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I do diatomaceous Earth mixed with feed and also onion water but if they get really sick nikki does a ducky herbal tea I’ll try to ask her what’s in it.
4 days ago
Not sure how true it is but I was told that when bamboo is heated it has silca or something in it that forms a very rigid glass like structure that seals out moister and becomes very ridged for building strong post. Not sure if it’s true just what I was told my an old boss.
1 week ago
Thanks for Sharing our Junk Pole Fence, we loved helping Evan at the Lab do his for Mr. Chops, the Larger section was very loosely modeled after Wattle and Duab. It has grape vines growing on it now and we usually plant Mexican Sour Gerkins on it during the summer that helps to fill in all the holes. And after three years its still standing strong.
1 month ago
Baby ducks always remind me of little raptors.
4 months ago
Man I still wish I could watch some of the footage that was shot while we were all here.
4 months ago
Working on building up our compost reserve.

4 months ago
Anyone else watch the Mollison PDC where he goes on a long rant about compressed air as a solution to make transportation and work more simple? I forgot what he called the set up but basically the compressed air comes from moving water over a air well type thingy. Been a few year since Ive seen it but if it is actually pratical in some areas then at least some the population could have a "free" fuel source for these neat cars.
4 months ago
Thoughts on your question but no definite answer here
I’ve heard that as well. These I ordered had the weird jelly on them not sure what that stuff is (probably not very permieish) so the root we’re quite moist.
I usually try to saturate the soil so much to push out air bubbles that the roots should be almost as moist as soaking them.
Last thought we on it, but I’ve heard (not sure where) that you want to leave any soil that came with you plants to add an microbes that that plant had a relationship with were it was previously grown.
I’ve planted bare roots in the past with success but still am by far no real expert.