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Did you do a control study with just the water alone? That would tell you the effects of the energy production contributed by the wood.
1 month ago
A neti pot usually holds a cup of water. (250 ml). I have always recommended (and used) 1/8 tsp sea salt NOT Repeat NOT iodized salt in warm tap water.  This gives you essentially the equivalent of what we call NORMAL SALINE.

Boiled water is just as good but it cannot/shouldn’t be over 100°F or you’ll be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and immediately miserable.

Of course, adding LOCALLY PRODUCED HONEY to your diet will (in most cases) resolve your allergy issues in several weeks.

Hope this helps.
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1 year ago
Start with considering 5 essential categories:
1. Water- how and where to get it; how to make it safe (assuming you have a source)
2. Food: how and where to get it/produce it and store enough safely to last till the second growing season
3. Stay warm- this is a wide topic
   Shelter; fire/heat production; clothing
4. Morale/welfare/recreation- huge topic
5. Transportation/communications

You are writing as if you expect to be transported to some planet where no prior civilization exists. While that’s what happened here on earth multiple times, the likelihood of YOU being chosen for such a mission would seem somewhat remote. You aren’t heading out into the great unknown with only what you could carry in a covered wagon.

Think ahead here. All of this stuff already exists and the information about how to do ALL of this currently exists. Much of it you may even own currently.

Start by:
1.watching YouTube videos on the things you believe you need to learn.
2. gathering
A) books on how to do everything
B) tools to do everything  (hand tools first that don’t need power) garden tools; carpentry tools; kitchen tools; etc.
C) materials to be used ( or learn the process required to do things.

3) get to the place where you are going to do this. Without a place, you will simply fill your current home with stuff and not be able to use it!

“Start at the beginning, work to the end, and then stop!”

Frankly, to be perfectly honest, if you haven’t got all this well on the way before NOVEMBER 3,2020 I would predict that the odds of this dream of yours are essentially zero because it means you have no idea about what the dark forces are planning and have set int motion.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the story of “the wise and foolish virgins.” Well, from what things look like currently, the wedding guest is  here.

I hate to think about this but unless The Carpenter of Nazareth comes back REALLY SOON, we’re in for a really bumpy ride.

I would recommend you read:Revelation
It will explain what I’m telling you about.
I sincerely pray that you can get this all together immediately. You’ve waited too long already.

I fervently pray that I am wrong, but that’s not the horse where I’d put my $2
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2 years ago
The pallet forks for my tractor are by far the most useful and helpful tool I have ever had. It allows me to carry huge loads, work at higher altitudes, and move things around with ease.
Nothing else that I have ever had has ever come close to the utility and control of work on the farm.
2 years ago

Jennifer Wadsworth wrote:I can pee without pooping but can't poop without peeing.

However, I will admit to sometimes having a ninja turd attack when I innocently assumed I was just there to "make water".

Poop can sneak up on one sometimes.... Just sayin'.

I picked this post to respond to because it justifies the following comments in order to understand WHY we get those NINJA TURD ATTACKS when thinking we were only there to "make water!"

As luck (and G*d) would have it, the complaint issued by Jennifer is not a design flaw; rather a specific design feature. The human waste disposal system is controlled by the "autonomic nervous system" (read: automatic) and the solid waste disposal function is specifically controlled by the 10th cranial nerve in the brainstem called the "VAGUS NERVE" (yes, this is going to be a bit "technical". We are talking about the "pooping system" after all).

The Vagus nerve is a rather complex wiring system which controls the activation of certain bodily functions, of which the poop mechanism is one. There are several signal types that enter into play here. One of these is called the "gastro-colic reflex" which simply stated means that when you eat enough to activate the "stretch receptors" in your stomach, those stretch receptors send a signal to the "main frame" (read: brain) and that sends the "empty out" signal to the colon to make room for what is currently in the stomach. Often as not however, as Jennifer has stated, there is no signal from the brain to the colon to tell it to empty because there is nothing in the stomach to tell it that. So you just get the "time to pee" signal from the pelvic nerves and most folks comply with that in a timely manner, assuming they are in a situation where they can do so.

Now it is important to understand that the signal the brain sends via the Vagus nerve (i.e wiring system) is a smooth muscle contraction signal as opposed to a "skeletal muscle" contraction signal such as when you decide to move one of your extremities. Most of the "hollow organs" are comprised of this Smooth muscle.

The vagus nerve (parasympathetic nerve) has control of a number of functions including (but not limited to) the heart, liver gall bladder, bile ducts, stomach, trachea, bronchi and lungs, the kidney, and adrenal glands all of which can be activated by this "smooth muscle contraction" signal. The bladder, which is held in check as it fills by the "sympathetic nerves" in the "autonomic system" is activated by an "over-ride" signal from the parasympathetic nerves which causes it to empty. Ergo, you often pee but not poop, but in many cases you may notice that you fart while you are peeing. This is the result of the same parasympathetic nerve stimulation along the "parasympathetic wiring of which the "vagus nerve" is included. If you have ever noticed that some folks actually lose consciousness and even some die with excessive straining to empty the "waste port". Stimulating the vagus nerve also has the ability to slow down the heart to the point of stopping if it goes on for too long.

The two systems are equal and opposite forces, just like in Newtonian physics. Now it is also true that there are "stretch receptors" in the bladder as well, which when stimulated as the result of reaching its "volume/capacity" sends a signal to the brain to send a signal via the pelvic nerve to the bladder to empty in order for it to NOT overfill which causes some impressive concern for folks who fail to heed its call in a timely manner such as when driving or doing something that can not be easily stopped at the moment one gets "THAT signal".

So, without going much deeper into the wiring diagram and operation of the human body, suffice it to say, the "two hole activation system" is indeed a deliberate design feature of the "Supreme Architect of the Universe".

I should also like to point out that the "HUMANURE" system is for reasons no one is completely positive about, unfortunately provides an unsafe product and should NOT, repeat NOT be used on vegetables or edible garden produce. Flowers are fine, but there is an association with certain forms of neurological disease, among which MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is associated (but never as yet proven). There was (and may still be a product called "MilOrganite" which is made from HUMANURE. If you read about it, you will conclude that this is NOT something we want to add to our diet...ever.
Just sayin'
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6 years ago
So with all this "technology" you'd think we can come up with the "least technically involved" approach to making a cup of coffee.
Recently, I bought a "tea ball" which is a very fine strainer in the shape of a ball. It comes apart in two halves and I put a tbs. of coffee in it and plunk that into the hot water. Voila! coffee. The longer it sits there, the stronger the coffee gets. I grind the coffee fairly coarse so I dont' get a lot of mud at the bottom of the cup.
8 years ago
I have been thinking about this for several years. I have no degree in engineering or physics, so I probably don't know what I am talking about, but here goes.

Several of you have explored the concept of the falling weight and that has been my thought as well . Big Ben worked on that principle. They got it wound ok. What about something the size Of a chimney with a mechanism of an 8 day cuckoo clock? As the weight falls torque is created producing electricity from a suitable size generator. Going up as the weight comes down is a bucket which is filled by a toilet flush mechanism that fills to bring the weight back up. A small electric motor pumps the water back up to the top for the next flush. Or how about a properly geared mechanism that a five year old can wind? Who cares how much human energy is needed? If you want some lift, you do a little work!

Most of you are looking to power much larger items, but suppose we just stick to some simpler but critical uses?
My thinking is that rather than try to power big items, why not just stick to two or three basic items: light and radio for instance. I've been thinking about a variation on the windup radio I bought some years ago. The truth is that LED's can produce a tremendous amount of Light and consume very little power. A two way radio and even a small commercial radio doesn't require THAT much power.

What I envision is a box that can be installed in every room in a house between the studs which are 16" on center (usually). A windup box for each room would provide those basic necessities( particularly in an emergency) and not need to be on for more than an Hour or so. Make it with gears that a five year old could wind or an 85 year old and just that alone would keep anyone (particularly one who wishes to be"off-grid") in the 20th century.

The radio I Have uses a ribbon spring and even has its own solar panel which is minuscule in size but produces enough to do the job. With just the right engineering this could be a viable first step to energy self-sufficiency for all of us!
Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni
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9 years ago

albertpostema Hatfield wrote:Hi everyone, new here, yet it already feels like home. Thanks Paul for the heads up.

Just throwing in three and a half cents on this dog manure issue. We have just recently worked on a "pet policy" for a newly forming deep ecological community.   The parasite issues, the composition of the manure, etc were all valid issues. ie; are they eating organic food? If not what is in their food? Concerns were for our organic certification, as well as general health safety and the community values. 

END RESULT   First, if we have it, dog manure is organic matter and should be kept onsite.  No free ranging though, to control random dispersal.  All manure collected and composted seperatly in a dry location with the end results being added to the composted paper stream.  This mixture is then put into into the tree based hugelkulture. 

(Paper recycling is really just a different way to throw away garbage. Dont let your organic matter leave, COMPOST )

Secondly,  discussion about  pet compatibility with deep ecology tabled.
    Hopefully for awhile...ha.

ps. I have attached a produced document full of web research on dog manure and its ecological impacts.  The EPA identifies dog manure as a non-point source of pollution, so its definitly not benign.

A brief read of the link provided yielded an interesting point. In discussing the variety of parasites found in the waste products of dogs were included "hookworms, ringworms and roundworms..." Of note is the fact that there is no such thing as ringworms. Ringworm is a fungal disease of the skin and has no relationship to any form of "worm".
Just caused me to chuckle a bit.
10 years ago
I'm in the northeast corner, about 30 miles from the MN border.
It is a long way from Rapid City and probably a lot colder here.
I'd be interested in hearing from you when you come to SDAK.
10 years ago
Not sure what happened. I was going back to answer one of your questions on the RMH string you posted and it was "GONE".Then I sent an email to you and it bounced.
I am, as you may remember in SDAK...Northeast corner.
I am just learning about permaculture and quite honestly haven't mastered the concept as yet.
Drop a line to Icu4dzs at
10 years ago