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Recent posts by Angela Brown

Something tells me he is soon going to be inundated with kiwi's...

Patrick Mann wrote:you can force blooming by withholding water until they bloom.

It's been raining here far to much. I'm not complaining about that tho!
Except I don't have access to comfrey or the tea made from it. I'm open to anyone sending me some leaves tho...
Thanks for that info!
I have some flowers on some of my tomato plants and i actually have 4-5 tomatoes showing up, but the majority of my plants don't have any flowers. Any suggestions to get tomato plants flowering?
More pics...

I love this picture

Onions I planted.

More pics from my garden...

AMAZING strawberries from a patch that no one claims so they are fair game for everyone.

My 8 tomato plants along with some chard, kale, pepper plants and WEEDS!!!

Yard long beans starting to grow up.
I know I haven't been around in a while but I did get my garden started. I will attach some pictures. You will see that I am taking a permaculture approach to the weeds. I live and let mulch mostly. It was really hard work for me to get it started and as the season progresses, I see that I am most certainly not as organized as I wanted to be. Either way, I am progressing and that is the most important! Here are a few pics of my weedy garden.

Raspberry bushes I inherited.

Red romaine lettuce and dill that just showed up.

Onion plant left from last year that I let go to flower.