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I’m am not sure this thead is still active but I grew up in a small town in Georgia (Seville) and people pretty much just build what they want. If there are codes none are really inforced. Confused the sit out of me when we got our first place in a new town and o had to jump through hoops just to get power.
2 months ago
Definitely going to follow this one pretty neat build
5 months ago

I ran across this video and was wondering if it might work for a "thinner" earth floor vs standard thick earth floors. I know you would be losing one of the most appealing aspects of a wood floor the thermal mass, but I thought it might work especially if you were to stabilize it with concrete or something.  I want a earthen floor for the ascetic, price, and because we have red clay all over the property that stains everything anyways.
Some one smarter then me please let me know the feasibility.
6 months ago
I’ve ordered from Metzer farms. Easy to deal with, small so they actually respond to email and questions. The hybred 300 layers are pretty awsome, though I have not got a lot of eggs off my ducks but it is probably my system not the ducks.
Side note about ducks my Muscovys(from Craigslist) have been the hardiest and best layer and sitters I have had.
6 months ago
I did not read though this whole thread but its obvious that this couple did not know much about Paul before they arrived. Theres a reason Paul expects his more permanent people to listen to his podcast and get to know him before they get there. He is rough around the edges but does not try to hide that. Hes a self proclaimed "ass-hole" and to expect any less is setting yourself up to get your feelings hurt. He has set up the lab to give people the opportunity to practice permaculture, different artist and different expression. That being said its not designed for people to be baby sat, but to use there resources to kick ass and make their own piece of paradise.
I was still in college when I went out to base camp and the lab and paul told me I was going to school to be Monsantos Bitch. I disagreed, but I didnt go bash the guy on the intewebs. Hes awesome and I still love the Guy for all that he has done for permaculture. My experiences in the nowheres of Montana were amazing, Paul is always upfront and in that way he will never let you down. I cant wait till we can make that long ass road trip from Georgia for another trip to Pauls amazing permiculture site.
When we bought our property we planed yo tear down the ran down house one the property and build a small home. Short version we were convinced to remodel the old house which made since yo create less waste. We have most the bones exposed and a new roof.
With our remodel we want to use a lot of natural materials and try to learn/practice some natural building techniques in our remodel. We have plenty of clay but may need to bring in sand. Where should start to get our hands dirt. Can I do some crazy cob inside or maybe just stick to light straw clay slip?
9 months ago
I do diatomaceous Earth mixed with feed and also onion water but if they get really sick nikki does a ducky herbal tea I’ll try to ask her what’s in it.
9 months ago
Not sure how true it is but I was told that when bamboo is heated it has silca or something in it that forms a very rigid glass like structure that seals out moister and becomes very ridged for building strong post. Not sure if it’s true just what I was told my an old boss.
9 months ago