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Recent posts by Scott Stiller

That video was a quality find Jay. I really enjoyed it. The young maple could be in the way of the construction but it’s not too close to the mound. I’ve been making hugelkultur’s for a decade and the best place to plant tree in next to it but not in it. All of my tree guilds started with a hugelkultur. The trees were planted alongside while the annuals went on top and around the sides. I look forward to seeing your progress.
2 weeks ago
Clay’s ideas is phenomenal but beware of settling for the first two years. If you could somehow terrace from a solid surface (the ground) upward that would keep things in place. If the edges are simply on top of the soil they’ll sink and settle as well.
2 weeks ago
This is an outstanding idea. So good that I shared with folks on Instagram. I just wish there was an easy way to post stuff directly from here to there. At this point I’m just sending the link as a DM to people. I don’t normally do that so great job!
3 weeks ago
Good evening Richard.
Since my last post I’ve spoke with two farmers who have donkeys. Both said that the animals seem to sense that the toxic plants are bad. Neither of them has had issues with their animals.
Hello Richard. I’ve read several places that the leaves, twigs, roots and unripe fruit are toxic to livestock. I have also read that if there’s quality food and forage they will probably leave it alone.
However, I have no actual experience with this issue. Hopefully someone will. I have friends with donkeys and will be asking.
Love your work J! We all don’t have the perfect place and logs for a textbook hugelkultur. I like how you used what you had. I’ve seen videos of Paul teaching somewhere in California. They had zero logs but lots of sticks. Everything turned out just fine and I know yours will as well!
1 month ago
Thanks for reviving an old thread Richard!
There are several reasons not to use bamboo in in a hugelkultur; thanks for reminding us of a few.
I have access to bamboo on the neighboring farm. They want me to take all I can get! It took me a couple years to determine its best use. I harvest all I want in fall and leave it to dry overwinter. In spring they all become plant stakes and are no longer capable of putting down roots.
Once they’ve reached the end of that life they go on to become plant markers. I’ll get a whole season out of them! Whatever is left become part of my mulch.
Bamboo is antibacterial and is great for keeping fusarium in line as part of my annual beds. I don’t find it to be great mulch in a food forest due to its anti fungal properties however.
Here’s a pic of the ultimate biodegradable plant marker.
1 month ago
That’s more like a compost fortress Anne. 😂
I’ll be sure to pass along whatever method she decides on. Thanks!
2 months ago
Hello all. I have a friend that has moved to an area with heavy bear traffic. As we were talking a few questions came up. Will bears normally mess with compost? Is there a style of compost pile or bin that’s better than others? Is there anything else she needs to know? Thanks!
2 months ago
Thanks T! The area he wants them is beside a pond. I think it’s too wet for them. I have successfully planted things around vertical hugelkultur’s before. I wouldn’t give it another thought if I were planting them here. I just don’t want his to die.
Thanks again!
2 months ago