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Needle felting is just to mix the fibres, so the needles are usually barbed- too smooth and they wouldn't catch the fibres and move them.

For larger pieces you probably don't want to use a single needle either- stick a few in the end of a cork or something to speed up the process!
1 week ago
My greenhouse came with glass, but where I've broken things I've managed to get replacement glass panels easily enough- local window-fitters were quite happy for me to take old panels away, and I work with glass so cutting them to fit the greenhouse was easy for me.
1 week ago
I've acquired 3 aluminium and glass greenhouses for free.. not particularly imaginative I'm afraid! All of these 3 situations were older people who no longer wanted the greenhouses or couldn't manage them, but felt it was a shame to put them in the skip and were quite happy to let me dismantle and take them away.
1 week ago
I have goumi seeds, purchased off a popular internet auction site. Admittedly I have little idea of how to try and germinate them!

I've heard suggested 12-week cold stratification, notching the seed coat, sitting in sterile compost for up to 18 months (!), amongst others! I do intend to try a few ways, see if I can get anything to sprout- as I can't get hold of an actual plant here.
2 weeks ago
Be careful- birds will sometime seat styrofoam and it can't be very good for them! The bits are also really light and tend to blow around. I certainly wouldn't be adding it to my soil!
3 weeks ago
I grow things that we eat! So salad stuffs- things like spinach and lettuce leaves in Supermarkets are always overpackaged in plastic. I'd like to grow carrots as well but am not very good at it- they're cheap but they also come in plastic packets.

I also grow things you can't buy here- winter squash, colourful corn, tomatillos, redcurrants, fennel.
I only have chicken-chickens, but I'd really like water-chickens! I like the 'all-terrain noise chickens'
2 months ago
I give to a certain charity that I used to work with, that I'm convinced my money is going to something I support and being used sensibly. It is a tiny charity. Larger charities might have the presence to demand change at a higher level, but they also spend more on administration and seem to have more chance to go astray. So I'll stick to the tiny charity I trust, I can't quite get my head around how to audit a larger charity and I'm not likely to just blindly trust them.
2 months ago
Have been given a quote for a custom-built greenhouse- £15-16K! Which makes me more determined to build my own!

Currently I plan on taking your advice and building some example 'frames' in the garden, to see what kind of roof lean and headroom I can get away with.

2 months ago
I hadn't considered that, and would certainly work for interior walls I think- just bricks, they're very beautiful. Not sure about the ones that will end up being the exterior of the greenhouse though- because the greenhouse would kind of be sitting on them. I think I'm worried that they would move.

And when I say 'excavating' I do mean by hand (well, with a spade!)- not with a machine or anything like that.
2 months ago