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Recent posts by Brian James

Satamax Antone wrote:So Brian, any update on this one?

Unfortunately I’ve moved to New England and I’m not currently involved in any rocket heater builds. But “Uncle Mud” Chris McClellen actually installed this particular build in his home.

He sent me an update about the installation in early December:

“Your double shoebox is a lovely addition to our home. It does smoke when you are feeding it and not as clean/stingy as a regular rocket but REALLY great to watch the flames on and a nice long burn with the flooring cutoffs we use.”

If he’s around the Permies forum, maybe he can stop in and comment further, but I’m not sure how to “ping” him to this comment.
1 month ago

Thomas Tipton wrote:I was interested in hearing more about an 8" riser.

Unfortunately the original company mentioned in this post went out of business. The company that bought them out would make an 8” riser if requested but there would be a $1000 mold fee up front, so unless a lot of people organized a group buy for 8” risers it would be cost prohibitive.
10 months ago
My apologies, folks. I just took down the eBay ads for my shippable cores because my hands are going to be full for the coming months. (I’m the primary care taker for my 82 yo mom, and she just had massive emergency cardiac surgery, so I expect to be preoccupied for the foreseeable future.)

If you’re still interested in obtaining one of the 6” BBR shippable cores and not in a hurry, get in touch with me here via private message and I’ll still make them available that way. I just can’t fulfill any eBay orders in a timely manner for the foreseeable future.
11 months ago
I have not noted any sagging. I’m using 1” 2300 LD (low density) ceramic fiber board for the roof of the firebox.
1 year ago
Test fit, temporary while I make measurements for the masonry benches. Hearth is 96” wide, and now 27” deep since I extended it. The wood stove is 24” wide, 17” tall. The square metal box on top of it is 24”x24”x14” tall. Benches will be blind ended and 24”x24”, with 2’ bench to the right of the rocket and 4’ to the left. The metal box on top will have a 4”x6” mica glass viewport into the DSR above the firebox, with a view into the area above the port.
1 year ago
The “shippable core” from this build, all boxed up and ready to “ship” - from my garage to my basement, where I’ll reassemble everything. (At least the basement has heat!)
1 year ago
I have a 14 gauge sheet metal square box that’s 24”x24”x14” tall that’s going to sit above this. It has a 6” round flue collar on the bottom rear of the box that I’m going to use as a bypass with a blast gate. Since the wood stove is only 17” deep, there will be a 7”x24” space at the rear for the exhaust to pass into two blind masonry benches. One of those benches will contain this Conservo Toledo Cooker as a white oven. The whole assembly will sit on a 10” hearth in front of a fireplace so a chimney won’t be very difficult.
1 year ago
The firebox is now complete, along with the Double Shoebox Riser (DSR) on top, and the secondary air tube and flange are now mounted. The holes in the wood stove frame under the door were widened to provide increased secondary air area.
1 year ago
Next: Finish the firebox, the double shoe box riser (DSR), build the benches using reclaimed old 18”x9”x4.5” firebrick and 2’x2’ cement sidewalk pavers, figure out how to integrate this Conservo Toledo Cooker as a white oven, cap the rocket primary bell with a 14g square 24”x24”x 14” sheet metal box maintaining enough breathing space between the DSR and the cap, and apply a blast gate as a bypass damper on the bottom rear of the 24”x24” metal box cap...

1 year ago