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Recent posts by Jason Lindsay

Hello, jason here to clarify the tipi duct run.
We had plenty of stove pipe and used 3, 2 foot sections to begin.
We did not have any stove pipe tees and only 1 elbow.
So the run starts with a galv tee to have a clean out unfortunately.
Then a stove elbow followed by 2 foot stove pipe.
Then galv elbow followed by 2 foot stove pipe.
Another galv elbow followed by 2 foot stove pipe.
then all galvanized.
This is clearly visible in the pictures early in the rmh tipi thread if
anyone wants to see what is under the mud.
10 years ago
Thanks Jocelyn. You have know way of knowing how perfect a birthday present that was. It is mine with posts well timed while escaping from the struggle.
10 years ago
Pie obviously!
But only if you share it with all the non-winning participants and the non-participants as well.
Too bad there is no pie left for you.

My preparation for arguements is to not be in them. Do or do not. Arguments are trying.
I think all of us know that eventually, there can be only one.
Hey guys, great Progress! Glad the weather has been cooperating, and way to be kickin-a%* with the cob work.
I was super happy to see the muddy garden digger in the picture. I left it on purpose figuring it would come in handy.
The new core looks good. I assumed it was cob, but am wondering now if it's clay and perlite?
10 years ago
Hello Vickie,
This is Jason from K.C.
I just got back from Paul's farm. I was in the cob rocket mass heater workshop for the tipi and helped on the wofati.


In the rmh-tipi thread, I'm the guy in the orange shirt and green hat.
Small earth based structures are how i plan on living. Playing with cob for the first time was a fantastic experience.
I'm trying to set up 2 rmh workshops in the next two months, one in K.C. and one in NE.

I also have info on Dancing Rabbit and visited it with a friend. I would be happy to share my thoughts on it with you but would have to be P.M. or email or phone due to forum rules.
I recommend listening to Paul's Podcasts on community before making a commitment one.

Curious what part of MO you live in, I've traveled the state extensively and love the ozark regions. Fond memories of great-grandma in Noel, MO, and friends outside Lebanon.
10 years ago
Ill show you all. One day ill have more apples than any of you. In fact i might have all the apples. Muah ah ah.
Constantly, Obviously.
Just let some permie apples rot on the counter and had to toss in the yard. See what happens when you hang out next to my name for too long?

p.s. dale, your sig. line's last quote needs a 'to' swapped for a 'the'. figured you'd want that corrected.

have a wonderfully appley day everybody.