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Recent posts by Jimmie Sue Montana

Hi Is there a list here of folks who have scion wood for sale?
I have lots of NW Montana grown wood at half the price of big nurseries. 2$

Trades and plant collectors welcome.

PM for variety and lets talk!
8 months ago
I have beautiful scion wood for apple, pear, peach, plum and others.  Not a internet social media person and find these site a difficult navigation so please repost or write to m if I posted incorrectly.  GRAFTER  Grafting is easy.... a pocket knife and electric tape or flagging tape even works!  Wrap em tight seal open cuts so nothing dehydrates.  PM if you want to talk about grafting, varieties and buy sticks at $2 ea
8 months ago
Hi Again, Just posting more to see if there is an interest here locally in western Montana a for goat friends... for goat discussions. They are part of my permaculture sustainable living lifestyle.

Did you know goat milk from Swiss breeds  often have the strongest goaty flavor in the milk?  They are bred to have strong flavored milk....I guess that's an acquired taste. I seek the light sweet clean tasting milkers. It is an inheritable trait as is production, butterfat and shape of the teats for ease of milking.
Goat health management is very unique to the area located. In Western Montana it is necessary to give a copper supplement or they will fail. Copper bolus your goats and see the parasite resistance, hair color improve and fur coat grow. Fertility is also affected.  This deficency is due to copper antagonists in the soils and lack of the mineral in the soil.

for info   https://thriftyhomesteader.com/goats-and-copper-deficiency/

Anyone raising Boer Goats in Western Montana? Want to?  Got Goats? I grow winter squashes to feed goats.  These boer bucks need a home or be   made into good clean meat.
More reasons to avoid goats...
Think its a way to make money? Haha break even if you do not count fencing costs maybe...
It is not real soothing to hear bucks screaming like they are being eaten alive because they cant be with the girls all the time...
Weaning time  everyone is screaming like they are in pain.

Once A neighbor came to my farm because they thought one of my animals were trapped or hurt cause he was screaming all day.  

Oh and Montana snow can be so deep they have to be in a barn all winter of suffer and die...  Ya know Boer Goats are from South Africa.... Whos idea was it anyway to take them to frigid north lands?  Are you a goat vet? well you might have to become one. Montana vets might kill your goat with Micotil. Fatal antibiotic cause heart attack in a goat. Two times it happened in 6 years...good thing I study or I would have killed goats by that injection. A wake up call. I was lucky to have just read that info.

Who said "build Better fences" eh? see the vid of a 5' fence jumper?  

Witnessed a tall 175 lb dairy doe goat with a full 1 gallon udder sail over a cattle panel with ease to my amazement.  I cull jumpers and breed bigger fatter goats.
Baby Goats!!  I love spring.
1 year ago
Buy it in Montana...western Montana broker locates specialty properties. Try Mountain Splendor Realty for permie setups and agriculture connection.
Hi Amanda, Lets hope the breeder was honest....  I thought your post was about angora goats... I raise goats.  Maybe vitamin e and minerals will solve the situation.  Non breeders may have cysts... e takes care of that in many species. Best of Luck
1 year ago
The cost of fencing posted above could better reflect the true cost of fencing for prospective homesteaders, sheep runners and goat keepers by adding in actual costs that you will pay... like corners (4 ) (estimate $125 per corner, and cost of actual gate...14' wire filled about $240)   at least one gate as well as staples screws nails insulators and the labor. THE LABOR and it only lasts 30 years if you live in a desert.  Wood posts 30 years??  maybe some.

Metal Post here in MT run about 5 $ in bulk at 6', wood posts are more and Red Brand wire 330' is 189$  . 169$ on sale a couple times a year. I do not have the equipment or skill to lift the wire out of the truck let alone stretch it or pound post and build corners.   Wood post are most preferred for corners and they are taller and larger diameter.  Maybe if you do fences for a living or have buddies that help it can be as easy and cost effective as it sound like above.

Total agree it is most important to protect your livestock with proper fencing. Do the numbers.  get bids.

Also predators vary according to your area, your crops and stock and management practices. If you live near or in the suburbs you cant just shoot whats eating your goat. Usually dogs in the burbs.. dogs are responsible for 17% of goat predator loss according to American Goat Society.   Pee really does work but it needs to be male pee and it only works on animals that fear humans... not dogs.  on the other hand if you are protecting plants blood meal or blood keeps deer away. I slaughter animals in my orchard occasionally.   Yes it stinks but I value my young replacement trees more.

Dogs are a must for those who actually raise livestock in herds or spend time out working the ranch especially in wooded mountainous terrain. Only wealthy gentleman ranchers have predator proof fencing... and its not predator proof. Digging works well...
3 years ago