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Recent posts by Rus Williams

Makita 18v tools tool range have been excellent for me. Both as a professional carpenter and homesteader.
The batteries have been incredibly long lasting.
2 months ago
Yeah,chickens, turkeys etc are no problem.

Lamb is a bit different. I'm working up to it.

I'm worried about causing unnecessary suffering at this point. I feel a bit like an amateur.
2 months ago
Thanks for the reply. I got stuck moving fences with the pigs this year. Not a lot of fun, is it?
In my limited experience of livestock, getting the infrastructure correct is 75% of the battle.

Some friends visited today and helped to straighten a few things out for me, so I'll be picking up a couple of black lambs next week sometime.

The lambs are 50 euro each, slaughter is about 20 euro a lamb (or so I'm told) a bag or two of concentrate to tame them a little will be around 15 euro and the acre and a bit will cost me 75 euro, figure 20 euro for straw, hay and diesel.
So while it's not exactly free food, it's ok to be fair even at this ridiculously small scale . If I can find someone to take one or two I'll get some more in the coming weeks.

(50+20)*2= 140
Total = 250

If I get 20 kg of meat per lamb it'll cost 6,25 euro per kg.

If I can get another and sell 2 halves at 75euro a half, my numbers work out that the kilo price for my two drops to under 5 euro
This looks ok for me for year 1
2 months ago
Hi andrew. How did your lamb experiment go?

I've got an acre that I can use this year and I was thinking of doing the same as you, getting some lambs and only keeping them for 6 months or so, more to see how it works, and raise my own meat rather than making money.
2 months ago
The thing about dogs is that they have a short digestive tract. What goes in comes out very quickly. So if they eat things that are no good for them it doesn't spend long enough inside them to make a problem.
In the same way, chickens blood temperature which is above 40°c 105°f kills the bugs that we have to run a temperature to kill.
Food is food. You'll soon see if your dog/ chicken/ elephant is processing it well.

3 months ago
my area of france, the haute-vienne hasn't change.
Still possible to find house, barn and a hectare for 100k plus or minus 50k depending on location and condition.
Hard to find anything over 1 Hectare though, unless you buy a farm and that's 3-400 000 plus. And you have to deal with Safer

4 months ago

. We were founded on Equality of opportunity.  Not equality of outcome.  We forget that at our peril.

Earth care
People care
Return the surplus

That's it. That's permaculture.
And that is equality of outcome.
5 months ago
Bonjour Estelle

I have a spread sheet that I'm happy to share with you detailing hen numbers, food costs, egg production, and cost of goods sold.
If you plug in your numbers they should give you an idea about what you are dealing with.
It's not my sheet, someone gave it too me a while ago, and to be honest I haven't used it, but it's there if you want it.

If you want to send your email through a purple moosage, I'll send you the file.

We're in the Limousin, so not far away, I'd be interested in seeing what numbers you come up with as it could be very relevant to us.
Would you do that in return?
6 months ago
Yup. That looks about right from what I'm reading.
It's about 20-30 years away, but we'll start seeing the beginning of it probably sometime in the next 3-7 years, depending on how the global climate system responds.

6 months ago