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Watch out for GMO papaya. Nearly all papaya from HI is GMO, maybe other parts of the world too.
6 years ago
Has anyone tried LICORICE root as a sweetener.

The Asian species (Glycyrrhiza glabbra) is said to be sweeter than the local one (Glycyrrhiza lepidota). Actually the Asian species is too strong for many.

I have the local variety growing here in South central Idaho, but I also have the Asian one growing here that I have planted. Have not harvested either one.
6 years ago
My go to antibiotics contain berberine: goldenseal (endangered), barberry and Oregon grape root. I use the latter more often than the others and strictly avoid the goldenseal. There are MANY other antibiotics, anti virals and anti microbials out there. Many, if not most, are quite easy to grow for yourself.
6 years ago
One other thing to consider. Why many compounds are toxic the DOSE to toxicity needs to be investigated and questioned. Comfry, for instance, has been determined to be toxic because it was fed to 6 month old rats as 30% of their diet for a long term. Well SOME of the baby rats got SOME lesions on their liver. So, in our herbal practice we do not do that. We also do not give it to pregnant ladies. We are very careful with small children just to be careful. We have never had an issue with adults.

INTERPRET the data, don't just follow blindly.
6 years ago
Caution is good but willow is actually very safe. You can use it green or dried. It does take a bit more to reach effectiveness, especially if you are using whole plant material instead of the tedious inner bark scraping. My primary concern is herbicide and pesticide spraying. While it is true that chemical concentrations vary, this is true with ALL home remedies. There is only so much you can do to control that without a lab. But who wants to do that. For each batch you will need to start at a low dose and work up to what works for YOU.

Feverfew is a good Migraine medicine. It will need to be used as a tonic rather than as an acute symptom medication though.

For tension headaches there are other herbs that will work better than willow: lobelia, valerian, chamomile, cramp bark and many others that work on the nervous system.

Also for your information there are many willow type plants that can be substituted: aspen, poplar, birch are most of them. Others have been mentioned above.
6 years ago
Lambs Quarters is a GREAT and TASTY edible that is FULL of minerals.

There is some anecdotal information on bindweed in cancer treatments. Type bindweed cancer into a search engine for more information.
6 years ago