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paul wheaton wrote:I think this is a fun image from the media kit:

Very appropriate and convincing for our climate! :)
2 weeks ago
Please forgive me if I'm just dumb, but I cannot find greywater part on presented drawings. When you talk abut it in the video (great one!) I would love to see where greywater enters the structure, what happens to it and how it leaves it (or not to hear about greywater at all, then I would focus on tomatoes). ;)
3 weeks ago
Perhaps using a classic, millenia old solution for chariots, horse carts and similar "vehicles" would work?

1 month ago
I will make a small contribution as always.
1 month ago

"Sorry, our digital market products are for sale only in the US at this time."

Something new?
Wild elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are native to my area in Poland. They are wonderful plants, providing me with flowers and fruits. Recently they have started to die out. There are no obvious symptoms of disease, older bushes simply start to have more and more dead branches and finally do not "awake" after winter. What might be possible reason for that? It is far from any pollution, other trees are doing fine. I read that elderberries live up to 60 years, these have less than 30 for sure.
5 months ago
In the Instructors section, Paul's bio is incorrect :)

As to the formatting, I would reduce spacing and make the page more "compacted"  if possible. For instance, at the end of each track section there is a bigger than "normal" empty space that can be recovered.
5 months ago
Some ideas:
- consider bokashi kitchen composting bucket. It takes a square feet of a floor space so I guess it can fit anywhere and works great.
- I'm tempted to include rainwater colection (for watering plants grown in containers).
- a typical urban food growing strategy - hanging window herb farm
- micro solar for emergency light and charging electronics (I use flexible, movable solar panels to charge my power tools, anywhere where sun shines)
- not sure if anyone have mentioned dishwashing
- also producing own biodegradable soap and other cleaning products
- using chestnuts for washing clothes
- internal clothesline / clothes hanger instead of electric dryer
- solar cooking is possible as well, if only sun hits your window (vacuum tube cooker is compact and fits on window sill).
5 months ago

Morfydd St. Clair wrote:Pflanzmich in Germany has Zizania caduciflora as plants, if that helps:

This is a different (Asiatic) species but thank you for the link.
5 months ago