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Recent posts by Rebecca Holman

Since I personally have never been through an event like this.. I am only going by what I heard from people during Katrina. Most of them were urban folks, and they said that it is very common local knowledge to fill the bathtub and all sinks.

The water is thus FREE and no other containers are needed.. as well as worrying about things that may fly about the house, like bottles and jugs
The Bathtub water will last for days especially if you have to await rescue. You can use the water to drink and also use to bathe by doing PTA (Pits , Tits and Ass, with wash rag, water in a basin..then use that water to flush the toilet.)

Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap goes a long way, and is very refreshing when you can only do the PTA approach to cleaning.

I would also have a Steri Pen, along with a Life Straw in case things got dicey with water in the after math.
4 years ago
What you can do with this log book?

Here is the Amazon Link to Farmer Log Books Made by Simple Planners and Journals

This will help you to keep track of your livestock & farming needs while out in the field.
You can have this in your utility box or glove compartment ready to use any time.

This is just meant to be a handy book to have on hand cause farming is often in the moment
but successful farming takes planning. So this is one tool in your arsenal to help you
track and stay on top of day to day activities.
Use this in conjunction with your electronic software programs as well.

This book is: 8.5" x 11"
Printed on demand and shipped by Amazon.

Need it to lay flat?
I have found it helps to go to a printer and have them cut the binding
and put this in a notebook if you desire it to lay flat. You are 100% in control of that.

We Are Proud To Keep Costs Down For Our Customers!
To keep our prices down we have used the MOST COST EFFECTIVE Printing methods so that
you can benefit with a quality item at a lower cost to you.


Business Details Page
Livestock Record Logs
Equipment Inventory Pages
Equipment Repair Logs
Farm Expenses Pages
Farm Income Pages
Notes Pages
Monthly Calendar Pages

Take a "LOOK INSIDE" To see what the forms look like. Feel free to use the "LOOK INSIDE" feature that
Amazon has thoughtfully provided to you, so you know what you are buying before you plunk down your
hard earned money.

When you purchase you are supporting the GOOD empire builders.
I am all for that.

Rebecca in Montana

I am always open to CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT..

Since I am the creator..if you have a special NEED let me know and I can
create just about any type of book interior and put it up for people to buy.

Sorry Amazon does not publish Hard Covers or Spiral bound books
but you can take it to a printer and have them put a coil on the book for you.

Any requests just has to conform to some pretty simple parameters that the publisher requires.

I can also make these in SMALLER sizes. So let me know.
6 years ago
So maybe it is global warming, but I live in Montana and this is the FIRST time I have seen Dandelions in November.

I am wondering, if maybe I hadn't noticed them before and the grow all year round?

Also do you think that winter Dandelion roots and leaves are MORE hearty to harvest, and eat?

7 years ago
While Duke of Permaculture is is not a search phrase by the vast majority of people...sooooo if you want people to actually find it and watch it.. use a term people use..

You can mix terms like Tips from the Duke of Permaculture a Permaculture expert..for instance so that new found fans will begin to associate the two together. Just a thought
aww sorry you are hurting.. He is a great guy and doesn't do all that cracky crack..and yes drop my name and he will treat you extra special.
9 years ago
Rule #1, The Algorithm On Amazon.. DO NOT SEARCH for Pauls cards, click on the link and THEN NOT BUY.. that hugely effects where those cards Rank.

Running Ads on FB has been a popular way for people to get people to click through to buy the cards..

Creating a coupon landing page, where people can get the coupon code to apply to buy can stimulate sales

Getting reviews, so if anyone here has purchased the cards, and not left a review do that NOW.. go to your account and to to your purchase and write the review so that is shows verified purchase on it.

Get ready to promote heavily as we move into Fall, some people play cards while they are camping but really cards are sort of an Autumn and wintery thing to do.. so be ready to promote as you go into Fall and especially be ready to go for Black Friday. Also contacting The Good Food Store and Whole Foods and Trader Joes and those types of stores NOW, can help you get into their stores for Xmas..

Sell MORE than one thing on Amazon..and tie them together..

Just my two cents on this.
So folks..wondering if you might be willing to share some images of your designs here. The deadline is August 15th.

Maybe we can help each other out. Also I know that not all of use will do this design no worries..but I do hope some of you all will share your project OR if you know of links to other projects here on Permies that can help give people ideas.. please post a link.

Here is one that Paul sent out in an get us started off
Another quote came up today..and came out a meme
I was reading Paul's Mission Thread and this popped out at me..his thread is here