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Moved from south central WI to Portland, OR
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Recent posts by Julia Winter

Instant pot is just a fancy pressure cooker/multicooker but it seems like a great idea, especially for people who don't already have a good pressure cooker.  It would also be great for anyone with a small kitchen.

Pressure cookers make the best bone broth!  They extract ALL the gelatin from cartilage.

When I'm cooking a tough roast, I will usually fry up onions and load them into my slow cooker.  Then I will put more fat in the pan and brown all the surfaces of the meat.  Then the meat goes into the slow cooker and some liquid is used to cover it (fruit juice can be really good).  The last time I did this, chunks of sweet potatoes and parsnips went in as well.  Carrots and regular potatoes are more traditional.
2 days ago
Welcome, Liza!

I would call fat from sheep tallow rather than lard.  I save the word "lard" for pig fat.  Tallow is more saturated than lard, which means it is firmer or harder.  Lard is partially unsaturated, which makes it softer.  Both are good for cooking, although of course the flavor varies.  Soap is a great use for fat that doesn't taste good.

The finest fat for baking, in my opinion, is "leaf lard" from around the kidneys of a pig.  This can make a bright white fat without much porky flavor.  The best fat for cooking, again of course in my opinion, is regular lard from a pig, like from rendered back fat.  I tend to render lard in my oven.  I will run the fat through the meat grinder, removing meat bits, and then spread it out in a wide pan.  I cook it at a low temp and collect the fat multiple times.  The first few pours are the whitest, and towards the end the fat has more brown color and more pork flavor.  For many uses, that's just fine!  The crunchy brown bits left at the end are cracklings, and great to salt and sprinkle on something, like a casserole or corn bread.

Beef tallow is also great for cooking, especially for cooking onions.  French onion soup, anyone?  (That's traditional - onions cooked in beef fat and then in beef broth.)  More saturated fat is less likely to go rancid.  Beef tallow is famous for making the best french fries, and there are stories of restaurants who never throw away their oil, just strain out the bits and keep re-using it.  That's not going to work with canola oil!

I haven't had enough experience with sheep fat to comment.
2 days ago
I'm making a turmeric infusion most nights, to help with plantar fasciosis. Sometimes 2 cups of chicken broth but lately more like 1.5 cups of water and 0.5 cup homemade chicken broth, then simmer with 3/4 tspn turmeric, a couple grinds of black pepper and a bit of salt.  The chicken broth provides fat, which helps with absorption, and some collagen (because it's homemade broth and a gel at fridge temperature). 

I simmer for 10 minutes, ideally, then pour into a big mug and add some ice cubes to make it drinkable.  I have made it by pouring boiling water onto turmeric powder and covering the cup, that way there's no stirring, but I think the long simmer is better.  It's notably helpful as an anti-inflammatory.
5 days ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:  Though what helped me reduce the grease even more than that was to stop using soap. I think my body was cranking out excess oil as protection against the constant stripping action of the soap! My skin is far less greasy now.

Hear, hear!  Soap is over rated.  (BTW, acne is not the result of too much oil.  Acne is when your pores get clogged, and it's sebum, not oil.)  I think many people would be surprised with how nice their skin could become if they simply washed with water and a rough cloth and applied a little coconut oil if that treatment left them feeling dry. 

When I was in high school, people told me I needed to remove the oil from my face, and I tried and tried.  There was this stuff called Sea Breeze - I bought it by the gallon!  The more I stripped off oil, the more oil my skin produced.
5 days ago
Last night my older daughter asked "So, are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day?"
I looked over at Eliot.
He said "Um, we got some cows."
Which is true - we just got some Dexter cattle: a 3 or 4 year old cow, a yearling bull and a yearling heifer.
5 days ago
This sounds fun!  I had a great time when Cassie and John and I drove out from the Portland area and stayed for the staff retreat, or whatever it was called.  I'm looking at the weekend of June 8-10, maybe leave work early on Friday the 8th, then take off Monday and Tuesday, so we'd get there Friday night, have Saturday and Sunday and Monday and then travel back on Tuesday the 12th.  The only issue I can see is that I would be missing the last days of my younger daughter's school year - I don't know if I need to be around to push her to finish projects and such.

I would greatly prefer to share the trip with others.  In fact, my family has nothing but 100% electric vehicles, and mine, an e-Golf, has just 120 miles of range so that would necessitate multiple stops.  My husband's car is a Chevy Bolt, it has 240 miles of range and has already been to Wheaton Labs. You just have to arrange meals and rest stops around charging stations. Still, if someone had a regular gasoline car, I'd gladly help out with gas money!  I have tents enough to share, so don't let that stop you.  My new favorite way to sleep outdoors is in a tent hammock, but I think I'd still want a tent to hold stuff and for changing clothes.

Anyway, if you live near Portland, or can get to Portland Oregon, maybe we can share the trip!
Wow, that palette is right up my alley!  I love the colors.
1 week ago
Wait, clary sage is chia?  I have essential oil of clary sage, didn't know those were the same plant.
Cats can be very useful, especially when it comes to voles.  Gert looks adorable!
2 weeks ago
It's beautiful, good luck!
2 weeks ago