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Recent posts by Richard Gorny

Pearl Sutton wrote: I'll see how my walnut trees and fish do together.  

Did you come to any conclusions? I'm looking for the same answer :)
3 weeks ago
Please note that some of us have already seen the video in its production phase, when you guys were asking for feedback. I have backed up the Kickstarter on Day 1, and since then, I feel that I have done my part, so I do not follow it anymore, knowing that has been already funded. My Kickstarter notifications are on, so for each your project I have backed up I'm getting an email with pretty much same content, so I simply delete it. I always open plotskateer emails though, looking if I can be of any help. I think it would be very helpful to see a chart that shows proportion between previous Kickstarter supporters vs new ones. My impression is that tools like dailish email work entirely different for "vets" and "newbies". That would help to see who is your "target audience". You can take it even further and look at totals spent by each group. I'm not a marketing expert at all, so if it all does not hold any water ... seal it ... errr ... just ignore :)
3 weeks ago

Michael Cox wrote:Dandelions are flowering here too, as of the past 48 hours or so. They are a very welcome plant for beekeepers, as they are one of the first abundant nectar and pollen sources for spring.

Interesting, here as much as we like dandelions, they are considered very poor bee forage, due to incomplete amino acids profile in the pollen. Bee families that forage exclusively on dandelions grow slower in numbers. During the period of their flowering the most valuable pollen still comes from willows.
4 weeks ago
Neighbors are former farmers, but they no longer farm. It's been enough to plant some veggies to make them think I am crazy (Oh why bother? There is plenty of cheap veggies in the supermarket!). And then, I have planted some trees ....
1 month ago

Nancy Reading wrote:I could give every young person in the US and EU a copy of 'Building a better world' (Dr Google says about 34 million between 15 and 19) and still have lots $ left.

Then this money (at least big part of it) will go to the pocket (a huge one) of Paul Wheaton, and I'm sure he knows how to use it to infect even more brains with permaculture ;)

If not that, I would fund a small permaculture demo site in each city / county / neighborhood /school , to lead by example.
1 month ago
Pond in winter is the best place to find out who else lives there.

It looks like a lot of traffic :)

2 months ago
@Skandi Rogers, I should proably add to that, that even bigger success was introduction of Stropharia rugosoannulata - known as  wine cap stropharia, "garden giant", burgundy mushroom or king stropharia. I have innoculated wood chips that went into the paths between my raised beds.

Now these mushrooms grow in numbers exactly where the wooden edge of raised bed meets the path. Everywhere around is a dry sand, so these are not spreading so far.
2 months ago
Oh yes, I do have an update :)

I harvest parasol mushrooms on regular basis in season now, but what they have done is that they have colonized other parts of my garden, rather than stay where I planned them to grow. No complaints about that at all.
2 months ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Or:  "People like Mike can find worthy heirs, and good people can prove their worth.  MaybeEven if they are just proving it to themselves."

That's it! :)
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

I like the script, the only thing I would add is to say one line just before the last paragraph, to complete the thread that has started with Mike Oehler story - to sum up benefit of the SKIP both for the owners of properties and the people looking for the land, i.e practical value of verified accomplishments that you mention earlier.

I think this is a good idea, although I am not sure how to work that into the script.  Any ideas?

Something like:

"We developed the whole system so it can be utterly free for anybody. As people get their accomplishments verified, they are then required to verify the accomplishments of others. It makes finding worthy heirs, as well as becoming one, way easier"
3 months ago