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Recent posts by Michael Sieler

Jennifer Wadsworth wrote:Hmmmm.....I've participated in that manage a troi before!! Can't beat three sisters!

I wish more people have!

Love "I came, I saw, I contoured".

8 years ago
Want to represent permaculture and look good while doing it? Easy! Check out these fun shirts:

You can find them on Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com/mjsielerjr

Menage a trois

Got Swales?


8 years ago
Has any tried using a venus fly trap to fight this fruit fly battle?

A commentor on this article said it worked wonders for her.
8 years ago
After listening to Paul's recent podcast with Sally Fallon about raw milk, I decided to try a 30 day experiment myself. I'm drinking a half cup a day and not changing anything else about my diet.

So far I've noticed none of the problems I usually have after consuming dairy (more than usual gas, upset stomach, runny nose, etc.).

8 years ago
Hey Bengi, sorry for the late reply.

I'm not sure if I'm "allowed" to raise fish in the canal, because I believe it's owned by the city.

Yes, more and more as the days go by I get ideas.
8 years ago
Interesting TEDtalk by Jonathan Foley. He claims that we need to rethink our current methods of agriculture, and consider a new method called, "Terraculture". Which in my opinion, terraculture is just another way of saying "permaculture". Nonetheless, I think permies would enjoy watching this video.

8 years ago
Whoops, looks like I linked the wrong website. I meant http://mjsielerjr.com/

If a moderator could fix that, I'd greatly appreciate it.
8 years ago
Hey yall!

My name's Michael. I'm 20 and just got my PDC from Aprovecho in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Currently, I reside near Boise, Idaho. I'm planning on attending the Missoula permaculture conference this month! Maybe, I'll meet some of you there!

I'm really excited to start converting my backyard into a food forest. So far it's been a great learning experience in patience I'm documenting my progress on my blog. (See link, 2 posts down.)

Right now, I'm debating which path I should go on: School of hard knocks or the college route. For now, I'm exploring the school of hard knocks, but still have an open mind to college in the future.

If you live in Idaho, and you want to chat about anything permaculture, send me a PM

EDITED by moderator at request of original poster, to eliminate wrong link. (JPolk)
9 years ago