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Tj Jefferson wrote:


Susan Cerato wrote:I checked the garden and there are plenty I can send.  The rate is $1.00 each and $7.15 for a priority flat rate box.  You can use paypal to  Just let me know what you decide and I can send them tomorrow.


I'll send you enough for 10, sorry I didn't see your message sooner. Thanks so much!
1 year ago
Do you still have these available?
1 year ago
Just moved North and hoping to snag some horseradish root from a good strong source. Willing to cover cost and shipping, obviously, but thought I'd ask here first.

Would ship to Charlestown, IN 47111. Thanks in advance!
According to this there were studies done in Uganda where Tithonia diversifolia (mexican sunflower) was the sole feed for rabbits successfully, but I don't know enough about nutrient content.

I also heard from someone at an event taking place at H.E.A.R.T. in Lake Wales, FL that they had heard of people feeding exclusively water spinach (considered invasive in water ways, but grows well and is also edible for humans in contained systems) and being quite healthy.

Not really looking to have one plant as a sole feed, just don't want to give too much of some vitamins, nutrients, etc. that might cause any health issues for the rabbits - hairballs, ulcers, eye problems, and so on. I know sometimes improper diet can lead to GI Stasis which is almost always fatal because by the time you realize they have it, they're too malnourished and sick to bring back from it.

5 years ago
In Florida you can buy and grow true yams, but usually in Asian markets and its hard to find the rarer yams. But they are distinct front sweet potatoes, not the same.

Just wanted to clarify that. I was told you can't get yams in the US, but now we are growing them, so clearly not true.
5 years ago

I have buckwheat and clover but my Jerusalem artichokes aren't established enough to send any off yet.

Could we trade for some patty pan and touchon carrots?

Countryside sells organic feed for rabbits. Some co-ops will carry it but its about $40 for a $50 bag. Not something I can manage on a regular basis.
5 years ago
I live in Tampa, zone 9b.
Trying to get my rabbits on a mostly forage/garden based diet. Anyone have diet balance needs to go off?

Protein needs? Etc.?

I'm pretty well covered on what's safe and not safe for them to eat and can look up nutritional values of different crops and wild plants we have available, but need to make their bundles of green goodies as balanced as possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also what specifically needs to change when a doe is nursing diet-wise? More protein? More of certain vitamins? T

Thank you.
5 years ago
All you need is to get one breeding pair that will breed healthy decenty sized litters. A good breeding pair will last for 3-5 years. And our does are mutts rather than purebred. We know the breed of our buck, but some of our strongest kits come from the moms who have not a lick of purebreed in em.

You can find a good metal cage for cheap at a farm auction. My husband and I have found several that are several cells in size, or you could gather materials from people getting rid of scrap on Craigslist or on a gardening group nearby.

Basically, we started with one doe and one buck. Now we only have 2 breeding does, but we usually have between 12-15 of their young aging up to the 8 week old mark when they're ready for slaughter. We don't always get to it right then and we do buy feed, but we've been growing things and harvesting from the yard more and more.

I wouldn't put the work in if all I got is one rabbit back after 2 months of keeping a whole litter. Slaughtering takes some learning, sure, but rabbits are among the easiest animals to dress out and after you get the hang of it you can take one from the cage to the pan in 10 minutes - not to mention you can feel good about the meat.

Some things to think about.
5 years ago