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Martijn Stokkers

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since Apr 06, 2013
Not much to say; i'm half Dutch half Yugoslav typicaly Gen Xer and preparing to go back to what is left of Yugoslavia and have a go at "modern" Permaculture/Homesteading.
I believe that by properly combining modern day technology and old time techniques and attitudes ,you can improve the quality of live beyond what is possible now...
The Netherlands
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Ooooooh Sweet!!!
That'll teach me to post questions,when i ought to be getting some shuteye...
5 years ago
So yeah,the Stirling engine.The not so dangerous but weaker cousin of the steam engine.
Can it be made to work in conjunction with a RMH,and should we even bother?
5 years ago
this dude seems to have method of biochar production that might be able to turn fecal biomass in to a biochar...

i hope this gives you some inspriration...
6 years ago
Thanks Adam that's one worth looking into. but correct me if i'm wrong but isn't there in practice some kind of upper limit to how hot the thermal mass"bench" usually gets?
6 years ago
Hi everybody,my name is Martijn and i'm both a first time poster as wel as total newbie to these forums.
Anyway,to get to the point :
Does anybody here have any experience with combining a rocket mass heater with a diy food dehydrator?
I have no land to grow my own food atm,the weather/climate in the Netherlands is not really conductive to Solar dehydration,but our markets sell produce for a really low price at the end of our market days (wednesdays and saturdays) giving me/us the option to buy fresh produce in bulk (sort of).
Now me and some friends of mine do not really need a rocket mass heater to heat our homes right now,but we would like to be able to dry/dehydrate our food and have long term food storage.
So,using woodscraps and tree clippings instead of electricity or natural gas to make a dehydrator just seems like a smart idea to me,but sofar i've found sweet fa on the concept.

So anybody have any tips or ideas?

my thanks in advance,

6 years ago