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David Livingston

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since Apr 24, 2013
English eclectic and eccentric .
Having a varied life -scientist, educator , bookmaker, homefinder , investigator, beaurocrat and now home maker .
Dyslexic in two languages
I love the little patch of earth I hold in care for the future.
Age , yes ,politics very left left left .
Anjou ,France
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Recent posts by David Livingston

good show  he  deserves it

1 year ago

This man is a hero . Should have a medal or some such

C. Todd Kennedy is one of California’s premier fruit experts, collectors, and growers. As a co-founder of the Arboreum Company, he distributes rare and vintage fruit trees that produce prickly pears and little-known peaches. But his four-decade dedication to fruit has been remarkably important in another respect: preserving and adding to America’s agricultural legacy. In 2010, horticulturist Clay Weeks estimated that half of the national collection of old stone fruit cultivars come from Kennedy. When asked, Kennedy makes only a slight correction. “Half of the named varieties in the national collection come from me,” he says.

1 year ago
Words for Weights and measures are a joy to me
I can still remember
Inches to Feet to yards to chains to poles to furlongs to miles
Grains to ounces to pounds to stones to quarters to hundredweight to tons
Even to old money ,farthings to penny's to shillings to pounds to guineas

1 year ago
Could some of the waste from your other projects dealing with making cloth be incorporated in making paper ?

Frankly wacky is too jolly a word for what is going on in my garden . It's desperate :-(
Last year we had a drought that lasted until October then we had record wet months and it's still raining . The drought and the cool wet winter has had a devistating effect on the local bee population my garden is quiet, chances of good pollination of fruit zero I have yet to see a honey bee and the big girls -the bumble bees  are uncommon too . This is not just me all the local beekeepers have been decimated  both organic and conventional .
Seeds I planted a month ago no sign of germination - carrot beetroot Batavia zero nothing . I had to put off planting potatoes as it was like a paddy field where I intended to plant them .
Not good this year

I do this too but I also look at savings for example we eat organic bread . If we buy a loaf it's about 3/4/5 euro and we need  five a week that's about say twenty euro a week but it costs me about ten euro to make five loaves . So I look at this as about ten euros work for half an hour :-)
We are poor in money but we eat like kings and queens

1 year ago
more seriously who defines popular ? Dangerous ground I feel
Todd said -"So I guess we all agree that discrimination is fine, it's just better if you discriminate against people that it is popular to discriminate against? Much of America would stand and cheer and applaud you if you discriminate against the 1%, but you would be run out of business if you discriminate against, say, transgender people."

Nope thats not what I said :-)
I said it may be wrong to discriminate on the basis of a law abiding group .
Bankers are not popular but I never suggested disciminating against them . After all income tax rules apply to everyone :-) Thats not descrimination to me its plain economic sence .

Hi Todd
Maybe thats why the KKK is a secret organisation :-) I'm not even keen on the masons or them funny greek letter organisations if their membership is secret . To quote Marx ( Groucho not Karl ) I would not belong to a club that would have me as a member. To  me  secrecy hides corruption or other wrong doing . Does "goodness" need to hide ?
The other point is that maybe its ok to refuse service to an organisation outside of the Law , such criminal enterprises are unlikely to avail themselves of the laws protection . Although watching them try could be good fun .  Who is going to admit being a triad member :-)
Refusing to serve Trump would not be an issue as its down to his behavior as an indevidual not as a group . Would you ban all Presidents :-)
Hi Todd
I am not suggesting that you don't have a right not serve folks who cause trouble , it's when you have a policy of refusing service to a particular group because folks belong to that group. Bit like the old colour bar .Did your night club automatically refuse to let people in based on their ethnic origin ? I hope not :-)  If you look on you tube there is a wonderful film from WWII for Afrrican American soldiers about to be  stationed in Britain explaining that the UK did not have a colour bar etc it's a hoot I think it's by Giles Meradith . Am on my old phone so cannot link to it.u
Every group has it's trouble makers .even on the left :-)