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Recent posts by Scott Stiller

Good morning Benjamin, I love your idea! I think it would be beautiful and welcomed by local wildlife. Do you have plans of how you want to make this happen?
10 hours ago
High Michael. For growing medium in planters I would probably use slightly less vermiculite and add some perlite. Vermiculite holds moisture while perlite wicks it away. Depending on the containers you may need to experiment. Until a few years ago I used pine bark harvested from my property as drainage for pots. It was very labor intensive. When I friend move he gave me a small bag of perlite. It works so great that I won’t stop using it.
Goldfish poo water does work really well. I made airlifts for my diy aquaponics that worked for years with hardly any maintenance. Then my greenhouse collapsed in a storm. An airlift doesn’t filter out the fish solids but takes them directly to the plants. By the time it trickles down through the beds it’s clean once again.
I use comfrey, sow thistle or weed teas for all of my fertilizer needs. Comfrey is great because it regenerates very quickly. Other than that I cannot tell a big difference in how it feeds the plants vs weeds.
If you’d like to see the airlift in motion let me know and I’ll post a short video.
1 day ago
I love what you’re doing Michael. I’m think this is a blank slate that you can do great things with. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when finished.
2 days ago
Hi Michael, I’d love to see a picture when you have one available.
3 days ago
Be sure to keep some sow thistle going to make fertilizer tea with. It has a decent amount of phosphorus and magnesium to help young plants along. I never harvest it all because I want some to reseed. The tea also has that “robust aroma” similar to comfrey. 😂
5 days ago
Sounds like you have a lot of goodness going on Jay.
Birds and slugs have been my issues in the past. Slugs ceased being a problem with the construction of my tiny garden pond last April. Turns out that frogs and toads like slugs a lot! 🐸
I picked up my bird solution at a thrift store. Pictured is one level of a fruit/veggie hanger. Each unit has three cages of a different size. I have six small cages. When doing different projects I have to cut chicken wire and other mesh. All of it gets pieced together into an up-cycled bird deterrent. Neither birds or slugs are very interested until the fruit approaches ripeness. I just move the small cages around as needed.
5 days ago
Outstanding idea Chris, thanks for sharing. Now others in the same situation can look here and find solutions!
6 days ago
Hi Chris and welcome to Permies, we’re thrilled that you’re here!
I had a similar issue awhile back. I had planned to pick out pieces as I went but couldn’t do it; I had to get rid of it all. My conscience wouldn’t let me plant anything there. Luckily, I had a rock classifier I used for gold panning. It’s a perfect fit for any five gallon bucket. I scooped and sifted all of it. The dirt went into the bucket while the garbage was sifted out. It didn’t take that long and I was happy it was finished.
6 days ago
Hi Sonny and welcome to Permies, we’re thrilled that you’re here! I believe it’s outside the box thinking that’s at the heart of permaculture. Your idea certainly fits the bill as far as I’m concerned. I would love to see this in a physical form.
I haven’t raised worms in years so my thoughts may be off. Do you think the worms would need a bigger area? It seems like being on the outside would subject them to larger temperatures swings than they would like. Again, I could be way off.
I hope you follow through with making this and keep us up to date.
1 week ago
Nice work Tom. I have never attempted such an endeavor but maybe I should. Please keep us posted on their progress.
1 week ago