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Recent posts by Bryan Paul

Bought with crypto, just a few extra hoops to jump through (logging into Coinbase, multiple verification texts from Coinbase that needed to be entered), some additional fees, etc.  I took a few screenshots along the way.  Overall the process wasn't very difficult and I didn't run into any issues.
As per the email request for feedback.  Great images and descriptions, but what I was really looking for that I didn't see was a Bill of Materials.  It's always a shame when you buy too much, or worse, too little of materials.  Also any sourcing suggestions or links would be appreciated; things like fire brick and stove pipe are expensive and getting them from a big hardware store may not be the best option.
5 months ago

Ragnar Danneskjöld wrote:When will these be mailed out?

I received my copies today.  However, I live relatively near Paul's place, it may take days or weeks more depending on where it's shipping to.
10 months ago

Joshua Myrvaagnes wrote:I think it's good but I may be too close to this to be seeing objectively.  I sense there's something missing.

One thing that could be emphasized more is that college isn't a workable path for everyone currently, and the whole SKIP-ing the rat race thing to get right to the skills that are needed.

Another piont that could be included is that even if you don't want to inherit property, even if you're not (yet) a fan of permaculture even, these are probably the skills you'll need to accumulate to homestead effectively.  It's a question a lot of people must have.  I know how to do these three things, but what skills am I missing??? what will happen when I'm there on my homestead and X happens?  What's that you say, I need to sharpen my tools???  PEP can go a long way to cataloguing the comprehensive set of skills for people.

I think a statistic would be helpful too--X number of farmers in the US are without someone to leave the farm to who will continue to farm.  Just because you know there are 12 people out in Montana in this situation doesn't fully incentivize people elsewhere--but I am sure there are a lot of farmers like that all around.  

If I have more I'll post again.

Lastly, this project is so huge that it isn't going to be done perfectly the first time.  Maybe it's worth acknowledging that in the kickstarter.  Maybe putting out there the idea of other books in the future, Permaculture Experience according to Gert/Penelope/Thanos/Tom Brady.

Agreed, maybe a line or two about how land ownership may seem unattainable, but this could be a shortcut to getting property, if you have the skills and mindset someone is looking for.

I would also caution against saying things like this, "I posted the list and the accomplishments started pouring in.   Bigger lists led to more accomplishments. Several years passed and this whole system evolved into something much greater than just me.  Thousands of details were polished and thousands of new ideas added." because it implies a moving target for completion, which is unlike College.  Something along the lines of, "Verify your skills and discover a community of like minded people looking for someone like you."

My 2 cents.
2 years ago

Braden Pickard wrote:(if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move or delete it)

Just curious if anyone's bought this book or built a septic system using it? Wanted to see if anyone thought it was a scam before I bought it. On sale for $26 right now.

I saw the price drop and decided to buy it myself today our of curiosity, although I doubt I'll ever use it.  One thing that concerned me with it's absence (not sure if it's in the book yet), is permitting.  If you are in an area that requires a septic system, there are some things that go along with that (percolation testing and site inspections).  I have my doubts that this DIY system will pass county/counsel/etc inspection, it's most likely a "don't ask, don't tell" means of dealing with waste when you are way off grid or at some other site where you want a bathroom/shower/etc but it's not required.  I could see this as a cheap way of dealing with a failed septic system on an older homestead, but again, only as a "bypass the permitted system with this thing we don't talk about".

I may be wrong, and I hope I am.  It would be nice if inspectors will accept a $500 -$1000 solution instead of a $10,000+ solution.  Just make sure you know all the requirements and risks before getting started.

If permits are not an issue, or you are willing to run the risk, I would encourage you to investigate some of the other water and waste management options discussed in these forums.  Here is a link to a recent Greywater system discussion:

As well as some links to Composting toilet/poop palace discussions:

Good luck, hope it works out for you.
2 years ago
This could be a real game changer.  One of the things holding me back from building a RMH is the expensive ceramic fiber board, fire bricks, cob, and the pain of working with all of it.  An 8" HVAC duct lined with 1" of this would be a super quick 6" riser.

I'd be interested to know the technical specs compared to Ceramic wool or fiber board?

Are there any pictures from builds people are willing to share?

Thanks and keep up the innovation,
2 years ago
I love the library idea.  I was planning on donating a book or two to local libraries, but 200 would spread the book to a much larger audience.  I'm not exactly sure how Google's algorithms work with libraries, but if we're lucky this will improve the SEO of Paul's kingdom even more.

Of course for my personal benefit I'd love Erica's plans, more books and the like too ;)
3 years ago
I fast sporadically nowadays (once a month or two for 24 hours), but I have gone for several days in the past (just vitamins and water).  I found that my hunger pains went away after a day or two even with keeping up with a pretty intense training regime.  I wasn't tracking weight or anything like that, just felt like the best way to cleanse any junk from my body would be to just not put any in for a while.

The greatest benefit I feel I got from the experience was to break the cycle of habitual eating.  I only felt the desire to eat when I was truly hungry instead the 3 meals a day or more that many of are trained on from an early age.  The effect has carried over for years now, and I still only feel like eating once or twice a day.
4 years ago
I second Daniel's idea of a branched greywater system.  PVC pipe and fittings can be attached to drains with virtually no tools and run outside to your reed bed easily.  Then you don't have to worry about hauling stinky buckets outside every few days.
4 years ago
Good point Len.  And since stratification chamber RMH designs are so new, maybe I'll have get the numbers myself of how hot the top vs. the bottom gets.
4 years ago