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Hi Paul. I just registered so I could reply to this thread. I want you to continue to make podcasts, and want you to be compensated for it so you keep doing it.

This is just an idea, and is worth exactly what you paid for it Please excuse me if I sound like I'm telling you what to do, I'm not, it's simply easier to speak in my consultant tone than a bunch of "meh and then maybe you could do this, if you wanted to, pretty please."

Your target customer (me): New to permaculture. Overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Has maybe read one permaculture book, has started to see the world in a permaculture way, has grand designs on permafying every square inch of soil he can get his hands on... someday. Has no idea what to actually do, or where to start. Experience growing stuff - a little. I have had two 4x4 square foot gardens for two years and met with mixed success. Maybe I already subscribed to your main podcast, and am a little lost because there are 200+ episodes and the 10 that popped up on my little phone screen were a little over my head but looked like good things to learn about... someday.

Podcasting solution, provided by you:
A path forward! Get me to do something! I want to, I just don't know what, and have analysis-paralysis because I don't want to make a mistake and build/plant something and then realize I should have done it over there, not where it is. Solve my problem, and I will pay you.

Some taglines for the product, or sample episodes/topics
"Getting started in Permaculture: 10 small projects you can do in a weekend"
"Stop thinking and do something: Here's where to start"
"Put these plants together!"
"Start here!"
"That lonely tree in your front yard? Here's what to plan around it for a little permaculture oasis"
"Hide the ugly green box the utility company puts in your yard"
"Grow stuff in that dead patch in your lawn - here's what to grow and how"
"That shady spot in the corner of your house where nothing grows? Do this with it!"
"Plant this stuff around your ugly air conditioner"

Make a series of podcasts that I can listen to at my own pace, forever. Either in a zip file, or by emailed link delivered once every few days for a new episode, or however you can make it work. You can easily make a login page too, that has pictures, plans, and checklists. But the podcast is what gets me excited to actually do something and drives me to your other content.

Give the first episode away in exchange for an email opt-in. The first (free) episode is a giant preview and sales pitch for them to buy the remaining 10-20-whatever episode package. It should run down what I'll learn, and more importantly, what you'll help me accomplish. It will also address my fears of screwing up by saying "here's where and how you should do it, and how you'll build around it later, how it will fit into your whole plan that may or may not be formulated yet."

Anyways, that is a product that I would buy. For how much? Ten dollars? For sure. Twenty? You'd need to really market and convince me that you're worth listening to. I would concentrate on keeping the price point low so it can be a risk-free impulse buy, and if you want more money, develop subsequent courses at a higher price point. Or bundle multiple low cost courses for a savings (three courses for only $25!). The first is just to get them hooked and weed out the people that will never be willing to open their wallets.

Another benefit: You only have to make the plan, and the intro, and maybe a few episodes now. Then, when somebody buys it, you'll HAVE to complete the course! You can say "Oh wow, Nancy Knickerbocker paid me money for my course! I can't let Nancy down! She trusted me! I have to give her more great content for her $10." Podcast motivation. Then email Nancy, and ask her to join your forum and review your course and offer feedback to make it better in later episodes. Then, when the course is done, you can concentrate on marketing what you've already produced, and start building ideas for your second course (maybe a higher price point, now that they trust you and recognize the value you provide). The first course can be a funnel into your future podcast empire.

If you can sell 1,000 of them per year, that's 10 grand. That should be easy with your community, word of mouth, and appearances on other podcasts (ie TSP) that you can use to plug your product. That's also 1k people that now trust you, paid you, saw value, and will pay you more if you give them more value. Plus, once it's set up, there's really no further cost and you can sell it for years.

Anyways, I'd buy that. I hope you build it