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Recent posts by Phil Williams


That's wonderful and hilarious! You just made my day.

3 years ago
Hey Destiny,

Thank you so much for the plug! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the dailyish email today. An FYI for anyone interested in purchasing a copy for the holidays.

Last I checked, Amazon claimed they were sold out. Barnes and Noble does have copies of the hard and softcover. Barnes&Noble Farmer Phil

Also, signed print copies are available on my website, same price as Amazon. (Free shipping to lower 48, sorry no international shipping, it's crazy expensive) Link to Farmer Phil Signed Copies

Thanks again, Destiny, and everyone at permies.
Phil M. Williams

3 years ago

Sally Munoz wrote:That looks awesome Phil! Where is it sold?

Thanks Sally! Barnes and Noble for the print book. Amazon for the print and e-book.(Amazon has been temporarily out of the print books) Also, if anyone wants a signed copy, I sell print versions on my website for the same price as Amazon. Shipping is free, but I can only do orders to the lower 48.

Barnes and Noble Print Book

Amazon Link to Farmer Phil's Permaculture

My website for signed copies
4 years ago
My shameless promotion. I do think it's a good book!

4 years ago

Mark Lipscomb wrote:Finished it in 3 days while traveling. Had I not been traveling I would have finished it in one sitting. Sorry I could not write a review sooner. Here is my 5 star amazon review:

This book was more than a "read" it was a journey. Loved it. It's the first time I have seen Permaculture and Voluntary Association (Anarchy) rendered in fiction and it was wonderful. I have been planning and working towards a road side produce stand for a year now and this story was wind in my sails. I hope more fiction from Mr. Williams is in the works!

Keep up the good work!

Hey Mark,

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book.


Terry Bytes wrote:What a GREAT story!
Glad I accidentally found this thread while at a conference, bored, and reading up on alternative currencies.
Read most of it yesterday... could hardly wait to find time to finish it today.
I will be keeping my eye open to get a hardcopy to add to our library. It definitely deserves a spot on the wall.

I hope Phil considers doing more fiction in this genre. (Is this a genre yet? )

Hey Terry,

Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it. It's a thrill for me to hear about readers enjoying the book. I would love it if you would consider writing a quick review on Amazon. They are super helpful for book sales. The link is here: Against the Grain Review Link

It's funny that you say, "Is this a genre yet?" I've asked myself the same question. It makes it difficult to categorize and market. And yes, I do have more fiction coming and some nonfiction. I have a novel entitled Cesspool coming in a couple of months, that is more of a thriller, but in a similar vein to Against the Grain. I have a nonfiction book that I'm working on now entitled, The Permaculture Project that also might interest people that enjoyed Against the Grain.

I will be releasing all of my books for free for a short time for people that subscribe to my site. I send one e-mail a month to people, letting them know when and where they can pick up the free books. Anyone who wants to be notified, go here

Thanks Again,

I forgot to mention that Fire the Landscaper is available for .99 cents right now.

4-18 through 4-24. I believe it ends on 4-24.

Hey I just wanted to remind everyone that even though the promotion is over, there are two ways to receive my current and future books for free and or discounted.

1. Join my reader group: Please excuse the ugly landing page. It is still under construction, but you can sign up here. My reader group receives all my new releases for free and I also let them know when I run specials on the older stuff like Against the Grain.

2. For those of you willing to write reviews on Amazon, I provide E-books for free. Send me an e-mail with the book you would like to read/ review and the device type you use, and I will e-mail you a digital copy. If you place the review as agreed upon, you can have a different title to review. Anybody that wants to do this, just e-mail me Phil at

Thanks everyone at Permies for the support!


Todd Parr wrote:Phil, I have a counter-offer: I'll read the book and let you know how I like it

Sounds great Todd. I hope you like it!

Johan Swinnen wrote:Hi,

It seems the deal is only available to Amazon users in the US, not Australia. Is there any chance of letting people outside the US take advantage of the deal?


Hey Johan,

I would be happy to e-mail you a free copy. Send me an e-mail to Phil at and I'll send you a copy. I researched a little more and Amazon does countdown deals in UK and US only.