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C. E. Rice

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since Aug 31, 2012
Outside Detroit, MI
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Recent posts by C. E. Rice

Amazing and awesome!!

Some amazing candy and an awesome DVD!

I hope rocket and rocket mass technology really starts to make some noticeable impact in energy consumption in the near future!

Congratz Paul, Dan, and to everyone on the Rocket Oven team!! $75K+ is phenomenonal!!!

8 months ago
I've had "Cherry Bounce" before.  It did have a fair amount of sugar, but was nice to sip on .....and of course, the cherries are fun to eat loaded with spirits!

8 months ago

Erica Wisner wrote:
Please contact me or C.E. if you are ready to sign up for a field trip or tour - we can add your name to our paper signup.
If you don't hear back from us, please try again.  We have intermittent internet access in the earth-sheltered hollows up here, and may be missing some messages during busy class days.

For easy access..... that is:

9 months ago

Trent Cahoon wrote:Hi, I'm Trent Cahoon. I'm a Canadian expat based in Santiago, Chile ....

You sparked my interest, C.E. Rice. I'd love to give you a hand with rental coordination, communications, fine art and design (my Chilean daughter went to art school and directed a mural painting workshop in Chiloe), activities such as setting up a treasure hunt based on the permaculture playing cards, staging a capture the Wheaton Labs flag competition, building a catapult for mostly safe medieval water bomb warfare with the ants, bringing musicians together for fireside festivals and staging Senoi-inspired dream enactment plays involving the entire community.  
I'm done with my day job and will be traveling to Canada at the end of June to get started on the rest of my life. This coming chapter is going to be all about permaculture, art and music. I'll be busy helping to create a sunken patio, food forest, hugelkultur rows and moon gate in a residential area of Lethbridge during the month of July. Early August is doable if you're interested in having an enthusiastic full-time or part-time contributor as part of your team.

Long days and pleasant nights,    

Very cool Trent, if you'd like, email me at and we can talk about it further!

9 months ago
We have some students taking their first Permaculture Design Course right now at Wheaton Labs outside of Missoula, MT... The "Peasant" PDC.

We finish up just in time (June 21st).  It will a be a bit of a pinch, but I know one or two that may very well be interested in heading directly over for this course.  I will pass on the word.

The bigger group, taking the Homesteaders PDC will be starting the following Monday, so no can do for them....
But maybe some that are taking the Appropriate Technologies Course would be interested in doing your course first before swinging a couple states over, to Montana.

Much luck on this one.  I'll pass the word and make sure they find your contact and registration information on this thread.


- C. E. Rice
Rental and Event Manager, Wheaton Labs
9 months ago

Deb Stephens wrote:I don't have pictures of them currently (I'll try to get some) and they aren't cloth, but I do make them myself and they reuse something that would ordinarily be thrown away -- empty scratch and layer hen feed bags, dog food and cat food bags. ...........They're far too useful to throw away.

Deb, that is so very awesome!

I would love to see some photos!

To perhaps encourage more people to try this, can you make one or two and photograph journal the process?  We would be ever so grateful!

How long will it take a person doing it for the first time, that is very familiar with a sewing machine?

Now that you have done it a few times, how long does it take you to do "x" number??

- C. E.
9 months ago
And a gorgeous rainbow, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen(phone camera does not do justice).... The day before the class began as I and one of the students were chopping firewood!!
10 months ago
The Peasant PDC is now a week underway and going strong!!

The group of students are so awesome!  Many talented and knowledgeable individuals that are working together like long time friends!

Here are a few photos:
10 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:4 heading your way

Yay!!! Thank you so much!!!

We received them and used them briefly.... But I forgot to photo that.  Here they are in pristine condition, prior to use:

10 months ago
I thought this would be a good time to chime in and say hello, and keep this thread active.

Hello, I am C. E. Rice and I am now the Rental and Event Manager at Wheaton Labs.

However, the position is not "FILLED and that is the end," ..... "oh, no.  There is more."

This is a busy and full position.  Really, too much for one set of hands.  If the entire system is running very well and we are staying busy here at Wheaton Labs, the income earned is enough for 3-4 part time positions, or one full-time and a couple part time, or ???  Only time will tell.

So, if you are interested in learning more...  If you are coming to be an ANT or Deep Roots on Wheaton Labs and need or would like some cash to ensure the success of your transition...  If you live nearby Missoula, MT and you are reliable and could use some part time income....

Or if you think you might fit another component of this beautiful and important position, PLEASE SPEAK UP!  Comment here and/or send me a poorple moosage(message) so that we can see how we can work together.



I am an active, nature loving Permie that would love to have my own farm and retreat.  I have lived in Texas, Indiana, and now Michigan.... in addition to spending more than vacations in Mexico and Asia.

I am here full time for this summer and part time afterward.  I look forward to having some partners to get the activities, events and rentals side of Wheaton Labs up and running at top efficiency!!

Talk to you soon!   Peace
10 months ago