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Recent posts by Dk Carver

Hello Michael, I've sent you a pm...
5 years ago
Still looking??? We want to talk! Please pm if you're still watching this post
5 years ago
We've decided to lay it all on the table, tell a bit about ourselves and what we're looking for...

About us:
After years of discussion, planning, working hard trying to make it in
the 9 to 5 world, we finally came to the obvious conclusion, that we are
not made to live in this way.
We know that living the way that we are now, we are not growing near enough to
our full potential.

What we dream about is a small plot of land, to grow our vegetables,
raise our kids in a cob house made with our own hands, and ply trades
that we love, that use our creativity and our hearts, and our hard work
will mean our children will grow up seeing the reward of it.

We have four incredible children. Our oldest is an almost 10 year old
boy, homeschooled, calm and serious (well, most of the time), is
learning Yeats, the Irish language, and has been able to wield a hammer
and stone carving chisel from age three. He is a lover of music,
especially the flute.

Our middle is 5, and as wild as she is beautiful. She loves Irish
music, and rarely (if ever) stops singing. Her heart is as big as her
blond curly hair (which is giant). She starting carving stone at age 3, all on her own.

Our youngest daughter is a just-turned-three year old girl, who may very well be
following in her crazy sisters footsteps, only her curly hair is
turning red (yikes!). Like her sister and brother, she loves music, dancing,
and is the first to help Dad with any craft project.

Our youngest is a six month old son. Funny, sweet, plump and healthy, and starts dancing as soon as he hears music begin.

They are the most important reason we are looking for a different way
of living.

We've made up a list of skills and abilities that we possess and want
to be able to use to the benefit of a community...

stone masonry
stone carving
wood carving
growing and using herbs
making medicinal tinctures
growing fruits, vegetables, etc.
tending livestock
teaching children

We also have big dreams of starting a free trade school.

We have an avid love of learning, especially old trades. Both of us
constantly study, whether it's history, art, geography, philosophy,
spirituality, sustainable living (John Seymour!)(gardening, building, power, etc.),
almost anything we can get our hands on.

We're looking for a community or family farm? that would like to get to know us and believe in our abilities that we would use for the benefit of all.
We're open to discussing all kinds of situations, our main concerns being the safety and well being of our children.

Thanks in advance... D and K

11 years ago