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since Sep 22, 2012
Muscadines, maypops, mulberries, pawpaw, figs, chestnuts, and kudzu.

61 acres Nauvoo, AL along the Blackwater Creek. (It's really a river )

Cows, hogs, deer, rabbits, and opossums.
Nauvoo, AL
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Recent posts by Jay Grace

Bayou Seafood is a sushi bar here in Jasper, AL
It’s also a gas station.
That’s right.  Gas station sushi.
It’d be sage to say the best gas station/ sushi bar in America!

3 months ago
Missouri DNR.  In bundles of 100.  $35/100
Pawpaws, black walnuts, American persimmons, sometimes they have Chinese chestnuts.
Tons of different oaks and native wildlife plants.

3 months ago
So the pigs have done their job and help seal the pond.

Now that winter (the rainy season) has come in here in AL.  It’s time to restrict their access a bit.  That way they don’t turn the whole area around the pond into a slop hole.

I run premeire1 portable fencing in four 150ft sections with a parmak 25 mile solar charger.

I tie two cattle gates into a V shape and push that half way into the water. Then end a section of fence near each upper end of the “V”.

Then I run a section of coated electrical wire from end section of the fence to end section to complete the circuit.

A lot of people do it.  I haven’t seen anyone post it here though.
3 months ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Hogs need at least 16% protein to remain healthy, I am not sure an all fruit diet would be able to provide that level of nutrition, a grass and fruit diet would work pretty well though as does the Spanish grass and acorn diet used for Iberico hogs.

While rooting, pigs are not looking exclusively for roots. IMO that is extra stuff.  They are really looking for worms, grubs, beetles, and the occasional rodent they manage to corner.

3 months ago
Earthworks. First. Always.  Otherwise you’ll be digging up or bulldozing trees later on when you need to put that off contour swale along the hillside to funnel more water toward your pond(s).

Unless you live in a swamp I don’t believe you can ever have to much water on your property.

I very rarely plant a single type/ variety of tree.  Unless it’s a tree to grow out to harvest scion wood from.

I plant trees by the 10’s,20’s, 100’s.  

Learn to graft, airlayer, and any other means of propagation you can for your perennials.

Plan for for your kids/ grandkids/ great grandkids.   Not just for yourself.

If you have that average plant large planting of black walnut, white oaks, and other nut trees.

3 months ago
Here is a little drone footage of the property I have for sale.

4 months ago
previous owner was in the process building a grist mill before passing.
This rock bottom creek gets super full after any rain.  Easily a 50ft drop in 200yards before you get to the wheel.

Excited and bragging a bit ;).

This’ll be a project to complete at a later date.
For sure.
4 months ago
In both cases both partners want the end results of a mortgage free permaculture paradise but realized within a few years there is work (a lot of work) involved in making that happen.

Sacrifices that involved working 7 days a week months on end at an off the farm job. Just to pay the mortgage down a year earlier.

No $20k vacations to far off lands.

One realized she was a subdivision type girl.
The other will probably find an older someone well off to take care of her that has already put in all the hard work.
4 months ago
....well.   The bad news is I’m selling my current place.

The reason!??!!   Upgrading!!!

Moving to just a few miles away.   More land, more pasture, more hardwoods, more river, and more ponds!

Should completely close no later than the first of the year.

So once I have everything swapped over.  This offer will extend to the new place too.

Top priorities will be fencing the current pastures for cattle.

Pond and dam repair.

Moving and setting up the micro cabins from the old property to the new.

Planting out a few hundred trees.

4 months ago