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since Sep 22, 2012
Muscadines, maypops, mulberries, pawpaw, figs, chestnuts, and pears.
204acres Walker County, Alabama
Cows, hogs, deer, rabbits, and opossums.
Carbon Hill, AL
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Recent posts by Jay Grace

Plans and more plans
More often than not I get off course but the end goals rarely change.

More money coming in than going out, with out having to work a fulltime+ job.

Develop my property as a working permaculture oasis.

Spend more time working on my land.


I have two kids.
Nine year old boy and a two year old girl.
Not looking to have anymore biological kids at all.


Upgraded my property this past year.  Doubled my acreage and everything about my property for not much my than my old property.
No intentions on moving again.


6’1” 200lbs. Blue eyes brown/blonde hair.
I have a birth mark on my head that’s left a strip where I don’t grown hair.  It’s weird and I’ve never thought much of it (and still don’t).  A potential suitor although pointed out that it bothered her.  Oh well.

I ran cross country and track in hs and college and still keep in pretty good shape.   But I believe if I stay the current course middle age will catch up with me.  I have no intentions of that happening though.


I raise and butcher a lot of my own meat.  From rabbits and hogs to deer and every fish in the river.  Nothing against veganisim but that’s something I’m not interested in.

I haven’t grown a garden in a few years as it takes up a lot of my free time.  Although I would definitely prefer to grow st least an acre of annual vegetables in addition to my already ever expanding perennial fruit and nut plantings.


I work 6-7 days a week.  I enjoy my job, but would much rather not have to have the obligation to work 12-16hr days that are required for my job.


ISTP. if you hold any weight to that sort of stuff.


Anything else?  Just ask.

I spent a little over 6 months in mine saving up to buy another piece of property.

8x12 living area with an 8x12 porch.
I started out with wood heat and in such a tiny square footage it was to hard to keep a consistent temperature.

I opted for a gas wall unit that is thermostat controlled.

Two 12v batteries for nothing other than a few lights and cell phone charging.

This set up was great for Alabama winters.  Not so much for AL summers as there is no midday shade.

1 week ago

Steven Jablonski wrote:Very inspiring but I'm curious what states this setup can be used in. Given it's on wheels it may bypass some laws about tiny homes. I'm looking to buy some cheap land for sale and do this.

I don’t know if any states that make this kind of living illegal.  
Most of your more restrictive codes are from local authorities.

Their main course is not of safety but of tax revenue. (More square footage more taxes)

That and people with big houses crying to local gov’t because these more economical houses somehow lower their property value.
1 week ago
Here in the southeast US it boils down to what sells.

Beef sells period.  There is always a buyer.

Unlike goats, sheep, and hogs.

Minimal upkeep, minimal infrastructure, minimal predators compared with other 4 legged meat animals.

Start to finish on grass.

I could sell five cows worth $5,000 on the hoof.

How many sheep, goats, hogs would it take to cover that same $5,000?  25-40?

The downside to beef is it’s weight.  
Harder to home butcher, more space is required to store one once you butcher it.

The upside to that is one cow a year will feed a family or two all year.

2 months ago
As of right now it’s a blank slate.
144acres. 1.5 miles along lost creek.
Ponds, bluffs, a river, and numerous streams.

Grafted a few dozen pear scions on wild pears earlier this last month when I finally closed on this place.
Tons of trees in pots that I’ve grown out and/or grafted.  Planting soon.

Hardwoods, pastures, and planted pines.

Fencing pasture land for grass fed cattle this summer.

I’m open to hear any/all arrangements.

The only terms that are concrete are that the land is not for sale and no illegal drugs.
I’d prefer if you’ve had a semi active account on permies for 6+ months.

You tell me. What you want.

Examples.  Work trade? Business partners?
Just a place to chill for a summer/ winter?

Want to start a regen/ permaculture based business?

Plant nursery, grass fed/ forest fed livestock, Airbnb rentals, and Agro tourism.

These are some of the things I’m up for.

Throw offers this way.

Lack of access to land to farm/ homestead/do permaculture is a myth.
Lack of access to land in some cool trendy city so you can hang out isn’t my problem.

3 months ago
Bayou Seafood is a sushi bar here in Jasper, AL
It’s also a gas station.
That’s right.  Gas station sushi.
It’d be sage to say the best gas station/ sushi bar in America!

8 months ago
Missouri DNR.  In bundles of 100.  $35/100
Pawpaws, black walnuts, American persimmons, sometimes they have Chinese chestnuts.
Tons of different oaks and native wildlife plants.

8 months ago
So the pigs have done their job and help seal the pond.

Now that winter (the rainy season) has come in here in AL.  It’s time to restrict their access a bit.  That way they don’t turn the whole area around the pond into a slop hole.

I run premeire1 portable fencing in four 150ft sections with a parmak 25 mile solar charger.

I tie two cattle gates into a V shape and push that half way into the water. Then end a section of fence near each upper end of the “V”.

Then I run a section of coated electrical wire from end section of the fence to end section to complete the circuit.

A lot of people do it.  I haven’t seen anyone post it here though.
8 months ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Hogs need at least 16% protein to remain healthy, I am not sure an all fruit diet would be able to provide that level of nutrition, a grass and fruit diet would work pretty well though as does the Spanish grass and acorn diet used for Iberico hogs.

While rooting, pigs are not looking exclusively for roots. IMO that is extra stuff.  They are really looking for worms, grubs, beetles, and the occasional rodent they manage to corner.

8 months ago