but that is my initial thought. More privacy from the road sounds like it would be up your alley if you are also a Jack Spriko listener.

How did you end up with that aerial photo?
8 years ago
Olivier I hope your research goes well for your documentary film project. It would be pleasant to see more lifestyle results as opposed to the purely growing side.

Brenda, I even think of it as the future inhabitants of the property, critters people and all. Building up a stable ecosystem could benefit a lot more then yourself and your children's children. Though opening minds to long term views (beyond our own lifespans) is a challenge.

Tyler, Bah, once I get myself that slice of land I will shout from the hilltops. So I'm stuck being the guy with odd thoughts on how we could live and known as he just likes to garden.

Now Xisca, you are entirely right! Stomping on the war path to convert minds is exactly that, a violence. Even if your taking it down to their level saying "aye you should start a garden" is not going to be taken well most of the time. Linking that up more to the action side of things link Tyler was saying. Showing is just a whole lot more time consuming but a better approach as opposed to attempting to convert someone. Spreading this information should go more along the lines of...

Duane giving talks spreading samples of tastes and experience and resources. It doesn't seem like you would have to cram it down the audiences throats. Just have to give them the opportunity to bite. Kudos Duane and a nice saying you have there.

Alrighty, looking more like a field of dreams style, if you build it they will come. Over a cold call conversion pitch.

Thanks for the inputs
8 years ago
Listening to Paul Wheatons podcasts over eco scale and such is making me fine tune what I would consider the "permaculture pitch"

So you have your eco scale 0-10 and those more than a couple ahead of you are crazy, those below are lazy.

Now applying this to most introduction conversations regarding permaculture I can get folks thinking I'm crazy pretty quick. So where your audience is sitting at on a permaculture scale matters a whole lot if your trying to pitch or sell permaculture. Even to help a person move forward a level on a permaculture scale you have to come from the angle of where are they at.

I'm now working on breaking down how to pitch permaculture so that I don't seem so damn crazy and turn people off when I should be converting them and their yards to permaculture. So I came up with a classification system on people permaculture state. Looking at the prime directive pointing out taking responsibility for self, and your children(posterity). So that gives me this

0.) People not taking responsibility for self or posterity
1.) People wanting to take responsibility for themselves.
2.) People wanting to take responsibility for themselves and posterity
3.) People taking responsibility for themselves
4.) People taking responsibility for themselves and posterity.

This seemed fine if your living out in a bubble (way rural). But I don't see everyone being able to operate in this way, not enough rural spaces for everyone to ignore each other like that so I place community into the mix. given that is you have to interact with other people ( your community) you having a voice in that community would be very beneficial in relationships, possibly business, possibly preventing people from passing laws to come make you sad. Community becoming increasinly more important in higher population areas.

So this gave me Self, Community, and their Posterity. (Posterity after community as you can hand off your permaculture habitat to your posterity only to have the then current community come by and ruin it)

0.) Not taking responsibility for self, community or posterity.
1.) Wanting to take responsibility.
1a. Wanting to take responsibility for self.
2b. Wanting to take responsibility for self and community.
3c. Wanting to take responsibility for self, community, and posterity.
2.) Taking responsibility already.
2a. Taking responsibility for self
2b. Taking responsibility for self and community.
3.)Taking responsibility for self community and posterity

Looking at these 7 possible permaculture states it becomes easier to tone down or up to an audience. Convincing a 0 to become a 1a would be a much easier task then trying to convince that same 0 to try and become a 3.

Please tell me what you think since information is only a resource if acted upon and making people think you're cooky is not helping.
8 years ago
Now this is the stuff! Amazing work there.

This editable plant database is looking extremely useful, and will greatly cut down on the book time trying to search for needed plants.

As far as getting the word out social media seems like it would be king, finding Facebook groups that are permaculture, seed swaping, gardening related ect., and posting links. You may want to contact folks running podcasts in similar or parallel interests to see if they would mention your site to feed visitors and support. I know The survival podcast is fairly pro permaculture and maybe Paul would toss out some words. Doing it in that manner might help you get the initial backbone community you are looking for without swamping your site with negative folks.

Please keep up the work, and thank you.
8 years ago
Hello Brian,

Sorry to play devils advocate here but why do you want a fermentation theme? I have been under the impression most foods could be fermented. So wouldn't fermentation come along with any excess food production, along with canning and dehydrating?

Or is this more a marketing angle for a vineyard type tour groups? Or maybe this is the way that is interesting for you to get a value added product to a market?

Again not trying to judge your idea just curious for the motivation.
8 years ago
I would love to see example of various climates that could be created in the same piece of property.

Being able to see USDA planting zone recommendations stretched and how it can be done.

Also having some education on land shaping on small scale. Being able to see this at various stages (conceptual, implementation, maintenance, maturity)

Seed gathering would also be a nice thing to learn/do.

Creating critter habitat/homes nest cites ect.
8 years ago