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Not an orchard, but a small "forest garden" in my backyard, still in the making. "After" is 1.5 year later than "before"
3 days ago
I confess, I skip most of the text. I look at description of URL, and if the topic is of my interest, I follow the link. If not, I'm done with dailish in 2-3 seconds. I'd love to sit and read the whole thing, I'm sure I'd enjoy it, unfortunately I'm constantly in a hurry, short of time, behind a schedule. I hope that when winter comes I will have more time to fully appreciate all the content.
I take mine outside every day if weather allows, for at least one hour, sometimes for half a day.
Many thanks everyone for your replies, a lot of valuable information here.

I observe that commercially grown seedling that are being sold in a gardening center nearby differ from the ones I grow from seeds of (presumably) same variety.

I have tried to grow my seedling in natural light, as well as under quite powerful LED / fluorescent lights indoors, always getting same effect - seedlings reach lights very soon and I have to rise the lights to avoid burning plants.

From seeds sown in the first week of April, I have 2 feet plus tall plants by May 15th (the date of last frost). I bury them deeply, but it is not helping - first fruits form very high on the plants, while other gardeners have them almost touching ground.

During the season the plants grow vigorously, and they set flowers and fruits very far apart. No matter what is location in my backyard (and that determines amount of direct sun) and method of growing (I grow them in the soil, in grow bags and in strawbales).

Since I use my own potting mix for seedlings (based on what you guys say above), is it possible that it is too rich in nitrogen? Shall I reduce amount of compost I add to the mix?

Finally, if nothing else helps, what varieties would you recommend that sets nodes densely and close to the ground?
I have a pretty good tomato yields, but one thing bothers me every year. My tomatoes grow very tall, and they set fruits only high above the ground and with quite large distance between fruit clusters. I grow my tomatoes seedlings inside, I plant them out outside after last frost, and they grow outside, outgrowing trellises. I would like to have them more "compact", so my question is: what environmental variables (putting tomato variety aside) determines their height and the distance between flower / fruit clusters?
Wow, thanks a lot Burra, you might actually delete this topic as obsolete :)
8 months ago
I have found this article today, I believe it is a great way to promote RMH's.

8 months ago
"Report a post to the moderators" :D

I have never seen a post worth doing that here, either the people are too nice, or the mods are too quick .. ;)
I have finally found a way to eat my sunchokes without a gas mask afterwards ;) Fermenting seems to work just fine. Either sliced tubers, or whole, both work. Sliced one are ready in less than a week, for whole ones I had to wait a bit longer. I have used just salted water and some spices.
8 months ago
There are at least two types of URL's on permies forums:

Short one:
A bit longer one:

Both lead to the same post, but the second contains information about forum section it belongs to. Maybe that helps?