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Recent posts by Sheri Menelli

I wish we could get someone to tour this and give us more info. I will re-watch the video. Last time it was incredibly inspiring.

I didn't see a link for the extra interviews / package - where is that?

Who else lives in Montana who would want to tour and tell us about this???

4 months ago
If you watch the movie, Need to Grow (you can watch the screening free until Oct 15th at, you
will see them talk about Michael Smith's invention in Montana.

The AACT Organic Carbon Engine (OCE) is a biomass powered device that generates syngas, bio-oil and biocarbon (biochar).  
Residual heat and CO2, generated by the conversion process, is recycled back into the GPH system for the cultivation of
algae and its conversion into organic fertilizer and fuel.  The OCE is capable of processing up to six tons of biomass daily
as it generates two tons of biocarbon and 360 gallons of bio-oil

Biocarbon from the OCE is combined with the digested algae from our ABR to produce our proprietary soil amendment blends.

AACT’s adaptive behavioral controls sense and regulate the flow of thermal energy, carbon dioxide and biomass through the
entire system for the optimal production of biofuels, fertilizer and electricity.

Just wondering if anyone has toured it or if anyone else has created something like this elsewhere. It seems that they are licensing the technology.

1 year ago
Please watch the movie. The beginning is slow about 20 min in it is really incredible to see the thing they built  in Montana. Truly this is MINDBLOWING. I wish we could make millions of his biodigesters and get them everywhere.
I've had compost worms for about 6 years. I now have 6 bins of them.

I noticed that when I first buy some, they seem to take forever to get established - I'm not sure why but I've bought a number of times and that was my impression.

If you can get rabbit poop, they go CRAZY! I know that they actually eat the bacteria not the food. So maybe the bacteria wasn't increasing fast enough for them with my
kitchen scraps. My daughter has 2 pet bunnies and the hay/pee/poop from the litter box got these guys going crazy.

Also a few more notes on your worms:
* Too much food scraps seem to make the area too sour - also attracts nats. So dont' overfeed
* they do not like egg shells, citrus, onion/garlic, meat, dairy.

They do love watermellon !!! Face down - they go crazy.
1 year ago
Any updates? It was 4 years ago when you first posted. Would love to know what happened. Did you look at the FNMR info that was so successful in Niger?

1 year ago
Konstantinos, I read / or watched a video recently about someone using coal dust to protect seeds from animals. I wish I could find the reference but I'm pretty sure it was in Africa. Might be something else to try or look up.

Do you happen to have small bushes popping up in the landscape? You probably already know about Tony Rinaudo and his work with Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) in Africa, right? If not, here is a link -

If you find that there are established bushes/trees with only a few twigs popping up, you could use this method to make them grow. Tony realized that these trees had huge root systems. They just needed a bit of trimming to force the tree to grow.

Dustin, where in Southern California are you? I'm in Carlsbad/San Marcos.


1 year ago
I wish we could make this video more viral. I'd love to see the PERMIES newsletter talk about it and also Geoff Lawton in his newsletter.

He really makes the math easy to break down and understand. He makes it easy to see when "experts" are lying. It makes it easy to figure out if politicians are telling the truth.

It would also change the way we think about growth, oil, coal, etc.

The info on ethanol was also shocking.

Thanks so much for the reply. So glad that someone else found it mind blowing.
1 year ago
I was really surprised by this video. This professor is so brilliant at making this easy to understand.

I hope others will watch it too.

This video has 8 parts. Each is about 10 min

Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's presentation on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy.

1 year ago
Hi Tomas,

Please tell us more about your book, "Forest Gardening in Practice"!

Why did you write it?
What is your favorite case study?
How many years have you been involved in forest gardening? What is your background?
Is there one thing that surprised you recently about nature or something that you learned?

Looking forward to learning more about you and about forest gardening!

2 years ago
Your book looks interesting. I wish it was available on Kindle too. I like to download samples of books to look at them before I buy. Also, I have so many books now in my home that I've started to by the electronic version so that I don't have to find a place for them on the shelf.

2 years ago