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Recent posts by Richard Gorny

I'm wondering, how much of the success can be attributed to your presence and activity on ?

In your opinion, what percentage of your YT audience are nice permies from this forums?

What if you do not have that huge user base that can be a source of potential support ?
Shared on my FB page, liked and commented on YT :)
2 months ago
Hi Scott,

I did not use any additional sealing in my setup.
So far, I had three incidents:

- after some time, when tanks were full, water pressure has dislocated lower right elbow and water started to leave the system forcibly. I have heard the noise, put elbow back in place and tied the junction with hay string to keep it better in place

- very heavy inflow of stormwater has disconnected overflow pipe from its socket. I have placed a heavy object on top of that junction to keep it in place

- I have stumbled upon water outlet valve, removing it from its socket, I have put it back in place.

One of the reasons for doing it all this way is that I want to be able to disassemble this system easily if a need arises (cleaning, broken pipe/tank, etc.) therefore I do not use any sealant and glues. If you want to make it more sturdy and secure, use silicone glue for aquariums perhaps.
3 months ago
There is so many options ... I will list some:
3 months ago
Keeping wildlife at bay - garder, pond, tree protection.
4 months ago
Moving water up - ram pump, windmill
4 months ago

James MacKenzie wrote:can you buy canadian organic culinary wild rice there?

if so buy a bag and try propagating it... it pretty much gets harvested and bagged whole with the hull

hey, something to try

It will not work, since seeds are dried before packaging. It kills seeds and germination is zero.

In nature, wild rice drops seeds into water or into muck. They never dry out.
5 months ago

Olga Booker wrote:B and T World seeds do sell them in France

Hope this helps

They do not have them in stock, as far as I know.

B & T World Seeds

Sorry, seeds of Zizania aquatica Wild Rice are not currently available
Please click here to add "Zizania aquatica Wild Rice" to our Wants List.
5 months ago
Nothing came out of this in terms of getting seeds from someone in Europe. I have managed to get some freshly collected seeds from the US though. Out of approx. 200 seeds, less than 10 germinated and reached maturity. Their seeds were way smaller and less ripe at the first autumn frost date, so I am not sure if I will get the next generation of wild rice, but I have planted them anyway. Next year will show whether it is success or failure.
5 months ago

Richard Gorny wrote:No notification, no ads.

Ugh, sorry. There was an email notification delivered to my Gmail account. I was expecting to get direct notification on my phone, via Youtube application.
5 months ago