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Recent posts by Juan Pedro Ortiz

Hey guys is anyone else having problems trying to download the free rocket mass heat manual?
I've tried on two seperate computers and it says the file is corrupted?
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks for your help
Hey here's a place to get heritage Scion wood in Melbourne. Now to find some root stock!

5 years ago
Hey guys thanks for the tips.
I've put a bunch of apple seeds into the fridge so fingers crossed they germinate.
I'm going to give the Department of Primary Industries a ring this week and see what they know. I haven't found them to be very helpful in the past though so not expecting much.
Konstantinos thread is awesome! What a worthwhile endeavour!
5 years ago
Hey guys just looking for a bit of info on marketing.
I've been brewing Fish Hydrolysate for a while now for the farm and garden and have started thinking of bottling it up and selling it.
It works wonders on the garden and the orchards are noticeably healthier since I started using it two years ago.
I've got about 3000L of it at the moment.

Any ideas on how to get it out there?

thanks guys
5 years ago
Hey guys does anyone know where to find organic wheat in Victoria?
Would love some to grow my mushroom spawn on.

thanks again
5 years ago
Hey guys does anyone know of any where in Australia where we can get cheap fruit trees?
I am looking for somewhere affordable (hopefully in Victoria) to get a heap of fruit trees for the beginnings of a food forest.
Last year I bought from a place in North Vic but at $20+ per bare rooted tree it quickly adds up!

Any ideas? Seems like there are a few places in the US where people can source trees for fairly cheap but I haven't been able to find anything similar down here.
Any help would be hugely appreciated.

5 years ago
We've also seen the same thing, the worms seem to love the scobys that we throw in.
5 years ago
You could look at getting a solar Water Distiller, a friend of mine has one and I think he gets somewhere around 10L of distilled water a day.
6 years ago
Hey guys has anyone done any online Biodynamics courses?
I've come across two, http://www.biodynamic.org.uk/training.html
and http://www.biodynamiceducation.com/courses/certificate-program/
Would love to hear from anyone whose done them or heard anything as I can't decide which to do.

6 years ago