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Read this post thread today.  I am also in Idaho, a licensed architect, PDC holder and Professor of Construction Management at BSU.  If you Purple Moose me, we can take this off-line and chat about your concept to see if there is a way to visualize your idea.  Nothing is out of the real of possibility, although comments here are true based on observation of past installation.

Good idea.  Good comments. A model and some test mock-ups before you commit to building a whole structure this way would be a great interim step towards feasibility of concept.
6 years ago
I have been amazed at the performance of real polycarbonate cellular sheet and two piece aluminum clamp system with a LVL wood structure.  The orientation issue is tantamount to success and in your area, likely a mechanical ventilation system or a better understanding of what Mike Ohler suggested with mass and strategic openings.  A regular greenhouse without massive ventilation and shading is an oven in your area.

I would suggest Sskylights and a metal building would be more than adequate for fish farming in Alabama, you might even  find a metal building to salvage and re-use...now that's permie.
6 years ago
I think this is a great idea.

A. Polyculture/Guild gardening is the opposite of rows and has a tremendous appeal when moving towards edible landscaping.  One forum that seems to be a heading includes this excellent link:


B. The other area that is too confusing to really dive in to on the boards now is the whole" Weeding vs. Not Weeding and examples of not weeding experiments.  Mine is failing this year.  I cant really find a good heading or search phrase that leads me to this notion which I don't really think is the same as till/no till, rather it is:  to weed or not?  It seems as though  the answer may be somewhere in between.

BTW:  Craig: I think you are doing a fine job.

Paul:  Haters suck, let it go.  You have brought great ideas to many folks.  You and Permies rock!
I give this book 8 out of 10 acorns because nothing man does is perfect!
6 years ago
Thank you, moderator.

Turtle Island is an opportunity to become part of something different than the status quo without a wholesale change of lifestyle.  It's a first step for many to start working outside the current model.  Please take a look.
7 years ago
Turtle Island Coop has gone live!

Edited by moderator to fix video link

7 years ago
It can always be added outside in the ground.  Not quite peak placement, but close.  Add a few light bulbs at night, especially to increase grow cycle lighting (solar powered, eh?  Probably incandescent heat, still not a huge demand on a point-source solar array).  Still, if I had known it worked beyond early experiments in the 1980's, I would have used this idea more often.

Now, I will recommend research of this system to my clients with limited budgets.

I still like RMH, but I think bricks are more expensive than pipe...next test, eh?
7 years ago

I can't praise The Duke any higher.

Because of Paul, my life is changed.  Don't really know how the affiliate link will help, but I think I got a plan...

I am about to start season two of my Boise Idaho Hugel Beds.  Am adding soil and mulch to fill in the holes from last year.  Last year voles got my melons.  This year I am committed to regular cut/chop/drop.

Thanks Paul, thanks Permies.
7 years ago