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Recent posts by Anna Birkas

This next video shows the Chickfly pants in ACTION...

Hi Folks, I did this podcast a long time ago and have been working on the Chickfly pants ever since (as well as the peeing technique) . I am happy to announce that I will be launching on Kickstarter on January 12th. I would love to have your support. Please check out the webpage at, sign up for the mailing list so you can help spread the word and get updates, and have a look at some of our videos...
I am so glad you chose that video to post, Nicole. I can't post it on social media because of the butt exposure example while peeing, and I think it is such a good demo of how the pants work. Thank You.
2 years ago
Thank You Nicole for sharing information about Chickfly Pants. Yes, we are launching on January 12th. I want to answer a few of your questions: Do you wear underwear with Chickfly?

That is up to you, but if you wear underwear, they need to be stretchy so you can pull them aside. If they are stretchy enough, any style will work for peeing. Some styles that work well are high hipped underwear or thongs. For mountain climbers and those in the arctic tundra who might use these pants for pooping, going without underwear is best.

However, I should mention that the way they cup the vulva feels like you are wearing underwear even when you aren't. You can also wear a menstrual pad or panty liner directly in the pants. If you prefer to wear them without underwear (as I do), but want something between you and the pants so that they stay clean, you can use a folded up piece of cotton, like from a recycled tee shirt.

With regard to the fabric, it is 92% bamboo (colored with organic dye), and 8% lycra. The Lycra is not biodegradable but is necessary for the function of the pants because they have to stretch and pop back into place. I have done a lot of research on biodegradable options and found that there is a new invention - supposedly biodegradable lycra. At this point they do not mix it with natural fibers, so I felt that this was the most sustainable option for today. I will be endlessly searching for sustainable fabrics, so if anyone finds other four-way stretch sustainable fabrics that they love, please let me know.

For more information, please visit the website at
2 years ago
Here in Ukiah, an old Italian farmer friend lived next door with a half acre in grapes for personal use. He used dried out grape seeds to mulch that he wanted to look nice and be walked upon (like an alternative for pavement or grass). The vineyard was planted such that its foliage spreads overhead to form a shade layer (much needed here in the summer). The grapeseeds below look like little black stones and kept back weeds. A table and chairs were set underneath.
10 years ago
I have sent the pants to the seamstress for a better prototype than my original and hope to have the kickstarter campaign up soon. I will post here as soon as I have it up. Glad to see there is interest- they a great pants - super comfy and look good too!