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Ianto Evans' RMH in the library (Myrtle) at the Cob Cottage Company has the exhaust going out of the wall around 6 feet above ground, and has an elbow on the end to point it down to avoid the rain, and help prevent a breeze from causing a back draft. It looked like galvanized ducting, certainly not insulated double walled, but it goes through a cob wall and has a good overhang above.

While a tall chimney that extends above the roof ridge will help get a really good draw, it's not always necessary and if expense is an issue, you can always try it through the wall as high up as you can go. If you have problems with that, you can make adjustments later as well.
20 hours ago
I would suggest adding a T to the end of the chimney so no rain gets in there, and might help manage gusty wind a bit.
5 days ago
Being yourself, even if others think it’s weitd, exposes those others to new ideas and experiences. The more exposure they receive, the less weird it will become.

Some years seeds don’t take root but the next year they might come up. So just keep being yourself, accept that we are all different and that some people can’t handle the truth, and over time those seeds may sprout!
1 week ago
The suggestion that not paying back loans "only affects your credit score" is not entirely true- employers can look at your credit score/report as a potential issue and you could not get hired as a result. My current employer considers it a security risk if you have bad credit, to be more open to bribes or something. So it can affect you beyond just getting more credit.

I recall getting a packet of data from Dave Ramsey around 1996 or so, and used the "take 10% of your take home and start paying down bills" method to pay off my student loans, car, and credit card right after college. I decided to put off socializing for about 4-6 months and was working a 40 hour/week day job, 20 hour/week evening job, and 16 hour/week night shift job on the weekends. It sucked, but I paid off all my debts and had a little saved up for a minimum house down payment. I was also putting 10% into a 401k and budgeted everything down to haircuts, which let me buy my first house making I think $10.25 an hour. I then made sure to save up several months of expenses, and kept putting money into retirement accounts.

I kept that mentality of not buying things unless I could pay in full, but I do use credit cards for regular purchases with autopay set to pay off in full, and if the car dealer was offering 0% for X months I would take that and keep the car balance in a savings account for a few extra bucks of interest. It's an additional account paid off in full with 100% on-time payments, which helps that credit rating. It's nice having a score over 800 in case you ever need it.

But I would rather pay in cash to small stores or individuals and get the big banks out of the middle skimming their fees. These days my spending is much lower than income, with about 30% of my pay going to retirement accounts, both mandatory and optional, and still having a good chunk of spending money that usually sits. In a few years when I retire some of that savings will go towards a truck, perhaps a tractor, and building materials for building the cabin and getting gravel on my portion of the road. Once that dust settles I anticipate being in the same boat, spending a lot less than my retirement income but then having the time to bounce around attending events and visiting new places near and far!
2 weeks ago
If I recall that 30% federal credit is starting to go down beginning after next year, so 2019 is the last year it's 30%, and after a couple years will end. It's a credit towards your tax bill, rather than a deduction, and I think you can roll over excess if you can't take it all at once. The IRS site has the rules laid out for it on their web site including income limits if any.
2 weeks ago

Ed Belote wrote:

Mike Barkley wrote:So ... if one is stuck between a mamma bear & her cub but gradually backing out & being nice doesn't go as planned ... what should plan B involve? Certain death?

Mamma bear would never be so clumsy to cross your path with her cubs, she always knows ecactly where you are and realizes that you are only a potential danger since you are far enough away.  It is only your lack of awareness that causes you to walk into that situation.  Gradually backing out only works in churches and dive bars.

Here is a video of a guy who was about 200 yards from momma black edit: grizzly bear and her cubs when she saw him, she charged him at full speed, attacked him twice, and then wandered off. He survived (adrenaline is a heckova drug!) and then filmed this video before driving to the hospital, perhaps as video evidence in case he didn't make it (graphic, there is blood):

So while we would prefer an ideal world where we can feel safe and assume certain animals will leave us be, it would be very wise to be prepared as your life or the life of those with you, may depend on it.

When I was little, say 6-7, we'd visit my dad's family in Kentucky, back in the "holler" (funny enough, Google maps actually lists the location as the family hollow), and we would carry a 20 guage shotgun in case of dogs or venomous snakes as we walked from one property to the next. It was a tool, and we didn't even think of it as odd. These days my dad and relatives up on that property are always carrying a sidearm due to the meth heads, that are always looking to rob people.

One of my hopes of growing the osage orange hedge around my 20 acres is to remove the need to carry a sidearm while walking around the property, as the chance of encountering a bear, feral dog, or large cat is a lot lower with a tall thorny hedge surrounding you.
3 weeks ago
Regardless of whether you are a girl trying to meet a guy, a girl trying to meet a girl; a guy trying to meet a girl; or a guy trying to meet a guy:

- You aren't going to "fix" or "tame" another person, especially someone from your past. Ever catch yourself saying "they'd be great if they only changed A, B, C, and D... if they love me, they will change", or you meet someone new that has the same issues as someone from your past, and you date the new person thinking "this time it will be different, proving it wasn't my fault the last relationship failed"? Dating people who all have the same issues is usually an attempt to resolve such a past issue. Also consider that if you "win" someone over that was already dating another person, you had better be ready to be cheated on as well...

- Eventually a person who changes their behavior around you (not the same as changing!) will either start being themselves again or will become miserable, and other issues will come up. A big one I see/hear is trying to get a guy to stop doing things with their buddies, and instead spend every night with their girlfriend instead. Trying to remove a person's social circle is manipulative and unhealthy, and will sabotage a healthy relationship.

- You have to be comfortable with/love yourself first. If you can't stand the idea of NOT being in a relationship, then you need to work out why that is. Financial support isn't a good reason for entering a relationship, look for a roommate to share rent instead. Family pressure to start a family should be ignored, it's your decision and life-long responsibility when that will happen, not your parents or other family. Fear of being alone? Be more specific- what specifically about being alone causes you fear?

- Part of being comfortable with/loving yourself involves finding what interests you and brings you passion/joy in life, and then doing those things. Whether it's a hobby, sport/activity, or lifestyle. Once you start doing these things, then look around for others doing the same things- not just people that message you with a generic "I really like what you're doing" or "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?", but those who are actually doing it for more than a few days. People will say and do lots of things with the hope of finding a one night stand. If that person wasn't doing those activities before then they will likely drop it once they find someone too. Then you could be forced to pick between them and the things you enjoy doing.

Once you are doing things you enjoy/love to do, talking to others around you that are also doing those things because it's also their passion becomes a lot easier. You aren't talking for the sake of "hooking up", you are just 2 people sharing a love for the activity. If you also discover there are other things about that person that you like then great, maybe there can be a more involved relationship. Or you may discover that the only thing you have in common is a shared interest in one particular hobby, and dating long term wouldn't be a good fit.

This is a sort of passive or Taoist form of finding someone I suppose, a type of "non action". Being yourself and finding joy doing things as yourself and letting life bring others near you who are also honestly enjoying life, like leaves in a stream- the eddies and flows will bring you to others in time and you can then develop a healthy relationship for the right reasons. Then down the road, being your true self is one of the best steps for maintaining that healthy relationship, rather than "it takes lots of hard work"- if it's lots of hard work to be happy with a person, it seems like you have the wrong person.
3 weeks ago
Also don't forget you will add straw closer to the surface to make it stronger, but in the interior you can add large rocks and fill the gaps between them with cob, so you make less cob.
3 weeks ago
I thought all the cannibals stayed south of the river, in Covington and Newport KY? (grew up in Cincinnati!) But yeah, the dating "game" has become a literal game to a lot of people, or people are just playing a numbers game - "if I hit on enough people, eventually one will say yes" mentality.
1 month ago
Sadly I have reached the point that if a site or source is new to me, I have to assume it's a "door to door sales rep" trying to sell me something until I see otherwise. It feels like the amount of real data on the internet has gone from 99% 20 years ago to now 10%, and the amount of advertising has went from 1% of total data to 90%.

It's common marketing practice to play up an emotional response for a perceived problem, building up the response as much as possible, then dropping the solution with a big easy to click purchase link.

I think it's quite hard to properly fact check anything online. A hundred web sites might all say the same thing, but if they are all repeating the same wrong info it doesn't make it right. Even non-internet sources can be wrong, intentionally or not. Remember when the sugar industry hired doctors to perjure themselves to congress in the 1970s about the safety of sugar use? Which got the US to demonize "unhealthy" fat and replace it with "healthy, low-fat" sugar? Each decade a new diet comes up claiming to fix our ever growing weight problems, without addressing the underlying issue of relying on "industrial" foods with dropping nutritional value.

I better crawl off this soapbox before I fall off, waving my arms about like this!
1 month ago