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since Feb 06, 2013
Brewing wine, beer, mead. Growing and curing organic tobacco for friends who still smoke.
North Carolina zone 7
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Recent posts by Scott Stiller

I really appreciate all the replies and it’s given me a lot to consider. There are three creeks on the property. One of which would be a great pond. Short of chunking rocks on the low end it’s a project I’m not going to tackle without a tractor. A pond is way up there on my bucket list though! I like the idea of arranging limbs on contour. Most of my limbs other than pine go in Hugelkultur beds. This idea is a great use for pine however!
As far as the right of way.... I did manage to keep them off with their herbicides for a couple of years. Went through all of the proper channels and have it squared away. The problem is none of the guys spraying can speak English and I have to be out there when they come over the hill. It’s an exhausting process. This season I grew sunhemp on it as bioremediation. That stuff is incredible! I threw it on the hard packed clay and shoveled compost on top. Started harvesting yesterday for some rope making experiments.
If any of you want to see what I have going on my Instagram page is Stiller_Permaculture. If you guys happen to see an unused resource in any of the pictures please let me know! Once again, you guys are great ! Thank you
2 days ago
Good morning. I have a small Permaculture property and I’m interested in projects made for one. I’ve planted trees, and perennial food crops. I’ve dug swales and hugelcultures. Now I’m stuck between cutting trees for space and working on an herbicide ridding energy company right of way. I’m already growing mushrooms in the forest. I feel like I am missing something however. I am not opposed to hardwork but I have no equipment which slows things down a good bit. Thank you in advance.
3 days ago
Hello! Does anyone know if oats, alfalfa and buckwheat can be planted together?
8 months ago
I have some chicks that are six weeks old. I want to introduce an adult rooster to the flock before the others become adults. Is it a good time?
1 year ago
Central NC. I had a rooster but he died one month ago fending off some kind of aerial assault.
1 year ago
Good to know. I have lots of big green apple gourds, pumpkins, and various others I can't remember at this hour. I will certainly give them a go on your recommendation. Thank you.
1 year ago
I have a planting area several acres from my home. I want to do some planting but I don't want to waist seed feeding the deer. Are there any regular crops that deer just don't care for?
1 year ago
Friday I lost five hens to an aerial predator. Whatever it was was large enough to to fly over a five foot fence with the full grown australorps in toe. I have used fishing line over my run (the run is huge) with great success over the past three years. Some of it had recently fallen in a storm and I hadn't got around to fixing it.
My question is, will tightly woven fishing line keep owls out?
1 year ago
Thank you Susan. I have looked into trap crops before but have never used them. Will do some follow up reading.
1 year ago
Well there you go Nicole. Makes perfect sense now.
Here in NC it stops raining in April and starts back in December, (at least the last two years.) I had to transplant most of my sunchokes to a shady, damp spot to get any decent sized tubers. I may plant some groundnut seeds in that patch of chokes and see what happens. I've got only and handful of seed so the main thing this year is getting them started. Thank you both for your input.
1 year ago