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David Livingston

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since Apr 24, 2013
English eclectic and eccentric .
Having a varied life -scientist, educator , bookmaker, homefinder , investigator, beaurocrat and now home maker .
Dyslexic in two languages
I love the little patch of earth I hold in care for the future.
Age , yes ,politics very left left left .
Anjou ,France
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Recent posts by David Livingston

Robert and Todd
I too spent many years working with homeless people and for many it's another symptom of something else rather than an issue it's self . But it's a real thing and needs to be delt with yes some folks can get themselves out of it but many need some temporary or even long term help to do so .
Todd you mention taking a risk and you know lots of successful folks who took a risk including yourself  Since you acknowledge it's a risk I assume you accept that sometimes risks fail . Is it possible you don't know these folks because their risk failed ? Their judgement of what was a good product or fair price for thier work did not match market expectation . They are not around for you to meet they live outside
your social circle.
As for me I work for change and part of that change is helping out here on Permies :-) I don't give as much of my time or veggies as  Joseph but my some of my time and not a small amount of my veggies end up with local causes.
A man approached the prophet Mohammed and asked " how do I persuade others to become to become a Muslim ? " the prophet replied " by being a good Muslim " I think the same applies to permaculure and socialism . I find to two compatable and complimentary .

Good Day and peace everyone


1 minute ago
In the UK it is grown commmercially to feed power stations I wonder if it could be used in a rocket mass heater?

54 minutes ago
A couple of clarifications
Firstly yup its possible to make money starting a business and yes Elron Musk does quite well and is no doubt a hard working chap  as I have no doubt your archery chap is :-) but a small question how many businesses are started each year in the USA and what % survive five years I admit I don't know and have no idea how to find out maybe you are aware of similar stats ?
As for things concrete the Panama papers along with other recent world wide scandals involving Tax evasion are real although strangely hardly reported in the press considering the amounts involved . Yes I am emotional because I am bloody angry .
You say you get your info from the IRS how do they know how much is defrauded evaded stolen etc etc logically they would be the last folks to know :-)
I rather like your idea of communalism Joseph and would join such a group here if I could and do my best to encourage such activity where I live.

2 hours ago
The price for this windmill is about the same as a 4 or 5 Kw solar panel system
Anyone any idea on how that would equate in real terms? Sounds like the solar system is 10 times as big :-)

7 hours ago
Gabe is the man no doubt biodynamic nope 100% science just watch his YouTube clips

8 hours ago
Yup totally broke please send it to me


Ps is there a lid ? If so can you send that too :-)
8 hours ago
Another thing that occurs to me if you are looking to hire folks for low paid irregular work then you will likely get low paid irregular guys supply side economics works both ways :-)

9 hours ago
https://www.facebook.com/actdottv/videos/742366945953874/ ; I just came across this and I think it addresses the whole taxation thing  quite well as well as the poor people being lazy myth 
11 hours ago
Sorry Chris my Bad There is lots of stuff in there
Roberto I am of the opinion that Humans themselves are an interspecies hybrid we are a mixture of at least four hominids.
On the subject of species in the UK we have two gulls that are recognised as separate species , the herring gull and the Blackbacked Gull they has never been known to interbreed but the herring gull freely interbreeds with another gull in northern Russia hybids fertile etc etc this second gull interbreeds freely and fertile offspring with a third species in Alaska and round the Bearing Sea and this third species interbreed with the black backed gull . Should we still call them different species ?   

12 hours ago
"The top 20% pay more than 80% of the taxes"  So they have nearly 100% of l the money :-) ( I joke )
How do we know this ? those that are robbing the system are not going to stand up and tell you ! they employ news papers and TV stations to tell you different , to create confusion  to create doubt .
Yup there are minority who are lazy , who cannot cope and frankly dont know what they are doing , these folks need help training and treatment and frankly sorting out but they are a minority . I dont favour giving folks straight money I would prefer they got help as well , training counselling Parental advice whatever is needed .
I have done hard jobs too for little pay , killed chickens , worked bars , checkouts , opened envelopes  all sorts of stuff but what makes me angry is to see folks being robbed with a "fountain pen " rather than a  six gun .( To quote Woody Gutherie again .)
For all those who I have met who where for want of a word "incapable I have come across 99 that just needed a break , a job some help , a fair crack of the whip . I think everyone live a life without worry of where the medical care or education or pension or house or a job for their children is going to come from .
I think each country should be able to say what it needs then set taxes accordingly not have a minority set taxes and watch the rest scrabble for crumbs I dont believe in debit either :-)

12 hours ago