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Jesse Biggs

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since Oct 05, 2012
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40N 112W On the Edge Between the High Steppe and High Desert
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Recent posts by Jesse Biggs

After a whole lotta prodding and foot dragging, I managed to upload a product over at Scubbly. If anyone's interested & until I get things sorted you can get the sketchup models of shippable woodbox core versions 1.2 & 1.3 for $1 at my new storefront here:
Jesse Biggs' Stuff Worth Making
8 years ago
It's been a day or two since I posted here. By way of an update, I'm still plugging away... now deep into the 3rd season...
9 years ago
and a couple more...
9 years ago
Some initial sketchups... thoughts?
9 years ago
Paul, I see the 8" duct in your plan from above but not in the side view drawing. At what elevation are you wanting to place the duct?
9 years ago
I'll try to come up with something too in the not too distant future.
Morgan Bowen came and took some video during the build... now everyone can point out any false information I've shared far and wide:

9 years ago
Sadly I can't claim that one. I think I saw an image where it looked like Sam placed him in the 10 x 10 wofati and drew a hat on him.
9 years ago

Matt Walker wrote:Jesse, you've heard my input already, so I won't repeat myself here, but here's a resource for you regarding masonry heaters in general.

Great! Thanks Matt.
9 years ago
Always good to hear from you Peter. The big batch box in Idaho is burning very well and getting upgrades as the owner can get to it. My own is currently on hold and I know of another 6" batch box being prototyped locally.

Do you happen to have any insight into this particulate business? Are you aware of what the masonry heater crowd has come up with in this space?

Also, is there a way for me to learn more about this modified air intake you speak of?
9 years ago