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Yep, same set!

Had to order mine online, I believe theres an earlier set that id also like to check out
7 years ago
They are a tough set of books to come across totally complete!
Not expensive, juxtaposed hard to find
7 years ago
Page 3 and 4
7 years ago
Came across this while browsing my Popular Mechanics how-to encyclopedias. These are from the 1955 edition.

7 years ago
I've been reading these forums for the last little while and figured it was time to make a proper introduction.

I'm up in Northern Alberta, I have a place up in the Saddle Hills which run into the Rockies about 45min west from my place.

I grew up in the Toronto area and learned my trade for 5 years and moved west in 2007. Been here since and have loved every minute......even the -40 Celsius that it gets down to sometimes in the winter and constant dark.

My partner and I are building an 800 sqft cabin and plan on extending the gardens out to be a little more sustainable.

Being 29, iam catching a fair amount of flack about this type of lifestyle from family back in Ontario. Apparently this is something people do when they're in their 50's.

Thanks to all the people who contribute on here. Rocket mass heaters are one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

If anyone has any questions on cabinetry and furniture building, feel free!

Here's some photos of the 6 acres

7 years ago
Anything and everything that has to do with sustainable building. Fantastic book
7 years ago
What part of Alberta are you from? Im in the sexsmith area outside of Grande prairie.

We are working on our cabin right now and saving for a solar system. We get totally ripped off up here asap consumer.
7 years ago
Toyota's are fairly tough to find for a reasonable price.

I have always purchased Nissan harbody pickups. Dirt cheap and there are tons of parts around.
I have owned both Nissan and Toyota. The Toyota's are nice but bang for buck is in the Nissan.

7 years ago
I live in the Saddle Hills in Northern Alberta. I have herds of 100 plus elk roam through at any given time.

Solution to all my problems is usually the dog. Elk hate dogs. Dear are a little different. Are they mule or whitetail?

A length of fishing line works well for whitetail. They can't see it and can't stand walking into it.
I can't keepmule dear out unless the pooch is out. Be thankful you dont have moose issues!
7 years ago
I get this error when I try to start a thread. I can reply to threads perfectly fine.

I'm usin an iPhone 4 and a Samsung tab 2 which uses a google browser. Both the phone and tablet give me the same msg.

The software thinks there was a CSRF error. The fact that you are seeing this means there was not in fact such an attack. There are three main reasons you might see this page:
You've had this browser open a long time and tried to update something without loading another page in the interim. For example, you were on the form to create a new post, went for lunch, had your session expire and came back. To resolve this, go back and reload the page. This will give you a new token and you'll be all set. If you find this happening to you a lot, post exactly what you were doing in the forums and we will see if we can do anything to help you out.
If you were just trying to view a page and not update something, we have a bug at our end. For example, maybe you clicked the search link and saw this screen. If you think there is a bug, post the date/time/timezone and what you were doing in the forums.
You have JavaScript turned off in your browser
If any of these apply to you, try to post to let us know about it. If the error prevents you from posting, email what you were trying to do and which of the three categories you think the error falls into to bookpromotion at javaranch dot com and moosesaloon at javaranch dot com