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since Nov 30, 2012
I'm a 25-year PR professional working in the corporate sector while starting a new small farm of 15 acres using regenerative techniques. PDC in spring of 2015 with certificate from PRI.
northwest Missouri, USA
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Without a doubt, not even close, my most used and useful tool on my homestead is my cordless electric hammer drill. So many applications, so many times it has made my projects possible. I love my Kubota tractor, but the number of times I've gone to my cordless electric hammer drill is ridiculous.
4 days ago
Went to a farm auction couple of weeks ago. These are often treasure troves for people like us who reuse, refurbish, rebuild. There was a three section spring-tooth harrow that they couldn't get a bid on for a while. I saw all that spring steel and thought of my blacksmithing area in my shop and realized I'd NEVER be able to buy that much spring steel affordably from a materials store. I bought the implement for $25 and trailered it home and put it in the treeline where it will live out its days supplying me with mild steel and spring steel for a host of projects or repair jobs.

Parts aren't always found in the form of a second "parts" version of the thing you want parts for. With a bit of imagination you can see things that can be fabricated out of other things. Thrift stores, garage sales, estate/farm auctions ... all are great sources where you can find your next part ... with a bit of modification.

No, I'm not going to find a watch sprocket in a two-bottom plow. But, there is a lot out there that can be repurposed for what you may be trying to do or need.
3 weeks ago
Ian and Greg ... good guys.
1 month ago
Dexters all the way.
1 month ago
Great discussion because I was planning the exact same things for my high tunnel. Hmm.

I've also heard that an above-ground tank will need to be painted to no let sunlight into the tank or lots of growth will occur that will likely clog emitters. I've decided to elevate my two IBC totes inside my barn and run he irrigation lines out. The total head from valve to growing beds is about 10 feet with a run of maybe 100 feet. I'm hopeful gravity and 1/4" tubes will do the trick and not a pressurized emitter system.
1 month ago
Thanks everyone for their thoughts. I think electric is the way I'll go. There are fewer for sale on Craigslist, but I don't need it ASAP, so I can take my time. I do like the thought of putting some tires on it that are a bit more aggressive. They come with tires that are not supposed to mar a golf course. That's not very good traction. My property does have a rise and fall when traveling from one end to the other, so some tread pattern will be valuable. Putting up a 100 watt array on the roof is a good idea and I likely will do that as well as a charging station where it will be parked in our lower garage. Trips might, at most, be 2-3 trips around the 15 acres a day -- at most!

1 month ago
I'm considering adding a used golf cart to our homestead. Our 15 acres is narrow and long, walking from end to end with a tool box or fencing supplies is a challenge. I've seen some really handy golf carts with a back bed to carry things. My questions for the hive mind are:

Electric or gas, and why?

Any brands to avoid?

Lessons learned?
1 month ago
As before, welcome Pearl. I'll try to remember that you don't use FB and send you an instant message when we plan to get together.

Okay, all you Missouri permies, weigh in on Pearl's plan she posted in the Gardens in My Mind thread she linked to.

1 month ago
My apologies for misleading you, Pearl. I was thinking of this Kansas City thread:
1 month ago