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since Feb 19, 2013
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Keen student of Nature. World traveler. Managed properties, permaculture sites, nature guiding, plant nursery and propagation, energy efficient design and heating, solar technology, electric vehicles. Building a custom RV to see as much of N. America and Central Anerica as possible.
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Recent posts by Jeremy Baker

Have used numerous used panels and seldom had a issue. If it’s a mobile application then looking for the most efficient and quality panel makes sense. Worth paying a little more. For ground applications I’m not as choosy. My first RV about 12 years ago I could only find 13% efficient panels for a affordable price. The system is rather heavy. Now 22% efficient panels are commonly available.
1 month ago
I read about inoculating cellulose with fungi which turns it into a polymer structure. The fungus actually formed a useable structure. Great stacking of functions. I wonder if a log cabin could be inoculated? Fun pipe dream anyway.
1 month ago
Peter, did you have door blower test performed on your house? Most houses I’ve lived in have so many leaks there’s no way a small ventilation fan would pressurize the house. But our next house is like to to perform better.
3 months ago
Following this thread. Very interested in building a natural home in that area. Is there any update on the government status wth the opt out program? Thanks
3 months ago
Sour cherries, sautéed, on beef jerky is what I had laying around calling my name
4 months ago
I’ve been hypermiling for 45 years. But the biggest savings I’ve made is not driving as much. And get insurance that charges me by how little I drive. I also have had a few vehicles that mysteriously  got much better fuel mileage than others. I should have kept them.
5 months ago
HI Tessa,
Welcome to Permies. Are you new or have you been reading posts for a while? What are your project priorities this year?
I have been checking out New Mexico but plan on being back to Washington by Summer. I was on a big fire up the Entiat and have hiked extensively in that region. Are you near town or up valley? I’m always searching for cool projects and people.
7 months ago

Barbara Kochan wrote:IMHO solar panels should not be arrayed in large numbers to be controlled by power companies, but be on individual buildings (homes and businesses) thereby not requiring extra land, eliminating the need for transmission lines, and making large scale power problems (due to weather, greed, or sabotage) history.

In Germany it is common to see the ubiquitous large agricultural or commercial buildings covered in solar panels. It’s rather impressive effort and the most appropriate place for panels IMHO. I’d rather see land restored to habitat for  the many threatened species than covered with panels. What is really need is much more efficient panels so less space would be needed.

While it’s a interesting concept the  ground mounted panel is not new. RVers have been setting panels out on the ground for years. And they do get broken.
8 months ago