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Recent posts by brandon gross

It is just too warm and nice where I live, but this looks like a fun project. Let's see those winter squash and tators.
3 weeks ago
As much as we wanted to do a fully Natural Built structure, we bought an old house for a crazy good deal and remodeled it. We were not going to throw drywall out that wasn't necessary and towards the end of our remodel we had a baby on the way and needed to hurry up and get in the house. Even though I wouldn't have the cob walls I wanted I did opt to have natural wall finishes. Here's a video of two we made a few years ago about our experiments with limewash, Milkpaints, and clay paints from clay we dug up in the yard I must say the clay paint is a little dark but it definitely was the easiest and cheapest option.

Just a few videos there old but I haven't posted a while, and thought it would be fun to participate in a pollinator scavenger hunt. Happy building folks
6 months ago
Yes I did have some of my students sign up but unfortunately did not have the follow through I thought I would in encouraging them to post.
3 years ago
Hey Ga. Folks,

I dont know if any of you guys work with your local young farmers but they are an excellent group to meet other local producers. This evening we are having a virtual meeting to discus marketing with a representative from white oak pastures you are welcome to join us.
I am Brandon by the way we live right outside of Americus, I am a highschool ag teacher and permie nerd.
Link for event

3 years ago
I bought it, say Sep 18th for the Rocket Mass Video to be available.
4 years ago
I’m am not sure this thead is still active but I grew up in a small town in Georgia (Seville) and people pretty much just build what they want. If there are codes none are really inforced. Confused the sit out of me when we got our first place in a new town and o had to jump through hoops just to get power.
5 years ago
Definitely going to follow this one pretty neat build
5 years ago