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Recent posts by Sheila Kingsley

Hi Jessica.  Welcome.  Hope you get as much out of this permies site as I have over the years.  I sure wish it was available 50 years ago when I had access to some wonderful land.

Still, I learn something new almost daily from the generous sharing of folks on this site, mostly gardening, energy efficiency, and food storage. The conjoined ideas of permaculture and prepping have served me and my family well over the years.

3 years ago
We live near you, by the Elmira-Corning regional airport. Would love to meet up with you and share your adventure.
5 years ago
I like to cook up a big batch of cream of wheat and save the extra in a flat bottomed dish or saucepan. I leave it on the counter overnight. By morning it is well solidified and can be turned onto a hot oiled iron griddle. I fry it up until there's a light brown crust on both sides. We like it topped with butter and brown sugar, or strawberry jam, or real maple syrup. It makes a stick-to-your-ribs hot breakfast. Sometimes I add fruit, berries, or raisins and mix it in while the cereal is hot. After it is fried in the morning it's real tasty with a dusting of powdered sugar.
6 years ago
Thanks Rick and Chris.

My home is a single wide with the kitchen in the end. The kitchen is about 11 X 12 and has a good sized eating area. No way I can afford to replace the cabinets, even though they are poorly constructed and designed.
The two major problems are inaccessiblilty and wasted space. Small, high cabinet over the sink required a step stool (which my son forbids me use when I'm alone) I use to store canning jars and supplies and a few rarely used seasonal items up there. Unfortunately all the upper cabinets are so high I can easily access only the bottom shelves where I keep our dishes and glassware and serving pieces. The base cabinets are even worse. there is only one shelf and storage space on the floor. In all three corners I have four square feet of blind storage on both the shelf and on the floor; my personal black hole of Calcutta. Since I can no longer kneel and still get back on my feet, I have to ask someone to help when I want something back in there. So that's where I store my dehydrated emergency food supply. My regular supply of canned goods is on a large steel shelving unit, which takes up a lot of space in this kitchen.

The bottom cabinet shelves are 13" above the floor. From the top of the shelf it's 21" to the bottom of the countertop. Wasted space!

Since cabinet replacement is financially impossible, can these storage spaces be improved without a big investment? We are considering removing the lower doors and cutting away the toe plate in the door opening so we can slide items out without having to lift them over a 5" board. If we cut back the door opening a few inches maybe we could attach some sliding shelves?
6 years ago
Years ago my nine-year-old boy had to pee, and our only bathroom was in use. He took a pint canning jar down into the basement and used it to pee in. He put the almost full jar on top of a cabinet between the joists where it couldn't be seen. It was without a lid, and stayed there for who knows how long. Finally, it began to stink so bad we thought a rodent had died in the walls of our little pantry which was in the cellar stairway. We emptied all the shelves and found nothing. We tore out the wallboard - nothing. I finally checked the top of the cabinet with a flashlight and found the jar with about an inch of jelled urine. Mystery solved. I told my son that next time the bathroom was busy to go pee on the compost pile. It turned out well, since I was able to put shelves in the spaces between the studs, increasing my storage space for canned goods..
6 years ago
It surprises me how few items there are for the millions of people who live in mobile home parks.

Of course I'd love to have land of my own, and if I could afford it, I would. However, at 75 years of age and in iffy health, that's not in the cards for me.

My home is well insulated and has double paned windows throughout. Since I live in Upstate NY it is essential to find ways to control heating/cooling costs.

Alongside my patio I have a 2.5 foot by 40 foot herb garden. Between my skirting and sidewalk I have planted five blueberry bushes this year. I plant only edibles and medicinals.
Next year I plan to put in two or three filberts by the front fence. Under my south-facing kitchen window I have a 4 X 8 ft. raised bed garden in which I grew some mammoth sunflowers for birdseed this summer.
Next year I want to use it for strawberries and salad makings. Our park owners let us and another family go together on a small vegetable garden on some unused space between trailers. It's wonderful how much produce we can get from a 25 foot square garden. We dehydrate and can a lot of food to supplement our diet. The biggest problem is the awful design of the kitchen cupboards that make food storage extremely difficult.

This year we set up two rain barrels to harvest water from the patio roof. My next project is to make a slow sand water filter. My son wants to help me set up an area in our kitchen to grow some micro greens this winter.

I am really blessed to live in a park where the owners allow such activities. It sure makes for some happy tenants.

6 years ago
Michael, I live in a mobile home park near Elmira, NY. For out-of-staters who don't realize how rural Upstate NY is, I live in the town of Horseheads, village of Big Flats. We are surrounded by forested hills.
My son and I are learning to garden in a shared space up the road. Right by my trailer I've started a medicinal herb garden and a three sisters raised garden bed. We are guerilla planting in the tree line around the park.
We made a tumbler composter and are replacing all the non-edible ornamental landscaping with edibles. Last year we made a rocket stove so I can cook outside in warm weather. This summer I want to set up a water harvesting system and build a slow sand filter. Little by little we are learning, and it's a lot of fun!
6 years ago
Any other quilters here? Can an old pilled poly blanket be used as batting for a quilt? Would it make the finished product lumpy? Batting is so expensive!
7 years ago