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Recent posts by Randi Arc

Sprouting time! :)

Growing some Giant Cardabas

some beautiful scenes around the neighborhood...

Some of the trees i planted 6 or 7 years ago...I had photos of them here i think, when they were still small, but unfortunately it cannot be displayed here due to some link problems. :)

And she's one of my neighbors at the farm. :)

Since the main kitchen is not yet done, i will just have this for now.

Some views of the natural pond and the hills.

The house, finally.. I will be able to spend more days at the farm now.

the toilet and small kitchen that is separate from the house are not yet done though. :)

2 years ago

celestteysobell Herrera wrote:I recently just got my interest in living simply, organic farming and homesteading. Stumbled upon your post and though its old, its nice to know there are others in the Phils who are interested in homesteading and permaculture. I am a newbie and maybe in the wrong profession but I am hoping to build and run one myself. Hope things works for your farm in Cebu and see it come true.

Hi there. it's been awhile i havent been active.
happy to tell everyone that i am now able to spend more time managing the farm.
I already did my small house, and i can now stay there more days, with nature and taking care of the few farm animals that i have and growing some plants..
I will be posting photos of the progress. :)
2 years ago