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Recent posts by Susan Pruitt

Thanks folks!   Lots of great info here so I feel better - especially as the more I study nutrition the more committed I am to eating more antioxidants.   The Cooperative Extension article is excellent Mike!   I hadn't thought about searching the term "biotechnology" so I searched again on NC State Extension service and found good articles there too.  And thanks for the GMO list Rebecca.    I was also listening to an interview with Dr. Seneff (MIT scientist researching connection between Roundup and Autism and finding connections to a multitude of health problems)  who mentioned that sunflowers are being sprayed and causing defects in birds.   Many crops that are not grown from GMO seed are sprayed to manipulate the harvest.  So I guess the list will continue to grow.   It helps to be able to categorize, as some here have said, that so far it's primarily the "field crops" that are being engineered and sprayed.   I also need to try harder to find local growers selling heritage cuttings.
3 days ago
I cannot find any references to whether or not blueberries have been genetically modified.   I've bought plants in the past from Lowes and Willis Orchards and now that I want to expand my berry selection I'm obsessing over the GMO question - actually for any of the berry family.     I want to grow enough for myself, my chickens (who will pass it on to me :)  and possibly sell some.  There's lots of articles about growing them organically but even the vendors don't specify whether their plants are "organic" or non-gmo.
4 days ago
Thanks Eric - I have, indeed, been following your compost story and will be watching your shrooms too :)  I'm pretty much on the same path as you but don't have the discipline to photo and write a journal reliably :(
1 week ago
Travis we all are influenced by our backgrounds, the people we are surrounded with, and just life in general getting in the way of critical thinking about every little thing!   Please don't shame yourself.   I only learned about Roundup 4 years ago after using it liberally in my urban landscape.   20 years ago I trusted our government and big businesses to do the right thing.   Now- I'm very cautious about trusting any business.    Dr. Seneff does mention agent orange briefly towards the end - as being in the same class as Roundup.   Other smart doctors I've watched believe that DNA pre-disposes someone to a certain disease but that's only under certain conditions,  and there's a lot of evidence that nutrients via diet and supplements are very effective in preventing/minimizing/treating diseases, and repairing DNA damage caused by environmental toxins,   I can share some other sources of info for anyone who's intereseted :)
1 week ago
Yes of course I agree with everything you've said Chris.   But the vast majority of our society are completely unsuspecting, or don't have farms to grow their own food, or the money to buy organics (which still likely might be tainted from over-spray or contaminated water runoff).    My comment about being doomed is sincere whimpering due to the enormity of the contamination and the deniers and corrupted EPA... ..I guess I watch too much independent media.   I admire people like Paul Wheaton who persevere in the crusade to clean up our act.   What also impacted me, if you watch the whole video, are the specific ways that glyphosates disrupt our natural immune systems, and metabolic processes.   She talks about Roundup resistance so Monsanto is coming up with a COMBINATION of chemicals to beat that     This video might be helpful to some people who are suffering from various chronic diseases.    It's also just fascinating to learn the science of endocrine disrupters and other 12 syllable biology concepts (being a science dummy myself).

We all need to do more to expose the influence of Monsanto and Big Pharma.
1 week ago
This is a very long, very thorough, and fascinating interview with a scientist who began studying Autism and found links to glyphosate.  Which includes the link to vaccines  The discussion rambles around through a mountain of health science and evidence that glyphosate is causing most of our health issues today.  Permies have all had a general idea of the dangers of glyphosate but this taught me how utterly pervasive and dangerous it is to our bodies.     She has some recommendations for detox and to fight it (infrared sauna, herbs, methylfolate supplements...)    but other than completely banning it I come away with the feeling I just need to leave the United States.   Not sure where it's safe.
1 week ago
Chiming in to provide link to Paul Stamets' website  
Paul is the king of mushroom science, education, and sells supplies and a variety of spawn.
1 week ago
Completely inexperienced here but I've been studying to prepare..of course I can't remember where I read it but I'll add to this post if I come across it.   I read that mushrooms don't like to compete with each other in the same bed.   Pretty much whichever fungi gets there first will dominate and kill the new kid.   A caution is not to let wood chip piles develop wild fungi before inoculating with desirable edibles.  So, even though we're having the same crazy weather here (60's in January ?!?!?!?!)   I'm waiting until April for a new woodchip delivery and start with fresh.
1 week ago
Hi Emily!   Are you in a city?   I would follow the advice of every tree service/arborist in your town.  They save money not having to pay dump fees.   In my city one of the arborists got wise and has started charging $100 to dump a load!   But another one gives them free if you live within ten miles of the job they are doing that day.   I found them on Craigslist where they post where they'll be working that day.  Sometimes I have to put in my request several times over months before they show up so patience and persistence are required

I also get dump trucks of shredded leaves from a lawn service company.   I drove around old, affluent neighborhoods where the giant oaks and maples are,  and called the numbers on the trucks working in the neighborhood.  Of course I don't want their regular grass clippings throughout the year,   just the fresh leaves in the fall, which is the end of November here.

Good luck!
Bryant I just remembered to ask about your use of borax in the yard.   Is that safe for chickens?   I use borax & sugar in the house to kill big black waterbugs  (working on damp areas around the house).   I find roaches half dead lying on their backs and have debated whether to feed them to the chickens.   I'm sure it's just a trace amount of borax in each roach's system.....?
2 weeks ago