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since Feb 06, 2013
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No big gardens but many patches of food and herbs.
North Carolina zone 7
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Recent posts by Scott Stiller

I look forward to it Anne, thanks.
1 month ago
Permaculture is the best thing I’ve ever practiced. A hands off, nature based way of growing food and healing the plant. What could be wrong with that? Well, I’m bored. I’ve been on this property seven years and things pretty much run on autopilot. I occasionally spy a new place to build a small garden or tweak an established one. Since spring is on the way I’ll have more things to do but until then, I’m permabored.
1 month ago
I use the cheapest dehydrator Marty. The biggest surprise was how good paste tomatoes were.
2 months ago
Ralph and Marty are equally correct in my opinion. Black Krim and paste tomatoes are so good dehydrated. Cherokee purple may be the best slicing tomato on the planet
2 months ago
Good thought Connor. I never noticed anyone replied to my post. Glad you did though. I have very large tree guilds and make hugelcultures that extend out from the trees. Most of it is fungal but I like the thought of bringing new and potentially different stuff in from greener pastures.
2 months ago
Meant to post last time.
2 months ago
Hello again John. I found his video series on YouTube and have some thoughts. He said compost or other amendments could be added to the permabed. The area I live is world famous for pottery. Your thoughts on adding wood to the base are spot on for me. I don’t think I would try it any other way. So I guess it’s dependent on your native soil composition.
2 months ago
Thanks for the tip Anne. I found his stuff on YouTube.
2 months ago
Great idea Leigh! I’m sure there are many more than I grow but here’s my few.
1. I only look at my sun chokes when I’m ready to eat them.
2. Rosemary
3. Any and all sage.
4. Lavender
5. Oregano
6. St John’s wort
7. Agastache. My favorite herb!
8. Shiso. It self seeds at a rapid pace.
9. Thyme
10. Bee balm
11. Egyptian walking onions.
12. Strawberries 🍓
13. Goji berries

That’s all I can think of. Look forward to other responses. Great topic!
2 months ago