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Recent posts by Venkat Raman

Corey. Thanks for posting. Subash's work on natural farming in the Indian context seems very impressive and easy to implement.
8 years ago
I am amazed that you need a permit to use the water that is right on your property. Its a bit shocking. Is there a good source on the internet that you might know of which gives info on California water rights?
8 years ago
Thanks for all the wonderful responses. Really appreciate it.

Alder, I am Nor Cal as well, in the SF bay area. How about you?
8 years ago
I am looking to purchase a permacuture property in California or Big Island and am trying to lay down the questions I should ask realtors before I decide to visit. After I look at the MLS listing, I typically check on the water situation, electricity, access to the property, whether the lot is hilly/sloped/rolling and zoning. What else should I be ascertaining/asking that can help me zero in on an appropriate property?
8 years ago

Edward Moore wrote:I think that homesteading is possible in most places. I have spent 44 of my 49 years in California. The state has incredibly diverse landscape/climatic zones. You can choose desert, mountains, beaches or anything in between. You can buy 40 acres or nice land with trees and good soil within 1 1/2 hours of Los Angeles for $50,000. This is my goal as I seek to extricate myself from the rat race in the next few years

Which county are you referring to? $50K for 40 tree-acres close to LA sounds almost impossible.
8 years ago
James, I am looking at some lots in Yolo county (winters, cottonwood etc.). I am still trying to figure out the right questions to ask before going for a visit.
8 years ago

Nick Williams wrote:I live in Paso Robles, and I'd probably suggest crossing the Central Coast off the list for homesteading. Land around here is fairly expensive, and the water situation is getting worse with every year. Really lovely weather though...

Nick, there seems to be some properties around San Miguel area including some lots close to the lake west of 101. Some of the lots have wells, but more expensive as a result. What about the soil quality?
8 years ago
I am looking to buy land and am considering the following locations. I am hoping to get advice so that I can zero in on a location and focus my search. I am a big fan of do-nothing farming and am looking to build and live on a self-sustaining ecosystem that may have strong elements of a forest.

Here are some of the criteria that have driven my search till now:

- Good weather (The more sunny and warm days in the year, the better)
- Relatively inexpensive land
- Spiritually-aware community and concentration of permies a plus.
- Proximity to my current location (SF bay area)
- Ease of growing food/trees and ease of raising Chickens, Goat/s and a Cow.

Here are some areas I am looking at:

Ojai, near santa barbara : I love this location for the spiritual vibe and good weather. Great community and many more sunny days compared to Northern California.

Areas in and around San Francisco Bay Area (Vacaville, Gilroy etc.) - I live in this area and a positive for me is that I can gradually make a transition to a lifestyle aligned with permaculture principles, without needing to move. The negative is that the winters are pretty cold [compared to a tropical climate ] and

Big Island, Hawaii: I love the lush green tropical vegetation here but am having a hard time finding properties. I really like the Kealakekua bay area where I visited a small permaculture oriented handmade-coffee farm. I am told land is cheap in Puna on the other side of the island but I know that the lava-risk zoning for many areas in and around Puna is very high. Suggests to me that land might be rocky and I may have to go there physically to figure out areas that might be suitable for farming.

California Central coast: The San Luis Obispo are appears to have lot of rolling land and decent weather (warmer than Nor Cal but colder than So Cal). There appears to be farming-type land available in Paso Robles, Atascadero and surrounding areas.

I love Costa Rica as well but not sure if I can make it work. The thing is that my wife works in a job she loves and I have family as well. So a transition to a homestead will be gradual and probably take a couple of years. A location closer to where I live now will definitely help.

I am feeling a little struck right now and would love to get any advice from you folks so that I can move forward. Thanks in advance for your help.

8 years ago