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I live in Texas now but in the spring of 2013 I am making a move across country to New Hampshire, here is why.

Free State Project is a geopolitical movement to attract 20K libertarians/small government/liberty lovers/activists to the State of New Hampshire, where they'll work towards less government intrusion in their lives. FSP motto is "Liberty in Our Lifetime," and mascot is the porcupine, which is a peaceful creature who will defend itself if necessary. Bring productive people from all walks of life, race, color, creed etc. Movers work in-the-system (politics), outside the system (civ dis), and through free market economics and agorism. Oftentimes the civ dis gets more attention because by its very nature it makes for more dramatic news/easier to get coverage, but the in-the-system folks are making huge strides (20+ FSP participants now state reps, helped cut budget by 12%/$1 billion dollars, serve on school boards, budget committees, work on pro-liberty legislation like jury nullification etc), as are all the businessmen and women who are moving here as part of FSP and creating jobs.

Groovy things about New Hampshire

No Income tax
No Sales tax
Best Internet Access in Nation
Most Affordable State to Own a Car
Car insurance optional
No knife laws
No seat belt or helmet laws
Jury nullification now enshrined in NH (first state ever).
New Hampshire constitution forbids the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private party to another.
A New Hampshire court has found filming on-duty police officers to be a constitutionally-protected right.
New Hampshire spends the least amount of tax-payer money on higher education of any state.
The New Hampshire constitution enshrines the right to keep and bear arms. OpenCarry.org.
Open carry is legal everywhere in New Hampshire outside of a courthouse. No permit is necessary.
Concealed carry permits are provided on a shall-issue basis for ten dollars. No training is necessary.
In 2010, New Hampshire had the highest median household income of any state. The Census Bureau via CNN.
In 2011, New Hampshire had the fourth-lowest unemployment rate of any state.
The New Hampshire state motto is "Live Free or Die." The NH General Court.
New Hampshire's 400+ legislators are paid just $100 per year. The National Conference of State Legislatures.

And so much more! Why are you not making plans to join the Free State Project and move to New Hampshire?




Join ME!
6 years ago
This is a great thread. Thanks for all the info. ;0)
6 years ago
I am in Texas now but soon will be on my way to New Hampshire. I am joining the Free State Project. http://freestateproject.org/

Anywho. I have a wife and 2 kids. About 2 years ago I snapped out of it and realized what the hell is going on LOL. So I have been exploring different things. I like reading things here so I thought I would join and post a bit. Thanks to whomever runs the forum. Keep up the good work! Looking to learn and share information so keep it coming.


6 years ago