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Dear Orto glad to see your interest. Will write you a message.

One update if you had contact me by email last days please use another one
zeljko.dulcic@st.t-com.hr becouse firsth one is related to my mobile account and I just change it and temporarily cannot acess.
7 years ago
Hello all

we are seeking for people who will participate and help to establish our new permaculture community.
Land is located at island of Hvar, Kabal peninsula, at 43.2312, 16.5519
It is a island at coastal part of Croatia, Europe. Try to see location here

In a first phase, it is a raw and wild virgin land of 12000 square meters of surface never been cultivate now under pine forest and underbrush we just start deforest. It is located in a nice secret bay and realy have a potential to become awesome commune almost beauty as seen in a movie The Beach. Hope not with such development and end Here is a seaside, more pictures will upload next days
The plan is a vegetable garden, food forest, zen garden, domestic animals not for eating like poultry, few sheeps, goats, horse, donkey, cow, dogs, cats, fishing is also possible, and many more whatever comes to mind.
Later in a 2nd phase it is possible to extend at few other lands nearby about 100000 square meters and even more up to 200000 in 3th and even much more later so almost no limits in numbers. For the begining lodging is in our old house in a small village, it is not in a best condition but still roof over head for a first time. It is large and after little cleaning fit 20-30 people in it. After first planting of herbs for food life can be organized on the ground.
It is possible to start right now you can come yet tomorow.
Also we are deeply involved in yoga, meditation, bioenergy and work with chakras, raw vegetable food and good healty water, wild herbs, sungazing and if you see yourself there you are specialy welcome. It can been great life school and hit for everybody. We dont seek hard workers and some knowledge just good will for begining. Nothing need to bring, no conditions you can just come for a shorter or longer time. Or forever So everything is open, there are no established rules and old patterns, we creating our own, just courtesy and kindness is required. If you like and if you fit you will stay. Or at least you can always have a free holidays
Contact at zedul@vip.hr or private message here. Stay howdy
8 years ago