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Hi all,

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our latest film, Gracie's Backyard.

Located at 59°N in rural Sweden, Ridgedale Permaculture is allegedly the northernmost commercial permaculture farm on the planet. Integrating several enterprises on a 10-hectare piece of land, the farm offers an example of how holistic design can help pave the way to a new model of food production that is small-scale, profitable and regenerative for the land.

Filmed over a period of 2 weeks in July 2016, Gracie's backyard is a feature-length documentary that offers a candid look into the daily life of Ridgedale Permaculture through the eyes of the people who live and work there.

Three years after acquiring what was an abandoned farm, Richard Perkins and his partner Yohanna Amselem have managed to create a profitable and diversified business that produces healthy food for their community. Broiler chickens, pastured eggs and organic vegetables from no-dig market gardens are sold locally within a 50-km radius. All that laid out over a silvo-pasture system with an impressive array of berry shrubs, fruit and nut trees which will start yielding tons more of marketable produce within a few years.

More than just a working farm, Ridgedale has become a hub for young people eager to learn what it takes to start and run a successful regenerative agriculture business. Thus Gracie's Backyard is also an invitation to hear from volunteers and employees from all over the world about their experience on this nascent and promising farm.

By focusing on the human aspect of what makes this small farm work, we hope this film will appeal to a broad audience, and help inspire a new generation of small farmers and homesteaders.

Thanks for supporting and/or helping to spread the word about our campaign!


We recently released a video about a Tiny House in Montreal, check it out :

6 years ago
We've made it to 45,000 $ !!!

This means the whole contents WILL be subtitled in French (and English, of course) !!!

For the rest of the day, we're running a little contest on our Facebook page.

Visit the page and share the header image for a chance to win one of three copies of the 3-DVD set! We'll draw winners at random tomorrow among those whose shared the image. Good luck!
We made it to 40K!!! All DVD-level backers will get the streaming version as well!

Can we make it to 45K? If you have French-speaking friends, now's the time to let them know about the project, because if we reach 45K, we'll subtitle in French the entire content of the 3 DVDs and streaming video!

10 days to go!
Hi folks, we've just added a stretch goal! If we reach 40k, we'll give streaming access to everyone who's already paid for the DVD version!

Thanks for helping spread the word, we have another 12 days to go!


P.S. If anyone's interested, the tally for pledges coming through Permies.com is now $7,872.

Oliver, where do the dvds ship from?

If we have enough orders from Europe we'll try to ship from there.

In any case, we'll declare a lower value to minimize import duties.

Do you get charged import duties on DVDs normally? I'd be curious to know how much?
Just a quick update to let you know that pledges through permies.com now amount to $6,218!

Permies.com goofballs will definitely have their name in the credits!

For those who haven't seen it, we added an extra reward a couple of days ago, which I think is a pretty good deal.

For $600 CAD - which is about $530 USD at the moment, you get a ticket for the Permaculture Voices 2 conference in San Diego, March 4-8 2015, plus the Permaculture Skills 3-DVD set, plus the Permaculture Orchard DVD and the Art and Science of Natural Plaster DVD.

Just to make it clear, we're not keeping that money, and most of it is going straight to the organisation of the conference, but we're using this occasion to spread the word about PV2, because we think it's an important event that should get as much P.R. as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who's backed or share this campaign! Seeing this kind of support really makes us want to work twice as hard to deliver a product that'll be worth your money!
After almost exactly 72 hours, we're 128% funded, with $22,745.

Permies goofballs are still a few hundreds short of their credit goal, with $4,635.
Holy grass-fed cow!

Wow, so it took just shy of 53 hours to meet our fundraising goal. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who's backed us/and or helped share the campaign!!!

The current tally :

$18,233 pledged
$4,436 came through Permies
It's a surprise that we've reached 75% in 30 hours. We were confident that we could make our funding goal, but this is beyond our expectations for sure!