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Recent posts by Tim Zalinger

I found the reply I got when I inquired about the fact sheet...

I was curious when the Cell Phone Towers and Cell Phone Fact Sheet was created and if there has been any further research into the matter?
Is this still the stance of the Connecticut Department of Public Health?

Dear Mr. Zalinger, the fact sheet was written in 2004 and since that time, a number of additional studies have been published on exposures from cell phones and cell phone towers. We are planning to update the fact sheet in the near future. However, I will tell you that none of the new studies I am aware of would result in changes to the health and safety conclusions in the 2004 fact sheet. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

No new findings since 2004...hmm...
11 years ago
Check out this "fact sheet" from Connecticut.


My favorite part is the careful distinction between the tower and the antenna.

It's classic general terminology reeks of under researched statistics.
11 years ago
You can make your own (or very similar), allow for more mass and a nice sturdy cooking surface.

Check out this fancy work:

These things look real fun and easy, so many possibilities...
11 years ago
Here is the link the Burns Street Bistro, it's the joint that opened up adjacent to the co-op. I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it. They do breakfast and lunch and make a point of serving fresh and local. The rumor I got was that it's the side project of a couple of guys from another place on Paul's top 5.

Burns Street Bistro

As with the co-op it's a tucked away locale and tough to get the drive-by crowd.

It would certainly benefit from some good word-of-mouth publicity!
11 years ago
You can take what you learn there and go shopping here for what you can't or don't grow yourself:

Urban Herbs in Missoula

I haven't had a lot of experience with medicinal herbs...have you?

Are they pretty effective?
11 years ago
Do those guitars come with talent and a beautiful singing voice or is that extra?
11 years ago

A friend of mine swears by the tong treatment he came up with years ago. He wraps the ends with fabric dipped in an eco-herbacide (not sure which one) and gently squeezes the bud of each plant. Obviously very time-consuming at the beginning but now he only has a few plants each year to deal with as they blow in. I have also heard goats enjoy the flavor, there was talk of Mt. Jumbo becoming a goat experiment but I guess that idea was squashed. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that and if so what the story is?
11 years ago
Mine was the oldies station...RIP...does anyone know what happened to the Bop she bop?
11 years ago