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I am so glad that you asked!

Not that I know anything about the way you have focused your inquiry, but just that I'd like to make a point: I tried to order these very cards and was told that they were not available in Canada.
This was some time ago.



C Green wrote:This book sounds great, a lot like what I've been thinking for when I find land.
My question without having read the book yet is; if this can be done in New England and if so, would it be comfortable living for the four seasons?


Hi. Just popping in here to share the question that occurred to me while we were welcoming you to the forum. What kind of thermal mass leverage does a cordwood wall provide? I was wondering what it was comparable to and how it answers the needs of insulation and maintaining comfortable temps.

7 years ago

Cj Verde wrote:

Adrien Lapointe wrote:
From now through this Friday, any posts in this forum, ie the green building forum, could be selected to win.

Frances, a link to the forum was in the first post and if you look above the tan box you'll see threads permies >> forums>> green building.

Yes, I saw that. What prompted my query was that there is no way of knowing which ones are popping up during the Roy/cordwood discussion?
7 years ago

Adrien Lapointe wrote:So I ran the winner picker app in the forum software and the winners are ...

Shodo Spring
Cj Verde

Congratulations Shodo and Cj!

I sent you an email to ask for the email address of the person that first referred you to That person (if qualified) will also get a copy of the book.

congratulations to Shodo and CJ!
Adrien, I'm a little puzzled about how to find the threads of this topic!
Thanks, Frances
7 years ago
Welcome, Rob Roy author of Cordwood Building.
I've had a look at your website and like it a lot!
Hopefully, this is a great way to advertise it and support the flow of your business.
I've been researching a variety of topics re: growing; green building, and have not studied much on this topic yet, so look forward to further familiarizing myself, and hope to post a very basic question or two!

7 years ago
Hi Paul,
Awesome approach.
I like this facebook page because it has a nice sharing/interactive/troubleshooting tone/info/slant to it:

paul wheaton wrote:We are about to start a kickstarter for the DVDs from the big rocket mass heater workshop. We want to not only reach our goal, but it would be awesome if we went way over our goal.

To that end, it seems like a good step would be to start networking with other web sites.

So there will be four DVDs: "fire science", "sneaky heat", "boom squish" and "hot rocket".

For sites the size/influence of permies, I think it would be good to offer all four DVDs plus producer credit in the DVDs - provided that they give a mega push. For smaller sites, we can offer one or more DVDs.

So now the real question is: which sites do we contact?

It seems that if we can make arrangements with some of the bigger sites before the kickstarter starts, we can link to them on the kickstarter page and get them gobs of exposure.


Kk Murphy wrote:Good to know! Reading about the 2/2 MF b-day here a few days ago inspired me to put out the idea for a seed ball making party in my local area (Columbia Gorge area, Oregon-side). Maybe encouraging other local celebration events would be one way to go. I'm pasting below the invite we've sent out to our local crew.

Seed ball power to you all!

Dear Fellow Earth Dwellers;
Saturday Feb 2nd would be the 100th birthday of Masanobu Fukuoka. If you are unfamiliar with his name or work, he is among other things, credited with rediscovering and bringing attention to the ancient practice of making Seed Balls (also called Earth Balls). Here is a brief synopsis of Seed Balls from Wikipedia just to get you a little background:

For those of you who resonate with this, Feb 2nd is also Imbolc. Imbolc has been traditionally associated with the onset of lactation of ewes, soon to give birth to the Spring Lambs (in short Imbolc is the celebration of and preparation for the soon to come Spring).

In the Spirit of planting seeds for abundance come Spring, we would like to invite you to join us in Seed Ball making.

The ingredients that will need to be pulled together for this project are:
2) clay
3) peat or possibly local forest duff
4) humus/compost
5) potluck snack food item

We ask that everyone bring at least one ingredient in addition to seeds.

May we all continue to put seeds in the ground in gratitude to our Mother Earth, and to share in the bounty of the beauty that we co-create with her through this process.

“When it is understood that one loses joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural farming will be realized. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
― Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Over here in Comox, on Vancouver Island, this is food for thought. Which seeds would we put in the balls, and where would we put them? In the meantime, I DID notice some mud that was disturbed and is making a certain path muddy; so I think i'll do myself and others a favour and shovel some into a bucket to hold it on reserve for said seed balls! Not quite our season here, yet, but I love how beautifully this idea fits in with my observation earlier in the day that there was some fine looking mud that I could pick up out of everyone's way and make use of in my own garden!

Thanks you and happy celebrating!
7 years ago

Marc Troyka wrote:February 2nd is Masanobu Fukuoka's birthday! We're looking to have a big party here at permies, with major promotions and givaways, and we're looking for ideas of things we could do. If you have any ideas of things we could do or know any Fukuoka/natural farming related businesses that might want to participate, please post it here!

Love it! Maybe we could post local items that kinda fit with a Fukuoka-related focus, according to us!

I am going to post something here from an email from our local 'Metaphysical Society' that is happening February 28th (in Comox, on Vancouver Island, in BC, in Canada)
I'm posting this because of its emphasis on observing nature...

Comox Valley Metaphysical Explorations Group
Thursday, February 28th, 2013
Lions Den 1729 Comox Avenue (back door off Nordin St.)
7 - 9 p.m. $5.00 donation appreciated

Richard Hart will present: Ants (and) Living in the Moment: discovering our purpose by observing Nature.

There is a skill set we used in our youth that we often forget as adults. When children,
we observed Nature with innocence, focus, and intuition. This presentation will help
rediscover, through exercises, the skills you forgot. Who knows, we might even dabble
in the mysterious world of quantum biology.

Bio: Richard is a watershed ecologist who has gotten his feet wet and hands muddy
in China, Siberia and most of the United States. He has designed and supervised one
of the largest biophysical monitoring programs for the US Forest Service. As a young
monk, Richard was the watershed shepherd for his monastery. He and his wife Sharon
live in Black Creek.
7 years ago
This is a great topic. Normally this is something I would do, but at the moment, I am indisposed.
However, I will definitely keep it in mind for the future.
My frugal source for books: why, the library, of course! (one of my very best friends!)
ummm... what is the link to the posted summaries, btw?

Tyler Ludens wrote:If you can hook up with some local permies through Meetup, Landshare or if you have a local permablitz group (or want to start one) you might be able to get some folks to come help in your yard for experience. Lots of folks want to work in the soil but don't own property. (mostly in the UK so far) (mostly in Australia so far)

Great info here.
For Canada, try this:
See you there!
8 years ago