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since Feb 19, 2013
Keen student of Nature. World traveler. Managed properties, permaculture sites, nature guiding, plant nursery and propagation, energy efficient design and heating, solar technology, electric vehicles. Building a custom RV to see as much of N. America and Central Anerica as possible.
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Recent posts by Jeremy Baker

I see lots of newer RVs parked in the desert with the hood up. I asked and was informed it was to deter rodents from lurking in the engine area and chewing. I often find a pile of poop on the engine of my vehicles but , knock wood, so far no noticeable chewing (my vehicles are 25-30 years old so perhaps not soya wiring?) . Oh, if a vehicle has been sitting always looking for rodent nests in the air cleaner before attempting to start the vehicle. I’ve cleaned many nests from air cleaners.
1 week ago
Steve, I’m not the one to do the 3D design but I’ve been doing a little research to build a few composting toilets for skoolies, vans, and RVs. It seems there’s a need for the parts in that world too. Then I noticed a person in Arizona that 3D prints toilet parts and sells them on eBay. I’m in AZ currently and have considered getting some. Not sure if he has the flap. What about a C-Head design with a plug I think it has?  Anyway let us know what you figure out. Maybe you can collaborate with the person in AZ? I’m leaning to more of a C-Head design at present.
2 months ago
It’s easy to damage diesels with wvo from what I hear. They are expensive engines. I didn’t want to risk it. Ive heard the indirect injection engines are easiest to run on wvo.
2 months ago
That Liberator stove looks good. I am trying a smaller stove for small spaces. It’s not UL listed.  Not sure how big you need.
2 months ago
Hello, I lived in Suxxex during 1970- 1971. Theres some things I miss from there. One trick I learned here is to save a rusty old sheet of steel, toss some rocks on the ground then lay the steel on top. The steel and rocks heat up fast in the sun and garter snakes and lizards love it.
2 months ago
Okay, maybe someone familiar with that stove design else can chime in. I have a similar challenge to keep a poorly insulated Motorhome from freezing. If I use water as thermal mass I can drain it when time to travel. Ive been thinking of something similar to a rocket stove with a pellet hopper that is attached to the side of a water tank.  
2 months ago
These nifty Delta inverters work with no battery. Up to 6000 watts during the day. My friend bought 2 of them but has not tried them yet. Not a bad price too.
2 months ago
Can you provide a link to a K style rocket stove. I did a keyword search of Permies and came up with Zilch. That’s a cool cogeneration idea using rocket stove and solar energy.
2 months ago
A cool design would be a greenhouse going up a hill with a composter going down one side or both sides. Fresh material could be dumped in the top and finished compost taken out the bottom. A “continuous” composter.  Also the greenhouse could create a warm draft at the top and that draft could be used for heating a house, shop, studio, drying food, etc. Ive long wanted to live on a site with a hill and use gravity and convection.
2 months ago
Yes, thanks Cristo. Will definitely take that vermicomposting toilet into consideration. Hey Colin, as you have a excavator and a source of poop have you considered a bio digester? They are so simple and the hugest garden vegetables I’ve ever seen were at the outflow of one I looked at.
 I’m wondering if a super hot composter could be designed then some of the heat removed so that it’s not so hot that it burns up as quickly. It seems to me if you are removing heat you want surplus heat. Ive dreamed about building some type of mechanical mixer so I don’t have to manually turn the compost. With the “windrow” method they just have long piles of compost and turn it with a loader. Ive only seen this outside. This is the opposite of the “mouldering” method where no turning is done and it takes longer and is cooler. The good old two-bin mouldering toilet is what I was going to build. One full toilet bin sits for a year or two while the other toilet bin is in use.
I thought about building a series of large steps into a hillside. Carbon/nitrogen material is dumped onto the first step. Then shoved onto the next step letting gravity do most of the work. Actually just dumping stuff at the top of a hill and collecting rich soil at the bottom of the hill works good and is a simple as it gets. So I thought of building a greenhouse lengthwise going up a hill. Is your site flat?
2 months ago