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Note: (This is still the OP, but I didn't realize it was signed into my husband's account when I posted)

I now have a second kid in the same condition as the last. I have no way to obtain B-1 tonight, so am trying some blackstrap molassses and brewers yeast, which are rich sources of B vitamins. I don't know if this will be sufficient, but it's all I've got tonight. I have this baby in the house, in bed with me, and I have been giving her warm water with a little baking soda, thinking this may be floppy kid syndrome. I figure it can't hurt at this point.

Update: We lost this baby too. I did a necropsy and found that her stomach had no connection to her intestines. Her stomach was about the size of softball and full of rotten milk.
For solid information on the paleo diet, check out Nora Gedgaudas. One of the best experts in the field, in my opinion. This is going BEYOND the so-called paleo diet.

Her official website -

Her podcasts -

Lecture -

She's a lot like Sally Fallon. But she goes into the paleo diet aspect much more.
7 years ago
Dave Turpin,

What I mean by "free energy," is that we can build conduit type devices that can harness the already existing natural "free" energy that flows throughout nature. There are things we can build to "direct" natural lightning for man-made endeavors.

We don't create or invent free energy. What I mean is that the "free energy" is already present. Check up in space or in the ionosphere, for example. There are charged particles just waiting to be used positively. Haha.

If you direct yourself to the research links I provided, like the Thunderbolts Project, for example, you will find that Space Weather is defined by the highly electrical plasma phenomena happening in space.

We already have natural plants, growing in the wild, like mushrooms, for example, that charge and discharge electrical particles. The mushroom discharges it's spores out into its surroundings at 25,000 G-force, which is about 10,000 times the force of a rocket launch. These are electrically charged particles at work here. See Paul Stamets, mycologist -

The energy is already here. We just need to learn how to work with it more efficiently.
8 years ago
Hi David Wechsler,

Thanks for checking my posts out!

And thanks for your website. Looks pretty cool!

The DC methods seem pretty simple and accessible to me. AC is a bit more complicated, don't you think? Nikola Tesla comes to mind when I recall AC techniques today. I think he did a tremendous thing for society, although there are some major setbacks. For one thing, we seem to be "overstimulated" as a society by high frequency currents. Perhaps we need to "tone" the technology down a bit. Of course, this implies getting back to the resources that nature provides, perhaps.

Maybe you have a bigger picture of what's going on with our technology these days.

8 years ago
I'm glad to see you are pleased with plasma science. Once we study the theory a bit so many things start to make sense. A huge creative explosion for how we can apply this energy.

I started another Electric Universe thread that deals with Electroculture/Magnetoculture applications in agriculture settings.

To get a good outlook on basic Electric Universe theory, I recommend watching the "Thunderbolts of the Gods" documentary. Only about an hour in length.

Have fun!

8 years ago
Here is another great source. I'll be compiling more and more research material here.

Here is Yannick Van Doorne, an electroculture/magnetoculture pioneer, who has been marketing his research and inventions for awhile now.

And here are some websites he has contributed to:

Here is his website:


8 years ago
Well, doing a bit more research, I finally found some potentially important and inspiring information about applying free/alternative (electric) energy techniques to crops for more yield and other benefits.

I'll list a few important links for reading.

Here is a forum link full of great research/PDF links of academic papers. The main ones here deal with "Improvement of Mushroom Yield By Electric Stimulation."

Here is a link to Hemp Husbandry via electric stimulation in ElectroCulture:

Here is an article about how Lightning (natural electric plasma phenomena) stimulates mushroom growth, and then how the Japanese scientists utilized this by producing "lightning devices" to simulate the effect on wood surfaces.

Here is another article verifying this phenomena and then being applied to other various crops:

Here is Paul Stamets, a renowned mycologist explaining in a lecture how mushrooms are the ultimate conductors of the plant world; they are the ultimate guides for the growth and stimulation of the other plant species. Wherever we have many mushrooms, we naturally have rich vegetation, from the cover crop to the tallest of trees. This covers the psychedelic mushrooms, for the benefit of humanity as well.

Here is a treasure trove of "free energy" devices developed over the years by a number of people. You can also find US government patents on some of them.

Chromographics Institute, which deals with many phenomena, including plasma:

Article from Christopher Dunn, highly qualified credentials, who describes in a nutshell, how we can even find evidence of utilized electricity in ancient Egypt:

Nikola Tesla and pyramid power, by independent researcher Hrvoje Zujińá:

And last but not least for this post, the Thunderbolts plasma cosmology research scientists in their video presentation, "Thunderbolts of the Gods." -

8 years ago