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Hi Folks,
We (Formidable Veg), Spoonbill, Dropbear and Brenna Quinlan poured heart and soul into this one for the good of the world, so we really hope you like it.

We think it's a message that definitely needs to be heard now. If you have any friends in the media (mainstream or social media champions), please indulge us with 5 minutes of your time to personally send it to them. With no budget to spend on a classic marketing campaign, we're relying on organic shares and word of mouth (or rather, keyboard) to get this out as far and wide as we can.

If you're part of any organisations who send out a newsletter, political parties, community groups... whatever, please feel free to send this release (below) around to help us spread the word. Thank you so much for being such wonderful supporters! It means more than ever right now. May your respective regenerative lives be blooming with goodness. Love, Charlie (Formidable Vegetable)


***For Immediate Release***


NEW SINGLE: 'CLIMATE MOVEMENT' (a post-pandemic manifesto)

"People in every walk of life are trying to work out how to change their behaviour to fight climate change. One example is the Australian electro-funk band Formidable Vegetable, who have been turning down huge gigs including the Glastonbury festival in the UK and a show at the Sydney Opera House because they don't want to fly."
- BBC World Service Feb 2020.

Listen/Download Track Here:
A call to action for these trying times, Climate Movement is a collaboration between eco-funk/swing band, Formidable Vegetable and internationally renowned EDM producer, Spoonbill. In an increasingly chaotic and destructive world, Permaculture is one of the best tools for designing community-scale solutions for regenerative global change. This is an anthemic and heartfelt invitation to summon the skills that you have and use them now with others around you to build the sustainable world we desperately need. Featuring Mal Webb on trombone, Kylie Morrigan on strings and high-end production of cinematic proportions, this track is history in the making. Get amongst it.






For media enquiries, contact:
2 months ago
New Permaculture Album Coming Soon!

Hey folks, we're making a new Formidable Vegetable album inspired by permaculture ethics and are offering an album download of Radish Beets to anyone who can help us spread the word!

Head here to check it out/share and get 'yer free album:

Thanks in advance and hope to see ya round soon!
Love, Charlie & Formidable Veg
1 year ago
2017 Formidable Vegetable Sound System US Tour!

More at:
3 years ago
Hi USA/Turtle Island friends! Guess what?

Well, two things, really:
Number One: we have a BRAND NEW SONG ABOUT HUMANURE (which I'll post at the end of this thread, so you read the SECOND thing first!) and...
Number Two (haha, quite the appropriate number following a comment about Humanure!):
Yes, Australia's premier Permaculture Electroswing Ukulele outfit, Formidable Vegetable Sound System will be on tour in the United States from May 3 (starting in Hawaii) to June 11.

I'm currently in turbo-charged gig-booking mode, so please feel welcome to send any suggestions/invites for (paid) gigs/festivals to : charlie *at* permaculturesongs *dot* com.
(It's no cheap feat touring from Australia, so while I would love to come and play at all of the fundraisers/parties/permie shindigs in exchange for food/friends/love, I really need to prioritise exchanges in the form of the boring old-fashioned green stuff in order to pay the band and get us over there!)

Hope to hear from & see y'all soon!  
And now, for your listening/viewing pleasure... a SONG!
(FYI: a "Dunny" is our good old Aussie word for a backyard toilet!)

3 years ago
Good question, thanks comrade Ranson!
Yes, we do ship everywhere in the world and you can order the physical CDs here:

(it comes with an activity book containing recpies/garden tips etc, not a colouring book... but you're welcome to draw on it if you want!)
3 years ago
Hi folks, I've uploaded the video to YouTube. Feel free to share:

Rest in Pea-Straw, Bill. X
3 years ago
Here's a tribute I put together for Bill Mollison. Feel free to share:

3 years ago
Thanks for sharing Craig! More collabs with Hugo are in the pipelines as well
love, Charlie
3 years ago
Yay! It's finished! Have a listen to the new Formidable Vegetable Sound System Kids' permaculture album: Grow Do It!

3 years ago
Hi everyone! We've just released our brand new KIMCHI music video! Check it out and give it a good ol' share if you like it! Love, Charlie

3 years ago