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Sudbury ON, Canada
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Recent posts by Tom Kozak

sounds like your looking for some sort of submersible electric pump, they come in many different shapes and sizes, most often used for sump pumps, pond aeration/circulation, etc.
1 month ago
Way Out West Blow-In Blog
they homestead on the westcoast of ireland and apart from listening to their lovely accents I love seeing all their useful inventions and hearing them explain things in terms I can understand.
thanks for all the replys!
to be clear, im trying to do this job

with tools I already own, (and without resorting entirly to had tools)
5 months ago
is it possible to use a reciprocating say (sawzall) to trim hedges and shrubs?  is there an attachment to do this?
5 months ago
don't forget that deep litter really can get very deep, several feet in some cases! so if you do build a roof structure remember to make it tall enough to accommodate this, otherwise you will be hitting your head! a lot!
6 months ago
Hi All,

My house was built with bricks in 1814. Most of those bricks are still sound but a few are badly spalling (spaling, spalding, spallding?). I do have a large supply of period bricks (from an interior wall in the basement). The worst of the bricks I will chip out and replace, but there are large areas near the foundation where ALL the bricks are spalling. I'd like to just parge coat around the whole house up to about 3 feet. Is this a good idea?

1. what kind of mortar should I use around the replacement bricks?
2. is parging spalled brick a bad idea? if not what is the pest method of doing this/best product to use?
3. is there a clear finish/sealer I can put on the entire wall after the parge coat that will let moisture in but not out?
4. should I hire a local bricklayer to have a look at the place and tell me what to do?

this is in Sudbury Ontario (we get short hot summers, long cold winters and A LOT of snow).
a friend had recomended spraying with Tompson Water Sealer but said that would only be a temporary measure and I'd have to re-do it at least once a year.
1 year ago

Dillon Nichols wrote:
What size is the blade? It doesn't actually say it's a 10", and some of those older saws are 8" max. Does it matter to you?

don't think it matters to me, what are the prose and cons of different blade sizes?
2 years ago
Hi All,
Is this table saw worth the price, if not, how much do you think?

Rockwell Beaver Table Saw
3/4 horsepower motor, single phase
Cast iron top and extensions
Comes with fence and push guard
Factory Stand
Total of 50 inches of table top
Excellent condition!
$225 or best offer.


2 years ago

Jason Traylor wrote:
She told me they are open to about anything I can come up with, but I know I need to meet their vision as well and while I feel they would love for me to buy the place

You say "I feel they would love me to buy the place" also "She told me they are open to about anything". So why not take her words at face value? You feel you need to pay your way, I understand, so do I, but parents are immensely generous (the right ones are). Sometimes as grown children we need to swallow our pride and ask for/accept their generosity.

So ,my advice, offer to "buy" the property for as much $$$ as you can manage, even be that enormously less than it is worth. Ask your parents to sever their home (so that they will not loose it no matter what happens) and promise they will be able to use/influence/enjoy the property for the rest of their (hopefully very long) lives. If you are the good, conscientiousness person I think you are (just from reading this thread) your word is good as gold. And if your parents are the great people it sounds like they are they already know this and will love you even if they say no. (and possibly more, because you had the courage to ask)

At worst they say no. and at best...
2 years ago

Jd Gonzalez wrote:Being raised in the Caribbean, I am familiar with coconut milk making. For milk, you want the dried whole coconut. Crack it open, use an old spoon to pry the meat off the shell. Grate it (mom had us 3 boys as her free child labor) then puree it while adding HOT water. Steep, and strain with a cotton cloth in a colander. Once most of the milk is drained, you pick up the cloth, close the ends and wring the life out if it (over a bowl) bottle and refrigerate. Depending on the size, one coconut makes about two plastic, no cans. If you are crafty you may saw the coconut in half about 3/4 of the way up, and create a drinking cup. The shell can be worked and polished to a mirror finish. The 1/4 half's top is sliced and becomes the stand for the coconut "coffee cup."

thats about the coolest crafty thing i've ever read!
2 years ago