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Recent posts by Richard Gorny

Good luck and please let us know how it goes!

If I could make 10$ a day it would be enough to make a living here, Gert style ;)

I have my pics sorted, filed, divided by places, topics and years they have been taken. Underwater photos separately, garden separately, etc. The only thing unsorted is related to camera evolution - the older the picture the smaller size obviously. I doubt a bulk upload makes sense, as your chance to sell any is as good as keywords you add to each picture. And that might be time consuming.

On the other hand, while posting here I could upload a pic or two, and then, who knows ....

Well, that's exactly what I'm looking for - not one pay-out but rather a steady trickling small income. But I kinda doubt it. My friend who is talented photographer with a record of some award winning pictures is not making any substantial money from stock photos, so how an averege Joe the Amateur Photographer can make it? I might be entirely wrong here I don't know ...
I have dozens of thousands of pics but I have never tried to sell any. With billions of photos on the Internet it was always quite questionable to me that my photo will be found, chosen, and purchased. Unless you are extremaly lucky and your photo will be chosen by a huge corporation, I'm quite skeptic that it is worth time spent. On the other hand, I will never know until I try it.... I would gladly learn from someone who actually has done that, how many photos were uploaded, and what passive income they generate per year.
There is no spoon ... so let's make one ;)

1 week ago
From my experience all peas, beans and favas can be sown directly into woodchips in the first season, they all do quite well.

Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes were growing for me just fine as well.

Strawberries were fine.

Cucurbits, especially zuchinies, we growing but required additional fertilization during the season.

Poor results for tomatoes unless planted in pockets of a very good compost.

No luck for any brassicas.

Each next year is better though.
2 weeks ago
Wow, that is very generous Paul, many thanks! I will make a permaculture related contest on my FB site and I will distribute these codes to the winners. I'm sure they will love it.
2 weeks ago
On Christmas my beavers have cut another aspen tree, so I have decided to give it a try, to encourage others to join and have fun as well ;)

3 weeks ago
My answer might sounds weird but in my opinion the two most important things in such course are permaculture design methodology and individual feedback on the final design exercise. Our goal should be to teach people how to start designing.
I have a mixture of mostly birch, linden and norway maple leaves. The first two are gone in a couple of months, maple leaves though have to be removed at spring since they do not decompose fast enough. I put remaining leaves on paths or in compost as browns. Sometimes I shred maple leaves with electric mower, then they decompose way faster.
1 month ago
Every year I add a few square meters to my garden by using fallen leaves. I usually start with other organic matter in early Autumn (kitchen wastes, old hay) followed by fallen leaves just before first frost.
1 month ago