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since Dec 09, 2012
Sudbury ON, Canada
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Recent posts by Tom Kozak

I only know the word teotwawki as an acronym for The End Of The World As We Know It.  What does it mean in this context?
"Be there, Be awesome, Be gone." the Tao of Steve, incidentally an awesome movie.
1 month ago
my nappa cabbage bolted, can it be saved or is it just compost fodder?
I live in the city (one that does not allow chickens) yet I'd like to use a hot bed this spring.  My neighbors, and my wife (and probably the local by-law enforcement) would not appreciate me bringing in a pile of manure.  So I'll just try to use my regular compost (mostly kitchen scraps and yard waste) in place of manure, any special considerations?  Special additives needed?
6 months ago
you should try peeing in your compost directly Chris. On a dark night, with no neighbors around, it can be very therapeutic.
7 months ago
My compost pile and bins have all frozen solid this winter.  Any suggestions on how I can give then a jump on life this year and get them going a bit earlier than usual?
7 months ago
man, I would KILL for one or two of those.  What line of work are you in?
7 months ago
sounds like your looking for some sort of submersible electric pump, they come in many different shapes and sizes, most often used for sump pumps, pond aeration/circulation, etc.
10 months ago
Way Out West Blow-In Blog
they homestead on the westcoast of ireland and apart from listening to their lovely accents I love seeing all their useful inventions and hearing them explain things in terms I can understand.
thanks for all the replys!
to be clear, im trying to do this job

with tools I already own, (and without resorting entirly to had tools)
1 year ago