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Recent posts by Guarren cito

Great, thank you guys!

My seeds were stored in the pantry, ironically right next to the empty mason jars lol.

I'll report my results to let you know how the seeds turn out. I'm pretty good at killing seedlings

Springs almost here, the robins are back and the coyotes are howling!
9 years ago
Hey everyone,

I'm planning on using a lot of old seeds this year. They're packed for 2013 and are carrots, corn, cucumber, melons, zucchini, pumpkins, and tomatoes.

Is there a risk of my plants sprouting and growing. But then withering and dying or will they just not sprout? I would like to know so I can buy more if I get no sprouts.

Are any of those seeds guaranteed to not sprout? I'm thinking the corn is not going to.

And (off topic) should I buy potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes at the grocery store or are there benefits to buying them from a seed catalog?

9 years ago
Hey guys,

Blue grass four to six feet with a band where the leaf grows and eventually bends off of the stalk about a foot up.

Stung me hard picking it yesterday.

Pics are of dry stalks from yesterday and have lost their color.

9 years ago
Hi all,

I'm about to order something from this website but I'm kind of sketched out because I've never bought from them before.

Anyone have experience with this website?

9 years ago
It is really complicated though, there was a video on this thread that showed a thirty yearish old bioshelter.

The guy said that it had to freeze for a few weeks so that the reproduction cycles of the bugs were complete. There were a lot of frogs too.

It's the best video I've found that would show what it would be like to live in one.

I may end up living in a wofati with an attached greenhouse after seeing how complicated the system was.
10 years ago
Hey Tim, this is my biggest passion! I shared a bunch of thoughts and information on another thread here:

As for your humidity concern, it turns out the plants don't like high humidity either for the same reasons: pests, viruses, etc.

Zone 0 is hugely undervalued.

Dave Jacke says something like the permaculture systems that work best are the ones that are lived in most.

How cold does it get where you are?
10 years ago
This is the only way to split wood! Good call with the come along, I'll definitely try that this summer.

More thoughts: imagine doing this on a loading dock or somewhere that you can just push the split wood to your storage location.

10 years ago
Hey guys,

Yeah, I think 7' is a little extreme. I think it's totally do able to make on around five feet or six feet.

I plan on using wattle construction, but having all the saplings straight up and down and using twine to connect them. This will make them be able to flex around easily.

I'll also cut windows into the wattle fence to allow a. root growth between the beds for companion plants, and b. planting into the side of the walls to increase planting space.

I'll fill it with rotting logs and use logs to check any soil erosion. I won't make the beds too steep.

I had a lot more ideas but I"m blanking on them now.

Does anyone know if it should go clockwise or counter clockwise for northern hemisphere???

Thanks! Feedback and ideas please!!!
10 years ago
I'm planning on building an herb spiral next to my deck next summer.

I would like it to be tall enough to pick from the deck without bending over a lot. The deck is about a foot off the ground.

I want to build a six foot tall herb spiral so I can pick easily from my raised deck.

Ideas: use brick to make tall walls, use waddle fencing to make tall walls
Make the planting bed narrow so there is more rotation in the spiral to reach higher.
Hugelkultur to help with irrigation

I know there are logistical problems with a six foot tall one, but maybe five or four feet tall. I'm shooting for the tallest possible.

Anyone with experience or ideas?
10 years ago
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on how to make payments on a cheap car. The problem is that I can't afford to buy a used car upfront. I need to look into taking out a loan or financing a used car.

I've always bought my cars on craigslist, but money is too tight to do that right now. I need a car within a month or so.

What is the best way to make payments on a car? Is the bank incentivized to give me a good loan rate or not? How do I avoid getting screwed over at the used car lot?

Thanks in advance,
10 years ago